Articles From : Melinda Burns

  • Sidestepping the Cannabis Caps

    New rules would promote local processing and boost tax revenues, county supervisors say.

  • County Approves Second Cannabis “Grow” for Central Coast Agriculture

    Supervisors brush aside coalition’s concerns about water supply, air pollution

  • Ever-Bloom Tries to Clear the Air

    Carpinteria cannabis greenhouse gets a green light for new odor-control technology, but critics vow to appeal


  • Cannabis Project Next to Pence Vineyards is Withdrawn

    Owners cite family’s ‘competing business interests’

  • New Rules in the Works for Hemp Growers

    County supervisors favor a 180-acre cap

  • Partial Ceasefire in Carpinteria’s Cannabis Wars

    Former foes sign a pact to get rid of the stench of pot.

  • Stricter Permits for Outdoor Cannabis Projects?

    After years of controversy, the county Board of Supervisors may tighten the rules.

  • Helios Dayspring’s Shoddy North County Operations

    Indicted cannabis grower could lose the last of his state licenses to operate here.

  • County Releases Documents on Cannabis Storefront Selections

    For some applicants and residents, it’s too little, too late.

  • County Approves “Gargantuan” Cannabis “Grow” for the Sta. Rita Hills

    Vintners fear their premium wine grapes and tasting rooms will suffer

  • Carpinteria Cannabis Deals: The Pushback

    Warehouse opponent vows to take her fight to the state level, if necessary.

  • The County vs. Pot Growers

    Three cannabis operations feel the heat.

  • State Knocks “Deficiencies” in Cuyama Valley Groundwater Plan

    Dropping well water levels, threats to water quality and wetlands need more study, officials say.

  • Cannabis Grower Faces Penalties for “Serious” Air Pollution

    Diesel generators at two operations west of Buellton spewed toxic exhaust for up to 343 days, authorities say.

  • Big Win for Cannabis Industry in Superior Court

    Santa Barbara judge upholds county review and zoning permit for Busy Bee’s Organics near Buellton

  • Cannabis Operator, Winemaker Make Peace in the Sta. Rita Hills

    Grower agrees not to sue over any pesticide “drift” from grapes.

  • The Bar Has Been Raised

    Santa Barbara County Supervisors approve first outdoor cannabis “grow” with strict controls on the stench of pot.

  • New Front in the Pot Wars

    Cannabis gains a foothold in the parched Cuyama Valley.

  • Carpinteria Cannabis Plaintiffs Sell Home Next to Ever-Bloom

    Giant greenhouse pot operation was fouling the air, they say.

  • County Extends State Water Contract to 2085

    Supervisors delay a decision on how and where surplus water can be sold.

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