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  • SB's Top Cop Talks Community Policing, Alternatives to Jail, and Eastside Double Murder Case

    After a year of conflict and debate over "reimagining" law enforcement policies and practices, Santa Barbara interim Police Chief Barney Melekian is setting forth a framework to begin doing just that.

  • Inside SBUSD's Struggle to Outsmart Learning Loss and Looking to Fall Semester

    Jerry Roberts interviews Santa Barbara Unified School District Superintendent Hilda Maldonado on the pandemic, distancing learning, and more.

  • Oscar: Demand for Housing in City Means the Transformation of SB Skyline is Inevitable

    Six-story buildings inevitably will come to dominate Santa Barbara's iconic skyline, according to City Council member Oscar Gutierrez.

  • Rob Dayton: SB's Futuristic Activator Talks Bike Conflicts, State Street's Future & Ugly Neon Paint

    Jerry Roberts interviews Rob Dayton, the City of Santa Barbara's Transportation Planning and Parking Manager, on bicycles, State Street, and neon green paint.

  • How SB's Latest Rental Development Scheme Could Remake Downtown into a Canyon of Tall Buildings

    Sheila Lodge wrote the book, literally, about the history of planning policy in Santa Barbara, and she doesn't mince words about the latest bright idea before City Council to address our alleged "housing crisis."

  • Randy Rowse: City Hall Afflicted by Ideology & Partisanship, SB Needs a Different Direction

    When Randy Rowse first joined the Santa Barbara City Council a decade ago, conservative Republicans were on the rise -- in sharp contrast to the all-Democrat membership of the council today.

  • Mike Jordan Backs Bid to Oust Kristen Sneddon from Council

    Santa Barbara City Council member Mike Jordan disclosed on Wednesday that he is supporting commercial developer Barrett Reed's challenge to colleague and District 4 incumbent Kristen Sneddon in her bid for re-election.

  • Ed St. George: Give City Council More Power, Boost Salaries, Limit Outside Work

    Ed St. George, Santa Barbara's most outspoken and high-profile developer, believes that City Council members should serve full-time with higher salaries, while claiming some of the power now held by the City Administrator.

  • Deciphering the Bombshell L.A. Magazine Piece That Just Hit SB City Hall

    Jerry Roberts dissects the bombshell Los Angeles Magazine article that takes aim at Santa Barbara's City Hall.

  • Alejandra: How Ceasefire in Park Murals Fight Transpired, Very Disrespected by Cathy Remark

    Jerry Roberts interviews Santa Barbara Councilmember Alejandra Gutierrez on the Ortega Park murals and whether she'll endorse Mayor Cathy Murillo.

  • Randy Rowse's Entry into Campaign for Santa Barbara Mayor Changes Shape of the Race

    Randy Rowse's decision to run for Mayor of Santa Barbara instantly reshapes the race, installing a widely-known candidate whose non-partisan, pragmatic political approach holds appeal.

  • SB Mayor Eyes Tax Hike for Homeless, Says Union Donations Not Pay to Play, Calls City Well Run

    As she seeks a five-year second term, Mayor Cathy Murillo said in an interview that her decade of City Council experience merits her re-election, declaring that "everyday people are happy" in Santa Barbara and describing the city as "well run."

  • The Angry Poodle Talks UCLA Shaking Up Sansum, Homeless Tax, Remap, Eastside Murder

    Veteran local journalists Jerry Roberts and Nick Welsh discuss the latest hot news topics in Santa Barbara County.

  • SB Teachers Plead for Vaccines as School Re-Opening Looms

    Union leaders representing 1500 SBUSD teachers and staff workers asked public health officials Wednesday to modify the Covid-19 vaccine rollout to prioritize their members who have been ordered back to classrooms on Feb. 26

  • SB Ed Board President Kate Ford: "High Level of Confidence" K-6 Kids Will Return Feb. 26

    Kate Ford says the Santa Barbara Unified School District has "met every requirement to open" elementary schools - and is optimistic about final approval from the state to allow classroom learning to restart on Feb. 26.

  • New Dem Chair Talks Politics, Policy, and Mayoral Endorsement

    The first big test for the newly elected Chair of the Democratic Party of Santa Barbara, comes in April, when she'll be navigating the political cross-currents surrounding the party's key endorsement process for the SB mayor's race.

  • Eric Friedman Seeks Re-election, May or May Not Endorse Close Ally Murillo in Mayor's Race

    Eric Friedman, SB City Council member for District 5, confirmed in a new interview that he'll seek a second term this year.

  • James Joyce III Says He's All In on Running for SB Mayor

    Entrepreneur James Joyce III, founder of the "Coffee with a Black Guy" anti-racism project, confirmed on Sunday that he is running for mayor of Santa Barbara.

  • Deborah Schwartz is Running for Mayor of Santa Barbara

    Jumpstarting the 2021 campaign, Planning Commissioner Deborah Schwartz said Wednesday that she is a candidate for mayor of Santa Barbara.

  • TV Debate: Carbajal and Caldwell Clash on...Well, Everything

    Jerry Roberts breaks down the congressional debate between Rep. Salud Carbajal and challenger Andy Caldwell.

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