Articles From : Lucky 777

  • Head-On Traffic Collision on Las Positas

    An edhat reader shares photos of a head-on traffic collision on the Las Positas overpass.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Franklin Trail in Carpinteria

    Pat and her mule hit the Carpinteria foothills on the Franklin Trail last weekend.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Super Trail Sunday

    The rain kept Pat and her mule off the trails for two weeks, but they took to the Live Oak trails during Super Bowl Sunday.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Nipomo Mesa

    Pat takes another mule trail ride, this time exploring the Nipomo Mesa.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Live Oak Camp

    Pat and her mule took a trail ride last weekend at Live Oak Camp.

  • Mule Trail Ride: La Purisima Año Nuevo

    Pat took her first mule ride of 2021 at La Purisima Mission State Historic Park.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Gaviota Peak

    Pat conquers Gaviota Peak on the last mule ride of the year.

  • Winter Solstice Stroll at Ellwood Mesa

    Pat shares photos from a winter solstice mule hike at the Monarch Grove and Devereux Slough at Ellwood Mesa.

  • Pre-Covid-Lock Down Lost In The Dunes Expedition

    Pat shares photos of her most recent mule trail ride in the dunes earlier this month, right before the lockdown.

  • Birthday Mule Ride at Live Oak

    Pat shares highlights from a birthday mule trail ride at Cachuma Lake.

  • Los Flores Park Turkey Stroll

    Pat shares a mule trail hike in Los Flores Park from last weekend.

  • Exploring Montaña de Oro State Park

    Pat shares highlights from a recent mule trail ride at Montaña de Oro State Park.

  • Oso Canyon Mule Ride in Wind Rain and Hail

    Pat shares a recap of an adventurous mule ride in Oso Canyo with wind, rain, and hail.

  • Dog of the Week: Dervla

    Meet Dervla, an Irish Wolfhoud who emigrated from Dublin.

  • Mule Ride Along Ellwood and Deveraux

    An edhat reader shares photos from a mule trail ride along Ellwood and Deveraux.

  • Upper Oso Canyon Mule Ride

    Lucky 777 shares photos from a recent mule trail ride in the Upper Oso Canyon.

  • Views of Santa Rosa Valley

    An edhat reader shares photos from a mule hike in the Santa Rose Valley near Camarillo.

  • MuleTrail Ride: Oso to Oso

    Lucky 777 documents her mule trail ride to the Upper Oso Campground on Saturday.

  • Mule Riding on Chamberlin Ranch

    An edhat reader shares an opportunity to explore one of the great historic ranches of Santa Barbara County. 

  • More Mesa Trail Ride

    An edhat reader shares photos from a trail ride through More Mesa.

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