Articles From : John Wiley

  • Coast by Air

    Along our coast, John Wiley saw herons flying over Salt Marsh debris, Miramar, Bird Refuge blue colors, an oil refinery dig, and a whale to cap it all.

  • Magnificent Coast!

    Some magnificent aerial views of Isla Vista, UC Santa Barbara, and Goleta from John Wiley's magic carpet.

  • Rocky Butte?

    KEYT keeps talking about Rocky Butte rainfall, so John Wiley finally looked it up and found it in one of his aerial pics.

  • Flood Prep & Oil Art

    Two aerial views of flood preparations in Carp and an artistic oil on water study from John Wiley's flight Tuesday.

  • Boeing 757 Delta at SBA

    [Update]: A Delta airlines 757 landed at SBA and parked at Atlantic, does anyone know what event is happening?

  • Water!

    After all we've been through, John Wiley was delighted by beautiful traces of water while flying in our mountains and the Valley.

  • Progress & Beauty

    Good news at Casa de Maria, other flood fix progress, SBCC final work, and a beautiful view of UC & IV from John Wiley's flight.

  • Summerland Slick Stop

    Stopping Summerland slicks started, and John Wiley got us this good look flying over Monday afternoon.

  • Montecito Aerials Part 2

     More flood aerial updates from John Wiley's Thursday, Feb. 2 flight over devastation along the San Ysidro and Montecito Creeks.

  • Montecito Aerials

    More 2/2 aerial views of the Montecito flood causes and cleanup from John Wiley.

  • Casa De Maria Update

    Work had begun on digging out Casa De Maria and bringing hope when John Wiley flew over Friday

  • Three Peaks

    Revisiting our beautiful "Three Peaks" on a bright day, John Wiley got these new pics.

  • Trending Green

    Everything not scorched by Thomas was trending into beautiful greens on John Wiley's flight Friday evening.

  • Digging It

    With all the flood repair work like this debris basin, John Wiley asks about earth moving projects like this SBHS stadium project.

  • Highway 101 Unclogging

    On Wednesday afternoon it appears the southbound lanes of Highway 101 at Olive Mill are clear.

  • Debris Catch Basin Work

    The quick work on our debris catch basins is reassuring for Montecito, in John Wiley's aerials from Tuesday evening.

  • 101 Mud Mania

    Mud Mania runs amok on 101 in John Wiley's Tuesday evening pics.

  • Silt Survey

    Silt in Jameson Reservoir and the Carp catch basin were among the subjects of pics in John Wiley's aerial survey Thursday.

  • San Ysidro Creek Aerials

    Excellent TV coverage mostly shows Olive Mill and unidentified locations, so John Wiley shares aerials of San Ysidro Creek.

  • Water and Boats

    Amid all the mud, John Wiley was distracted by changes in our waters and boats.

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