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  • Narrowing Highway 101?

    Is future narrowing of 101 shown in John Wiley's pics, and do you see more orange?

  • From Carp to Goleta

    Here are a few of the many attractions John Wiley enjoys on a Carp to Goleta flight.

  • Tangerine Views

    The clear view from Carp to SB was capped by seeing water in Tangerine Falls on John Wiley's flight.

  • Dry Start

    Up in our dry hills Tuesday hoping for a Wednesday start to the rainy season, John Wiley got some views to share.

  • Sunset Smoke

    A smoky sunset flight past Mugu and Camarillo brought John Wiley a glimpse of colorful destruction.

  • Halloween State

    This year the State of Halloween was fun again for John Wiley.

  • Austere Beauty

    In the austere beauty of this season before rainy season, John Wiley flew a "moisture survey."

  • Dry Valley

    After our light rain, John Wiley discovered the Santa Ynez Valley still looks dry.

  • Before the Storms

    With storms in the forecast, John Wiley asks for your predictions on how these aerial views will change

  • Gull's Eye

    These "gull's eye" memories from John Wiley show some of the various activities off our beaches.

  • Front Fire & Morro Bay Views

    John Wiley got this view of Morro Rock looking like a volcano,  and the Front Fire looking like it might be diminishing.

  • Foam Cutting

    Is it the unusual foam that caught John Wiley's attention as he flew past the harbor?

  • Fired Up Fiesta Kids

    One of the many things John Wiley enjoys about the Fiesta Parade is the "fire brigade" and he got some pix of kids fired up by it.

  • Build Up

    Construction at the Miramar and other sites around town passed beneath John Wiley's wings in these pics.

  • Three Fires

    It looks like another long hot Summer ahead, and we've already had three wildfires that John Wiley flew past yesterday.

  • Summer Holiday

    Summer saw John Wiley flying to Calgary taking in delightful sights, dodging storms, fleeing fires, and visiting.

  • Aerial Views of the Holiday Fire Burn Area

    John Wiley shares a different aerial view of Holiday Hill after the Holiday fire in Goleta.

  • The Call of Home

    SF, Lake San Antonio, and our hills called John Wiley homeward Monday.

  • Klamath Klearing

    The air was clearing as John Wiley approached Klamath to land and discover how it has changed.

  • Fireworks Flight

    A variety of fireworks passed beneath John Wiley's wings this year.

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