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  • Santa Barbara Sunrise

    An edhat reader shares their view of the beautiful sunrise from Monday morning. 

  • Stearns Wharf With Holiday Lights

    An edhat reader shares their view of Stearns Wharf holiday lights. 

  • Santa Barbara Sunrise

    Max shares a photo of a Santa Barbara sunrise from this past Friday.

  • Aerial View of Ventura Fires

    Max shares aerial photos captured on Friday of the two fires burning in Ventura County.

  • Flying By Shasta

    Max shares a photo from a flight over Mount Shasta on Wednesday.

  • Above the Sunset

    Local pilot Max shares a photo of a stunning local sunset while flying above our local area.

  • Morro Bay Views

    Max shares aerial views of Morro Bay and San Francisco.

  • Aerial Travels

    Max shares aerial photos of Morro Bay and the new Apple Headquarters in San Jose/Mountain View.

  • Views of Lake Cachuma

    Max shares aerial photos of Cachuma Lake from Saturday.

  • Big Sur Coastline

    Max shares an aerial photo of the Big Sur coastline.

  • Santa Barbara Green

    Max Rosenberg shares an aerial photo of Santa Barbara's lush greenery.

  • Views of Montecito 3 Weeks After the Mudslide

    Max shares photos of Montecito just three weeks after the devastating mudslides.

  • Cachuma is Getting Fuller

    Max captures aerial photos of Cachuma Lake getting fuller and green hills in Santa Barbara.

  • Hills Above Carpinteria

    Max captures an aerial photo of the hills above Carpinteria.

  • Butterfly Beach

    Pilot Max shares a gorgeous photo of Butterfly Beach and the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Above Santa Barbara

    Pilot Max shares an aerial photo of the Santa Barbara coastline on Sunday.

  • Military Plane Landed at Santa Barbara Airport

    Max captures a few photos of the Globemaster C-17 that landed at the Santa Barbara Airport last week.

  • Burbank Fire

    Max captured an aerial photo of the wildfire east of Burbank.

  • High Above Santa Barbara

    Max shares a beautiful aerial photo of Santa Barbara on a clear day.

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