Articles From : Gina La Monica

  • Summer Opportunities: Community College Courses

    The summer is an ideal time to take advantage of the array of courses offered at the community college.

  • Start Early: College Admissions Timeline

    Summer is ample time to reassess where you are in the college admissions timeline as you venture closer to your senior year.

  • The Mystery of College Admissions: Insider Tips

    What is the secret to successfully being admitted to a highly selective private college? College admission decisions vary greatly among the applicants even though students had similar attributes.

  • A Path to College Tuition Affordability: College Scholarships

    With college tuition prices escalating at an incredibly rapid rate, families are desperate to find ways to fund their children’s college education.

  • College Financial Aid: Where is the Money?

    As parents are analyzing their financial aid awards before the May 1 college decision day deadline looming close ahead many are confused about their child’s financial aid awards.

  • College Decision Day Deadline: May 1

    The college acceptance deadline of May 1 is rapidly approaching and Dr. Gina La Monica has some tips for high school students when choosing their next path.

  • High School Jobs Improve College Applications

    Getting a job has enormous benefits for high school students along with impressing the college admissions staff.

  • A Gateway to College Admissions: Common Application

    August 1 is quickly approaching when the Common Application (Common App) opens for the class of fall 2022.

  • College Fit: What College Is Best For You?

    Dr. Gina La Monica shares tips for students pursuing higher education on the best colleges to choose based on interests.

  • College Application Platforms: Which to Use?

    With college admissions applications opening soon, juniors are getting ready to complete the first step in the extensive college admissions process.

  • Early Decision and Early Action: Is It Worth Applying to College Earlier?

    Over half of the college acceptances are of students who were admitted before the regular admissions deadline, but is it still worth it?

  • Tips for College Admissions: Class of 2022

    As the class of 2021 gets ready to embark on their college adventure, the class of 2022 begins to prepare for their college admissions journey.

  • Evolution of High School Courses: IB, Honors, AP, College Prep, College Courses, and General Studies

    High school curriculum is progressively getting more complex, and at the same time, more career/major driven.

  • Last Chance: Are Waitlist Essays Worth the Effort?

    After you have submitted your college applications, the waiting period begins as you anxiously await hearing from those institutions.

  • Career Technical Education: A Road Less Traveled

    As many high school families focus on the college admissions processes, some look toward the career technical education path.

  • Making the Most Out of Your High School Years: What Courses to Take

    Dr. Gina La Monica gives advice to high school students on what courses to take in preparation for college.

  • A New Roadmap to College Admissions: What’s Important?

    Dr. Gina La Monica shares tips and advice for high school students on what's important when applying to college.

  • Girl Power Soccer Clinic

    Girl Power Soccer Clinic

    What: Girl Power Pro Clinic by Soccer 360 Daniel McKell
    Where: Dwight Murphy Soccer Fields
    Date: March 13 and 14
    Time: 9-1:00 pm
    Former Olympic and pro players along with college coaches will be training girls for two days in Santa Barbara. This is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all girls interested in soccer to train with some of the best soccer players. All are welcome!
  • College Admissions and COVID-19: A New Paradigm

    Dr. Gina La Monica shares tips and advice for high school students planning to apply to college during the COVID-19 pandemic.