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  • County Projects a $10.5 Million Shortfall in Cannabis Tax Revenue

    Carryover funds from previous years will take up the slack, officials say

  • The Slow Road to Fresh Air in the Carpinteria Valley

    Ceres Farms gets two years to install filters that can “scrub” the smell of pot from cannabis greenhouses.

  • Get a Whiff of This

    How some Carpinterians learned to sniff pot for science

  • Carpinteria Pot Wars: A Dutch Clean-Air Technology Gives Residents Some Hope

    Expensive carbon filters can “scrub” the stink of greenhouse cannabis, but how many growers will install them?

  • Prosecutors Move Against Five Cannabis Operators

    Felony charges include alleged perjury, conspiracy to commit crimes

  • Carpinteria Valley Cannabis Approaches a Milestone

    The acreage cap will soon be filled, but odor control lags far behind.

  • County Supervisors Hit Pause on Cannabis Tax Reform

    “Self-reporting” by growers has led to lost tax revenues, board says, but it will take time to come up with a fairer system.

  • Stricter Permits Are Coming for North County Cannabis

    Future “grows” will have to be “compatible” with the neighborhood, county supervisors say.

  • The 1/9 Debris Flow Was Not So Rare

    Montecito has been hit by four other debris-charged events during the past 200 years — and they were worse, researchers say.

  • Dayspring Associate Drops North County Cannabis Application

    “About as good news as we can expect,” Tepusquet Canyon residents say.

  • Making a Stink at Montecito Sanitary

    Dissident board member quits, saying, “I believe this board will never change its ways.”

  • Montecito Water Part 2: Recycling Revisited

    Affluent enclave explores shipping its sewage to Santa Barbara or the Carpinteria Valley.

  • Montecito Water Part 1: Is a Merger in the Works?

    The push to combine water and sewage districts is “a solution without a problem,” critics say.

  • Cresco Cannabis Appeal Fizzles at Coastal Commission

    Carpinteria Valley greenhouse project will not harm Arroyo Paredon Creek, state officials say.

  • County Projects $6 Million Cannabis Revenue Shortfall for 2021-22

    The county’s tax revenue from cannabis cultivation is projected to be only $12.4 million this fiscal year, or $6 million less than the $18.4 million that was forecast last June.

  • County Opens the Door to More Cannabis Processing

    But stiffer odor control regulations are coming in the North County, supervisors say.

  • Sidestepping the Cannabis Caps

    New rules would promote local processing and boost tax revenues, county supervisors say.

  • County Approves Second Cannabis “Grow” for Central Coast Agriculture

    Supervisors brush aside coalition’s concerns about water supply, air pollution

  • Ever-Bloom Tries to Clear the Air

    Carpinteria cannabis greenhouse gets a green light for new odor-control technology, but critics vow to appeal


  • Cannabis Project Next to Pence Vineyards is Withdrawn

    Owners cite family’s ‘competing business interests’

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