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  • Flying Over the Coastline

    Max shares photos from a recent flight over the Santa Barbara coastline.

  • Gaviota Coast View

    Max shares aerial photos of the Gaviota Coast on New Year's Eve.

  • Snow Behind Santa Barbara

    Max shares a photo of snow on the mountains behind Santa Barbara.

  • Landing in Santa Barbara

    Max shares a photo of landing an airplane over Santa Barbara.

  • Jackson Hole & Grand Tetons View

    Max shares aerial views while flying into Jackson Hole of the Grand Tetons.

  • SpaceX Landing Pad

    Max shares a photo of the landing pad in Long Beach for SpaceX launches.

  • Santa Barbara County Flyover

    Max shares aerial photos of Cachuma Lake, Carrizo Plains, and Goleta during a recent flight.

  • Cachuma Level Photos

    Max shares photos of Cachuma Lake during a flight on Sunday.

  • New Rams Stadium

    Max shares an aerial photo of the new Los Angeles Ram stadium in construction.

  • Aerial Views of Lake Cachuma

    Max shares aerial photos of Lake Cachuma filling up after the recent rainstorms. 

  • Mammoth Views

    Max shares a snowy photo from Mammoth on Tuesday.

  • Smoking Hope Ranch Cliffs

    Max shares aerial photos of Hope Ranch's smoking cliffs on Monday.

  • Snow Above Santa Barbara

    Max shares photos of snow above Santa Barbara.

  • Storm Brewing on Monday

    Max shares a photo of the rainstorm brewing on Monday at the Santa Barbara Airport.

  • Above Devereux Point

    Max shares aerial photos above Devereux Point and Los Angeles

  • Weather is Coming

    Max shares this photo above the Santa Barbara Airport before the rainstorm.

  • Landing in Santa Barbara

    Local pilot Max shares a photo above Santa Barbara before landing at the airport on Saturday.

  • Crazy Santa Barbara Sunset

    Max shares a picture from the spectacular sunset on Tuesday.

  • Mt. Whitney and The Sierras

    Max shares an aerial shot after flying over Mt. Whitney and the Sierras. 

  • Flying Over Gaviota

    Max shares an aerial view over Gaviota from last week.

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