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  • The Unintended Consequences of Cannabis

    Can avocado and marijuana growers peacefully coexist in Carpinteria? Melinda Burns investigates.

  • Water Recycling Stalls in Montecito

    After promising wastewater recycling program, the Montecito Water Board is stalling while reviewing one project that would cost $31 million.

  • Montecito Journal Editor, Public Officials Get a Lesson in the Brown Act

    The Montecito Sanitary District lawyer has told board members they are violating the state Brown Act by engaging in group emails with a columnist for the Montecito Journal.

  • Outcomes of a Wet Winter

    Ring nets are set to go in on Montecito creeks, just as the burn areas are turning green.

  • Offshore Oil: The Long Goodbye

    In the Santa Barbara Channel, the 2020s will be a decade of decommissioning.

  • Survivors Featured in Montecito Debris Flow Documentary

    A local documentary features survivors of last year's January 9th debris flow in Montecito on its first anniversary.

  • To the Rescue on San Ysidro Creek

    Santa Barbara County is seeking up to $25 million with FEMA money to buy land for a new debris basin on the San Ysidro Creek in Montecito.

  • The Doldrums of Drought

    Water managers and Santa Barbara County wrangle over Lake Cachuma's dwindling water supply.

  • The $120,000 Campaign for Montecito’s Water Future

    Wealthy donors bankroll a five-member slate against incumbents in a bid for control over the Montecito Water and Sanitary District boards.

  • Saving Mountain Dwellers from Wildfire

    Will more fuel breaks on San Marcos Pass protect mountain dwellers from wildfire? Melinda Burns investigates.

  • La Casa de María Needs More Than Devotion

    Rebuilding La Casa de María's "sacred space" will require $30 million in donations, directors say.

  • National Labor Board Wants Wendy McCaw to Pay $2.2 million

    Two former Santa Barbara News-Press employees explain how Wendy McCaw mistreated employees and how the Federal government wants her to pay.

  • Residents Object, but FEMA Recovery Map Will Stand

    The new FEMA recovery map for Montecito is designed to help property owners rebuild after the January debris flow, but it almost doubles the size of the flood plain, frustrating homeowners.

  • The Fire Next Time

    How do you save lives and homes when “every acre can and will burn”?

  • FEMA Recovery Map Gets Green Light

    FEMA recovery map for Montecito and Carpinteria Valley gets a green light. It’s not perfect, supes say, but it will help people rebuild more safely.

  • FEMA Recovery Map Enlarges flood plain in Montecito and Carpinteria

    The official rollout of the new Federal Management Agency Recovery map for Montecito got underway Thursday night as residents grilled county officials about the latest hazard designations for their embattled community.

  • The Menace of San Ysidro Creek

    “I would never live here again,” says a survivor who slept through the Jan. 9 debris flow in what's classified as the third deadliest neighborhood.

  • Dispatches from a Disaster: Part II

    What happened on the deadliest section of Montecito Creek?

  • Dispatches from a Disaster: Part I

    UC Santa Barbara scientists scour the creeks of Montecito for fast-vanishing clues to the 1/9 debris flow

  • Fast-Track Permits for Montecito

    The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors streamlined the permitting rules for Montecito debris flow survivors.

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