Articles From : John Wiley

  • Summer Holiday

    Summer saw John Wiley flying to Calgary taking in delightful sights, dodging storms, fleeing fires, and visiting.

  • Aerial Views of the Holiday Fire Burn Area

    John Wiley shares a different aerial view of Holiday Hill after the Holiday fire in Goleta.

  • The Call of Home

    SF, Lake San Antonio, and our hills called John Wiley homeward Monday.

  • Klamath Klearing

    The air was clearing as John Wiley approached Klamath to land and discover how it has changed.

  • Fireworks Flight

    A variety of fireworks passed beneath John Wiley's wings this year.

  • Color Haul & Miramar

    This color haul and construction both stood out for John Wiley along our coast.

  • Art & Science

    Views of Santa Barbara's new home for art, and the science of highway hydrology from John Wiley's flights.

  • Dolphin Fest

    Flying our coast, John Wiley saw an unusual dolphin fest and a hint of Tangerine.

  • Summit & Volcano?

     Can you identify the summit and the "volcano" in these pics from John Wiley?

  • Sunset Scenes

    Sunset scenes from Zaca Lake and Figueroa Mountain to Cachuma reminded John Wiley of how much beauty we enjoy here.

  • Coast Colors

    Flying our coast colors again, John Wiley found more fascinating scenes to share from Carp to Butterfly.

  • Downtown Walking Tour

    John shares a photo of a large group gathering for a "Chinatown" walking tour.

  • Closer to Home

    Past a forgotten zoo and a landless ranch, painterly point, executive getaway, and familiar farm, John Wiley gets closer to home.

  • Will the Vandenberg Launch to Mars Continue?

    John Wiley is concerned the fog layer will prevent the launch to Mars from taking place at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

  • Happy Earth Day Santa Barbara!

    John Wiley sings Happy Earthday to Santa Barbara with these overviews of our green coast.

  • Life Springs

     Can it be our hills are showing some green already in John Wiley's pic from the Farmer's Market?

  • Found Object

    Several years ago John Wiley saw "Sponge Bob" rock but couldn't find it again. He's found it, next to Carrion Cave.

  • Point Conception

    The wind let up and John Wiley flew out for another scenic visit to Point Conception.

  • Rincon

    Rincon is beautiful, sure. But surfing is what makes it famous, as John Wiley's aerial pics celebrate.

  • Scenic Sunday

    Here are a few more spectacular views of our coast from John Wiley's scenic flight Sunday.

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