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  • The Bar Has Been Raised

    Santa Barbara County Supervisors approve first outdoor cannabis “grow” with strict controls on the stench of pot.

  • New Front in the Pot Wars

    Cannabis gains a foothold in the parched Cuyama Valley.

  • Carpinteria Cannabis Plaintiffs Sell Home Next to Ever-Bloom

    Giant greenhouse pot operation was fouling the air, they say.

  • County Extends State Water Contract to 2085

    Supervisors delay a decision on how and where surplus water can be sold.

  • Water Security vs. Water Marketing

    Should local supplies from the state aqueduct be sold outside the county?

  • Board of Supervisors Balance of Power at Stake in Redistricting

    New independent commission is beset by partisan wrangling

  • Bitter Feud in Wine Country

    Will the county rein in the skunky smell from outdoor pot farms?

  • Brief Truce in Carpinteria Cannabis Wars

    One grower makes a pact with neighbors and sets the “gold standard” for odor control. Will others follow suit?

  • Book Review: Drought & Flood

    Mike Hoover’s new history of South Coast water is a cautionary tale.

  • Pre-Election Meltdown at Montecito Sanitary

    The Montecito Sanitary District's general manager and three directors are quitting. Is a merger with the water district in the works?

  • Op-Ed: Wendy McCaw and the Abuse of Power

    Feds order McCaw to pay Teamsters and newsroom employees $2 million, but will they ever see a penny?

  • Santa Barbara Seals 50-Year Deal To Sell Water To Montecito

    Signing off on a historic deal with its wealthiest – and thirstiest – neighbor, the Santa Barbara City Council this week voted 6-0 to ship a supply of the city’s drinking water to Montecito every year for the next 50 years, rain or shine.

  • Montecito Water District Signs Up for a 50-Year Supply from Santa Barbara

    The Montecito community will pay off $33 million of the Santa Barbara City's $72 million desalination plant, making it a regional venture.

  • Montecito Water District Board Nears Historic Vote

    Montecito's “Water Security Team” is set to raise rates to buy an expensive yearly supply from Santa Barbara through 2071.

  • Supervisors Take a Pass on Stricter Permits Countywide for Cannabis

    The county Board of Supervisors promised immediate cannabis ordinance relief to 500 residents of North County canyons but angered Carpinterians and Buellton-area vintners.

  • Cannabis Tax Revenues to Exceed Sales Taxes in 2020-21, Officials Say

    The county’s $1.2 billion budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year includes an estimated $10.6 million in cannabis tax revenue, money officials say will help backfill losses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Commission to Deny Permit for Busted Herbal Angels Pot Farm

    The Planning Commission is laying the groundwork to deny a permit to Herbal Angels, a cannabis operation near Lompoc that was raided and shut down by Sheriff's Deputies last year.

  • County Supervisors to Consider Tougher Regs for Cannabis

    Santa Barbara County Supervisors will consider tougher regulations on cannabis as the proliferation of pot farms is “driving everybody mad,” according to critics.

  • Lawsuit Seeks to Shut Down Busy Bee's Organics in Wine Country

    A citizen's coalition is suing the Board of Supervisors and owner of Busy Bee's Organics cannabis farm alleging illegal expansion and zoning violations.

  • Whistleblower Lawsuit Blasts Santa Ynez River District

    A Goleta hydrogeologist is suing the Santa Ynez River Water Conservation District alleging whistleblower retaliation and sex discrimination.

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