Articles From : Los Padres ForestWatch

  • ForestWatch Launches App Showing Public Trails Status

    Local nonprofit launched an interactive map showing the public access status of trails and roads

  • Op-Ed: ForestWatch Responds to Influx of Logging Funding

    A local nonprofit has a response to the recent announcement about an influx of funding for logging and vegetation clearning in the Los Padres National Forest.

  • Widespread Opposition to Clearing & Logging Project Prompts Extension of Comment Period

    The U.S. Forest Service extended the public comment period for a plan to log large trees and clear native chaparral habitat across 235,000 acres (368 square miles) of Los Padres National Forest. 

  • Legal Agreement to Permanently Close Oil Wells and Restore Habitat in Carrizo Plain National Monument

    Conservation groupsannounced a legal agreement securing the permanent closure and restoration of 11 long-dormant oil wells inside Carrizo Plain National Monument.

  • Logging and Chaparral Removal Proposed Across 235,000 acres of Los Padres National Forest

    Massive project favors remote clearing at the expense of more effective wildfire mitigation closer to communities

  • Legal Agreement Blocks Drilling, Fracking Across 1 Million Acres of Central Coast

    An agreement was reached to suspend new oil and gas leasing across more than one million acres of public lands in California’s Central Valley and Central Coast.

  • Loophole Allows Ventura County Oil Companies to Avoid Compliance, Cleanup Costs

    Ventura County Regulators Delay a Fix Ordered by Supervisors 18 Months Ago

  • Court Upholds Ventura County Ordinances to Safeguard Wildlife Connectivity

    A new program that increases protections for wildlife corridors has prevailed after a judge ruled on the side of Ventura County leaders and conservationists. 

  • Ventura County Takes Steps Toward Limiting Oil Production Near National Forest

    Planning commissioners’ landmark decision charts a course for a clean energy future

  • Ventura City Council Votes 6-0 to Oppose Los Padres Logging Projects

    The Ventura City Council voted 6-0 to formally oppose two commercial logging projects on Pine Mountain and Mt. Pinos in the Los Padres National Forest.

  • Ninth Circuit Rules Against Commercial Logging in Los Padres National Forest Roadless Area

    The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of three conservation organizations over a commercial logging project in the Los Padres National Forest that is actively used by endangered California condors.

  • Forest Service Approves Controversial Logging Project on Pine Mountain

    Project will involve native tree and shrub removal across 755 acres on Pine Mountain in Ventura County.

  • Environmental Groups Petition to Re-List Wolves as Endangered Throughout West

    A coalition of 70 conservation groups filed a formal petition to re-list the gray wolf as an endangered species throughout the American West under the Endangered Species Act.

  • Forest Service to Expedite Backcountry Logging on Mt. Pinos

    Project threatens forests, rare wildlife, and an area sacred to Indigenous people; minimal public participation and no environmental assessment planned

  • Carbajal Reintroduces Central Coast Heritage Protection Act

    Rep. Salud Carbajal reintroduced the Central Coast Heritage Protection Act, a bill that would safeguard public lands and wild rivers and designate a 400-mile National Scenic Trail.

  • Los Padres ForestWatch Praises Moratorium on Federal Fossil Fuel Extraction

    A new executive order places a moratorium on new leasing of federal land and mineral estate for fossil fuel extraction pending a comprehensive review of the federal leasing program. 

  • Governor Signs Rodenticide Ban to Protect Wildlife and Pets from Poisoning

    Governor Newsom signed a bill that limits the use of certain rodenticides that linger in the food chain for weeks, killing not just the targeted rodent, but also their predators and scavengers.

  • Trump Administration Proposes Rollback of Oil Drilling Regulations in National Forests

    The Trump Administration proposed a rollback of oil drilling regulations in National Forests that would apply to thousands of acres in the Los Padres National Forest.

  • Opposition to Logging Project Reaches 10,000 Comments

    Chumash tribes, local businesses, organizations, and elected officials join thousands of community members speaking out against a logging project near Pine Mountain Ridge.

  • Federal Court Rejects Trump Administration Cancellation of Methane Pollution Rule

    A federal judge reinstated the Bureau of Land Management’s 2016 methane waste rule, aimed at protecting people and the climate from methane waste and pollution from oil and gas extraction on public lands.

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