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  • The Fire Next Time

    How do you save lives and homes when “every acre can and will burn”?

  • FEMA Recovery Map Gets Green Light

    FEMA recovery map for Montecito and Carpinteria Valley gets a green light. It’s not perfect, supes say, but it will help people rebuild more safely.

  • FEMA Recovery Map Enlarges flood plain in Montecito and Carpinteria

    The official rollout of the new Federal Management Agency Recovery map for Montecito got underway Thursday night as residents grilled county officials about the latest hazard designations for their embattled community.

  • The Menace of San Ysidro Creek

    “I would never live here again,” says a survivor who slept through the Jan. 9 debris flow in what's classified as the third deadliest neighborhood.

  • Dispatches from a Disaster: Part II

    What happened on the deadliest section of Montecito Creek?

  • Dispatches from a Disaster: Part I

    UC Santa Barbara scientists scour the creeks of Montecito for fast-vanishing clues to the 1/9 debris flow

  • Fast-Track Permits for Montecito

    The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors streamlined the permitting rules for Montecito debris flow survivors.

  • Rebuilding at Ground Zero

    “How do you define ‘safe’? How do you define ‘home’?” asks one Montecito property owner who lost everything.

  • Pushback from Montecito: Not so fast with fast-track rebuilding

    On May 15, the county Board of Supervisors will consider amending the county zoning ordinance to streamline and speed the gargantuan task of rebuilding Montecito in the wake of a catastrophic debris flow.

  • Remapping Montecito, Post-Apocalypse

    FEMA is drawing up an interim recovery map of local watersheds to help guide development over the next few years in Montecito and Carpinteria. 

  • The Science of Debris Flows

    The next debris flow could take a different, unknown path, scientists say.

  • Behind Montecito’s Sweeping New Evacuation Rules

    “We could have an equally bad event” as the 1/9 debris flow, scientists say.

  • Good News From First DNA Tests of Goleta Beach

    Very low to no evidence of human fecal material in the surf zone or the mud from Montecito, UCSB scientist says.

  • Dimensions of a Monumental Cleanup

    Digging out in Montecito means wider beaches but dirtier waters off Goleta and Carpinteria, at least temporarily.

  • Remembering Caroline Montgomery

    Caroline Grace Montgomery (August 16, 1995 – Jan. 9, 2018)

  • UCSB Team Tests for Fecal Matter at Goleta Beach

    A UCSB team is looking for human fecal matter in the mud that's being dumped at Goleta Beach from the Montecito mudslide.

  • Remembering Mark Montgomery

    Jimmy Weber was likely the last person to see Mark Montgomery alive before a surging river of mud and rocks swept him away in Montecito on Jan. 9.

  • From the Fire into the Surf: How Montecito Mud Winds up at Goleta Beach

    A whiff of charred wood comes off the black mud that is being dumped daily into the ocean at Goleta Beach Park, part of the herculean cleanup that is underway in Montecito in the wake of the Jan. 9 debris flow.

  • When “The Big One” Isn’t An Earthquake

    The deadly debris flow in Montecito was a rare event, statistically speaking – but it could happen again, geologists say.

  • New Homeless Initiative in Santa Barbara County

    Under the direction of United Way, a new initiative called Home for Good is underway in Santa Barbara County with a goal to speed up the placement of chronically homeless in permanent housing.

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