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  • Smoke Surround

    These three aerial views from La Cumbre Peak area gave John Wiley the sense of a smoke surround.

  • Get Over Santa Barbara

    John Wiley uses photography to show edhat readers the paradise seen by those who fly over Santa Barbara.

  • Lougheeds in Santa Barbara on PBS

    An edhat reader discovered a PBS special covering the Lougheed brothers from their time in Santa Barbara.

  • SBA Tower Panorama

    Have you ever flown in or out of SBA and wondered what people up in the Air Traffic Control tower see?

  • Jupiter & Moons

    Jupiter's moons really show with low power binoculars it seemed, to John Wiley's surprise Monday night.

  • Electrafying

    John Wiley shares photos of a 1937 Lockheed airplane parked at the airport on Friday.

  • California Valley Wildflowers

    California Valley was starting to bloom when John Wiley flew by Painted Rock and Soda Lake.

  • Tangerine Falls

    Here's a full height close up of Tangerine Falls from John Wiley, revealing trees and shrubs returning

  • Island Mist

    Island gems appeared out of the mist as John Wiley flew past, verdant from rains and promising an approaching bloom.

  • Rain & Snow

    The snow beyond Gibraltar is beautiful, as is the sight of Gibraltar spilling!

  • Water World

    Here are aerial views of a few local waterfalls and Devereux Slough from John Wiley, flowing with the most water in years.

  • Red, Brown, and Green

    John Wiley witnessed a rain-changed ratio of brown and green in our mountains and down Santa Ynez Valley, with Gibraltar spilling over.

  • Peaking Peak

    A peaking peak, caved cliff, Vandenberg view, lush lake, and brilliant birds from John Wiley's flight to Oceano.

  • Narrowing Highway 101?

    Is future narrowing of 101 shown in John Wiley's pics, and do you see more orange?

  • From Carp to Goleta

    Here are a few of the many attractions John Wiley enjoys on a Carp to Goleta flight.

  • Tangerine Views

    The clear view from Carp to SB was capped by seeing water in Tangerine Falls on John Wiley's flight.

  • Dry Start

    Up in our dry hills Tuesday hoping for a Wednesday start to the rainy season, John Wiley got some views to share.

  • Sunset Smoke

    A smoky sunset flight past Mugu and Camarillo brought John Wiley a glimpse of colorful destruction.

  • Halloween State

    This year the State of Halloween was fun again for John Wiley.

  • Austere Beauty

    In the austere beauty of this season before rainy season, John Wiley flew a "moisture survey."

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