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  • Water and Boats

    Amid all the mud, John Wiley was distracted by changes in our waters and boats.

  • Miramar Nuke?

    Does this look like a nuclear reactor core going in at the Miramar in John Wiley's aerial pics?

  • Aerial Surprises

    There are some surprises in store for anyone flying into SBA, as John Wiley discovered Wednesday.

  • Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

    Tonight's sunset as John Wiley flew over D.P. Ranch, seemed to wish Ed and the whole Edhat community a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  • Thomas Fire Burn Area

    John Wiley captures an aerial photo of the Thomas Fire burn area from Tuesday.

  • Above the Thomas Fire on Wednesday

    John Wiley shares an aerial photo of the Thomas Fire captured around 6:00 pm on Wednesday.

  • Over Ventura & SB at Night

    Night flights over Ventura & SB are getting more colorful in John Wiley's pics.

  • Stadium & Carp

    SBHS stadium work, Coral Casino boat, Carp Marsh, 101 work, Carp vista, and Miramar construction from John Wiley's flight.

  • Cliff Rescue?

    Fire & personnel brought someone up the Douglas (Wilcox) paraglider cliff, and John Wiley asks what's the story.

  • Mesa Crane?

    Does anyone know the story about this remarkably tall Santa Monica Way crane John Wiley saw up on the Mesa Friday?

  • South Coast Construction

    South Coast construction aerial updates by John Wiley: Oprah's open space, Summerland cliff dwellers, Carp 101, Miramar, SBMA, & SBCC.

  • Where's the Fire?

    Seeing different layers of smoke over Montecito Peak flying home Friday, John Wiley wondered where the fire(s) might be.

  • Big Sur Update

    Here's an update on the Big Sur landslide and Hearst Castle swimming pool from John Wiley's flight.

  • Above the Whittier Fire Burn Area

    Flying around the Whittier Fire burn area, John Wiley thought it would look worse.

  • Aerial Views of the Whittier Fire

    Here are some aerial shots of the Whittier fire over the Gaviota Pass and flaring up the North slope.

  • Alamo Fire Plume

    Flying in from Santa Cruz Island, John Wiley was startled to see this monster plume of the Alamo Fire.

  • Glimpses of Future and Past

    Glimpses of the future and past from John Wiley's local flights.

  • Refreshing River

    People took refreshing Santa Ynez River dips last weekend when John Wiley flew past.

  • New Summerland Suburb

    There's a new "suburb" of Summerland in these pics from John Wiley's recent flight.

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