Articles From : Lucky 777

  • Beltane Exploration of La Purisima

    Another mule trail ride through oak trees on a path at the La Purisima Mission.

  • Mule Trail Ride to Live Oak

    The MeetUp Conquers took a ride up the Live Oak Chalk Hill Summit last weekend.

  • Mule Trail: Paramount Movie Ranch with MeetUp & ETI

    Pat went a trail ride at the Paramount Movie Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Agoura.

  • Lucky 13 Trail Ride to Live Oak

    Pat and twelve other lucky equestrians rode together to explore the Live Oak trails.

  • Pre-Easter MeetUp at Lake Cachuma on Live Oak Trails

    Pat takes a mule ride at Lake Cachuma on the Live Oak trails before Easter.

  • MeetUp Oso Canyon Exploration

    The latest mule ride took place in Oso Canyon above the Santa Ynez River off Paradise Road.

  • Santa Ynez River Ramble

    Pat and Tobe explored the La Rambla del Rio Santa Ynez last weekend.

  • Mule Trail Ride: La antigua tierra misionera La Purísima

    Under a cloudy sky portending rain, the MeetUp set out to explore the trails at Mission La Purísima Concepción de la Santísima Virgen María, established 1787. 

  • Nostalgia for the Live Oak Trails we are in danger of losing

    Pat shares her latest mule trail ride and advocates against changing the only local exclusive equestrian area into multi-use.

  • Head-On Traffic Collision on Las Positas

    An edhat reader shares photos of a head-on traffic collision on the Las Positas overpass.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Franklin Trail in Carpinteria

    Pat and her mule hit the Carpinteria foothills on the Franklin Trail last weekend.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Super Trail Sunday

    The rain kept Pat and her mule off the trails for two weeks, but they took to the Live Oak trails during Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Nipomo Mesa

    Pat takes another mule trail ride, this time exploring the Nipomo Mesa.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Live Oak Camp

    Pat and her mule took a trail ride last weekend at Live Oak Camp.

  • Mule Trail Ride: La Purisima Año Nuevo

    Pat took her first mule ride of 2021 at La Purisima Mission State Historic Park.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Gaviota Peak

    Pat conquers Gaviota Peak on the last mule ride of the year.

  • Winter Solstice Stroll at Ellwood Mesa

    Pat shares photos from a winter solstice mule hike at the Monarch Grove and Devereux Slough at Ellwood Mesa.

  • Pre-Covid-Lock Down Lost In The Dunes Expedition

    Pat shares photos of her most recent mule trail ride in the dunes earlier this month, right before the lockdown.

  • Birthday Mule Ride at Live Oak

    Pat shares highlights from a birthday mule trail ride at Cachuma Lake.

  • Los Flores Park Turkey Stroll

    Pat shares a mule trail hike in Los Flores Park from last weekend.

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