Articles From : John Wiley

  • Eclipse Photos

    Edhat readers share their photos of the recent lunar eclipse.

  • Getting High at Work

    Some people get high at work every day, and this crew did it in plain view of John Wiley's zoom lens.

  • Eyelash Down & Up

    When he first moved to town, John Wiley didn't know what the Eyelash is - do you?

  • 60 Ton Waterbird?

    Two waterbird questions from one of John Wiley's recent flights.

  • Up

    Vaccines in, John Wiley up, and a new batch of aerial photos over Santa Barbara to Edhat.

  • Summer Visitors

    Edhat readers share photos of their favorite Summer visitors. 

  • Cielo Cruise

    Mountain nature and views came down to town in John Wiley's camera, where he ponders condors and other questions.

  • Celebrating the San Marcos Foothills

    [Update]: John Wiley says peaks, air, and ground each offer perspective on the San Marcos Foothills, and reward everyone who enjoys and preserves this local treasure.

  • La Cumbre Cloud Spill

    A quiet moment came to John Wiley, watching this cloud from Santa Ynez Valley spill silently over La Cumbre Peak Friday.

  • Pandemic Present

    Will anyone join this Edhat subscriber in handing out small amounts of cash to unemployed people in need?

  • Rocket Sunset

    John Wiley shares a photo of Saturday's colorful sunset.

  • Halloween Sunset

    John Wiley shares photos of the sunset on Halloween.

  • Texans in Town

    [Update]: The distinct sound of Texans flying in formation caught John Wiley's attention. One pic shows aircrew.

  • Hot Moon

    Scanning the hills for signs of fire Sunday night, John Wiley saw this red moon rising.

  • Cox Internet Outage

    John Wiley reports his internet via Cox wasn't working this morning near the intersection of Highway 101 at 154.

  • OTOH Low Helo

    Crisp photos of a powerline inspection helicopter from John Wiley.

  • Camo Colors

    Walking half the length of Goleta Beach takes longer than flying from SBA to the very different beauty of Santa Ynez Valley.

  • Human Traffic

    Fuzzy Friday was quiet downtown as John Wiley strolled the State Street closure, and encountered this power huddle.

  • Summer Eve

    Cool beaches, splashes of color, and Summery air greeted John Wiley flying home Wednesday evening.

  • Mountain Mist

    Evening mist gathered on our mountains as John Wiley enjoyed views beyond San Marcos Foothills.

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