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  • Long View

    As another pandemic year winds down, John Wiley saw these long views of some favorite scenes that seem from another lifetime.

  • First to Fly

    What always flew? Long before people, birds, bats, or even pterodactyls slowly figured out how to fly, at least one thing flew that seems to be flying even faster now: Time.

  • Eclipse Photos

    Edhat readers share their photos of the recent lunar eclipse.

  • Getting High at Work

    Some people get high at work every day, and this crew did it in plain view of John Wiley's zoom lens.

  • Eyelash Down & Up

    When he first moved to town, John Wiley didn't know what the Eyelash is - do you?

  • 60 Ton Waterbird?

    Two waterbird questions from one of John Wiley's recent flights.

  • Up

    Vaccines in, John Wiley up, and a new batch of aerial photos over Santa Barbara to Edhat.

  • Summer Visitors

    Edhat readers share photos of their favorite Summer visitors. 

  • Cielo Cruise

    Mountain nature and views came down to town in John Wiley's camera, where he ponders condors and other questions.

  • Celebrating the San Marcos Foothills

    [Update]: John Wiley says peaks, air, and ground each offer perspective on the San Marcos Foothills, and reward everyone who enjoys and preserves this local treasure.

  • La Cumbre Cloud Spill

    A quiet moment came to John Wiley, watching this cloud from Santa Ynez Valley spill silently over La Cumbre Peak Friday.

  • Pandemic Present

    Will anyone join this Edhat subscriber in handing out small amounts of cash to unemployed people in need?

  • Rocket Sunset

    John Wiley shares a photo of Saturday's colorful sunset.

  • Halloween Sunset

    John Wiley shares photos of the sunset on Halloween.

  • Texans in Town

    [Update]: The distinct sound of Texans flying in formation caught John Wiley's attention. One pic shows aircrew.

  • Hot Moon

    Scanning the hills for signs of fire Sunday night, John Wiley saw this red moon rising.

  • Cox Internet Outage

    John Wiley reports his internet via Cox wasn't working this morning near the intersection of Highway 101 at 154.

  • OTOH Low Helo

    Crisp photos of a powerline inspection helicopter from John Wiley.

  • Camo Colors

    Walking half the length of Goleta Beach takes longer than flying from SBA to the very different beauty of Santa Ynez Valley.

  • Human Traffic

    Fuzzy Friday was quiet downtown as John Wiley strolled the State Street closure, and encountered this power huddle.

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