Articles From : John Wiley

  • Our Gaviota Coast

    Refugio, El Cap, and Naples each had features that caught John Wiley's eye on a recent flight.

  • Trash Talking Industry

    Some people trash talk industry - even plants deemed "Clean Industry" - and John Wiley looks down on this one that you support.

  • View of the Glen Annie Fire

    John Wiley saw this by chance while flying near the airport, and his passenger managed to get these telephoto pix.

  • 154 Underbelly

    A look under 154 bridge work and chat with a supervisor provided a surprise and details for John Wiley.

  • Flying in Circles

    Sometimes ATC will tell an inbound pilot to fly a "360" for good spacing between inbound aircraft.

  • Bridge Fire Aftermath

    John Wiley looked for the inception point of the Bridge Fire and found charred furniture remnants.

  • E.22 Spring 101 Bloom

    Colors boomed bright along 101 from Santa Barbara to Paso and beyond on John Wiley's Easter '22 road trip.

  • Holey Square

    Has anyone climbed to the "holey rock" above Canada De Guillermo just past Arroyo Hondo, that John Wiley got aerial snaps of?

  • Green Before the Storm

    On a hazy day before our latest dusting of moisture and clearing wind, fading green still shone on hills over breathtaking blue from John Wiley's lofty perch

  • Barbarian Life

    After flying the continent, John Wiley is even more enamored of the Santa Barbarian life.

  • Lima Five Two

    The short flight to a favorite nearby airport brought John Wiley a refreshing afternoon.

  • Long View

    As another pandemic year winds down, John Wiley saw these long views of some favorite scenes that seem from another lifetime.

  • First to Fly

    What always flew? Long before people, birds, bats, or even pterodactyls slowly figured out how to fly, at least one thing flew that seems to be flying even faster now: Time.

  • Eclipse Photos

    Edhat readers share their photos of the recent lunar eclipse.

  • Getting High at Work

    Some people get high at work every day, and this crew did it in plain view of John Wiley's zoom lens.

  • Eyelash Down & Up

    When he first moved to town, John Wiley didn't know what the Eyelash is - do you?

  • 60 Ton Waterbird?

    Two waterbird questions from one of John Wiley's recent flights.

  • Up

    Vaccines in, John Wiley up, and a new batch of aerial photos over Santa Barbara to Edhat.

  • Summer Visitors

    Edhat readers share photos of their favorite Summer visitors. 

  • Cielo Cruise

    Mountain nature and views came down to town in John Wiley's camera, where he ponders condors and other questions.

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