Articles From : Los Padres ForestWatch

  • Governor Signs Rodenticide Ban to Protect Wildlife and Pets from Poisoning

    Governor Newsom signed a bill that limits the use of certain rodenticides that linger in the food chain for weeks, killing not just the targeted rodent, but also their predators and scavengers.

  • Trump Administration Proposes Rollback of Oil Drilling Regulations in National Forests

    The Trump Administration proposed a rollback of oil drilling regulations in National Forests that would apply to thousands of acres in the Los Padres National Forest.

  • Opposition to Logging Project Reaches 10,000 Comments

    Chumash tribes, local businesses, organizations, and elected officials join thousands of community members speaking out against a logging project near Pine Mountain Ridge.

  • Federal Court Rejects Trump Administration Cancellation of Methane Pollution Rule

    A federal judge reinstated the Bureau of Land Management’s 2016 methane waste rule, aimed at protecting people and the climate from methane waste and pollution from oil and gas extraction on public lands.

  • Forest Service Extends Comment Period for Logging Project

    Amid widespread community opposition to the logging project, the Forest Service has extended the comment deadline on its proposal to cut down old-growth trees and chaparral in the Ventura County backcountry.


    Santa Barbara WILD! benefit for Los Padres ForestWatch

    The 5th Annual Santa Barbara WILD! event, a benefit for Los Padres ForestWatch, takes place at the Garden Street Academy Playing Fields in the historic Upper East neighborhood in Santa Barbara.

    More than 300 friends, neighbors, and community leaders come together each year to celebrate our accomplishments while raising support for the protection of our region’s wildlife, wilderness, and waterways. Santa Barbara WILD! has become one of the premier conservation benefit events in Santa Barbara County. All proceeds go to protect your local forest.