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  • New Surveillance Cameras on Mission Street

    An edhat reader reports a sighting of new surveillance cameras installed on Mission Street at Highway 101.

  • Reminiscing with Jacarandas

    A reader shares a photo before the Mission Street Jacaranda trees were removed and after.

  • La Purisomnia Mule Trail

    The most beautiful visual from the overcast day were the stands of opuntia cactus, with their fruit still golden and not yet ripened to crimson.

  • Ellwood Devereux Mesa Open Space Sojourn

    Pat and Tobe take a tour of a place we all know well, Ellwood Devereux Mesa.

  • Cuclillo de Tierra Trail at Mission La Purisima

    Once again the weather calls us up North to Mission La Purisima, often reliably cooler and overcast making for pleasant rides.

  • A Slow Stroll at La Purisima

    Pat and Tobe Mule went for a ride to see the seasonal changes at La Purisima Mission above Lompoc.

  • Op-Ed: Fiesta Parade Route is a Confused Mess

    A local resident shares their opinion on the new parade route for this coming Old Spanish Days Fiesta parade.

  • Mission Underpass Traffic Collision

    An edhat reader reports a traffic collision on the Mission underpass.

  • Mule Trail Ride at the Vandenberg Space Force Base

    Tobe Mule and Pat had the opportunity to ride around the grounds of the Vandenberg Space Force Base.

  • Brown Ranch in Los Olivos with the SYVR

    Time for a visit to a slower pace of life up to Foxen Canyon in Los Olivos at the Brown Ranch where cows amble and coyotes howl between the more civilized neighboring acres of famous vineyards.

  • Mule Trail Ride: Huasna Endurance

    Pat details a ride on the 30,000-acre Huasna Land and Cattle Company private ranch out East of Arroyo Grande.

  • America's First Female Tattoo Artists Pictured in Santa Barbara

    In 1907 Maude Wagner, America's first female tattoo artist, was pictured in Santa Barbara.

  • Mountain Trails at Midland School with SYVR

    Tobe Mule and Pat ventured up and over to the Santa Ynez Valley, where a bright sunny day awaited to explore the trails on the 2,860-acre property of the Midland School.

  • West Mission Jacarandas Cut Down

    Pat shares photos of the colorful Jacaranda trees on West Mission Street in Santa Barbara that were cut down to stumps.

  • Legend of the Lost Calf

    A lost calf was stuck on the Live Oak Camp side of the fence that divides the public lands from the Rancho San Fernando Rey property.

  • Live Oak with the SYVR

    Pat and Tobe took a mule ride with the Santa Ynez Valley Riders at Live Oak.

  • Blue Skies Over Live Oak

    The first mule ride of 2022 included blue skies over Live Oak

  • 3Mules Passing Through Town

    3Mules is passing through town, one human and two animal companions living the old nomadic way of life.

  • Gas Prices are Stratospheric

    A reader captures a rare photo of stratospheric gas prices in town.

  • Ant Nostalgia

    Pat shares a story about a local art project involving ants from forty-three years ago.

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