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  • Scott Wilson, WashPost Correspondent and SB Guy, Has the Best Job in Journalism

    Jerry Roberts interviews Scott Wilson, a Santa Barbara native who works for the Washington Post covering foreign affairs, the White House, and now the West Coast.

  • Santa Barbara Mayoral Debate Video Wins National Award

    Newsmakers with Jerry Roberts’ Mayoral Debate program has won first place recognition for best Virtual Event video in the Hometown Media national contest.

  • Why County Schools Supe Challenger Lozano Wants Race, LGBTQ and Transgender Issues Out of Classrooms

    PE teacher Christy Lozano has mounted a conservative electoral challenge against Santa Barbara County's incumbent Superintendent of Schools, a local microcosm of national battles over racial, LGBTQ and pandemic policies and programs in public education.

  • Seeking New Term, County Schools Supe Decries "National Playbook" Fueling "Educational Divisiveness"

    Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools Susan Salcido frames her campaign for re-election as a choice between “bringing folks together” on local education concerns and a “national playbook” wielded by conservatives in the politically polarized culture wars.

  • A Political Plagiarism Mystery; Wussup with Mollie? Doomsday Looms for House Dems

    Journalist and local political commentator Jerry Roberts is back to size up the latest County Superintendent race and more. 

  • District Attorney Dudley Announces She Won't Seek Re-election

    Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley announced Thursday she will not seek re-election and Jerry Roberts has her first interview on the topic.

  • Santa Barbara and Beyond: Mike Eliason's Spectacular New Photography Book Has Landed

    Santa Barbara's most storied photojournalists Mike Eliason dropped by "Newsmakers TV" to preview his just-published new book of engaging, remarkable, and spectacular images.

  • Mr. Cranky Pants' Winners & Losers from SB City Election

    Jerry Roberts breaks down the winners and losers from Santa Barbara's recent elections.

  • SB's Next Mayor Randy Rowse: When It Comes to Local Politics, We Need to Get Away from Politics

    Randy Rowse says his "message rang true" in the Santa Barbara mayor's race, crediting his apparent victory in the contest to his call to replace partisan ideology at City Hall with non-partisan pragmatism.

  • Very Low Turnout Will Shape SB Results, Cathy's Last Stand, Matt Caught in Act

    Voters are staying away in droves from Santa Barbara's historic city election, with a mere one-fourth of those registered having returned ballots 36 hours before polling ends at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

  • Deborah Says Das Pressed Her to Quit the Race, Calls Dem Party Tactics Shameful

    Jerry Robert discusses the latest in Santa Barbara's Mayoral race including a current supervisor allegedly suggesting a candidate should drop out.

  • Two Tuesdays to Go: James Says He's Got Enough Kick to Catch Randy and Cathy in the Stretch

    Jerry Roberts offers the latest updates and analysis on the Santa Barbara Mayoral race.

  • 3 Tuesdays to Go: New Campaign Allegations Hit Reed, Developer Knell; Daraka Drones, Power Ratings

    Jerry Roberts details the latest in local politics: new allegations against Barrett Reed and Power Rankings of Santa Barbara Mayoral candidates.

  • Four Tuesdays to Go: Mayorals Face Big Dog Debate; MoJo Q&A Power Rankings; Why the Race Matters

    Jerry Roberts details the latest in the City of Santa Barbara's political races with only four Tuesday's to go until Election Day.

  • After-Action Report from SB School Board Leaders Who Pushed Through New Tough Mandate

    Jerry Roberts interviews school board members Kate Ford and Laura Capps on the recent decision to toughen COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

  • HBJ Decries Recall Authoritarian Playbook, Urges SB Elxn Runoff

    With seven Tuesdays to go to local elections, Jerry Roberts interviews former State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson.

  • Kristen vs Barrett, Round 1: A Lively and Contentious Clash Over Substance and Style

    Kristen Sneddon staunchly defended her record against an onslaught of aggressive criticism from Barrett Reed on Wednesday night, as the city council race rivals clashed in the first true "debate" of Santa Barbara's election season.

  • 8 Tuesdays to Go: A Facebook Fake News Endorsement for Cathy; Kristen-Barrett Preview; Elder to SB

    Jerry Roberts recaps the latest in local politics starting with a visit from gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder and a social media flub by Cathy Murrillo's Mayoral campaign.

  • Six Takeaways from First District 6 City Council Candidate Forum

    Jerry Roberts breaks down the top six takeaways from the Santa Barbara City Council District 6 Candidate Forum.

  • Winners & Losers at Mayoral Throwdown

    During last week's mayor's race forum, Cathy Murillo ended a blithe answer to a question about all the recent City Hall turmoil and turnover by serendipitously uttering three words that may define the entire election.

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