Articles From : El Barbareno

  • The History of San Andres Street

    Neal Graffy shares the history of San Andres Street as some community members propose changing its name. 

  • The Great Santa Barbara Earthquake: Day 3

    Neal Graffy is back with the third day of historical events that rocked Santa Barbara 95 years ago.

  • The Great Santa Barbara Earthquake: Day 2

    Historian Neal Graffy is back with an account of what happened on June 30, 1925, a day after the devastating Santa Barbara earthquake.

  • June 29,1925: Day One, Part Two

    Neal shares part two on the aftermath of the 1925 earthquake, or "E-Day," that took place in Santa Barbara 95 years ago.

  • The 1925 Santa Barbara Earthquake: Day 1, Part 1

    Today marks the 95th anniversary of the June 29, 1925 earthquake, best known for bringing about the architecture and planning awareness that made Santa Barbara famous.

  • June 17: Santa Barbara's Hottest Historical Day

    Today is the 161st anniversary of the hottest day ever recorded in Santa Barbara where temperatures reached 133 degrees. 

  • The Story of El Canon Perdido

    Neal Graffy shares a historical reenactment video of Santa Barbara's el canon perdido, the lost canon. 

  • The History of Quarantina Street

    While we are all currently under quarantine and thinking this is a historic first for our community, the street named Quarantina tells the story of a quarantine in Santa Barbara over 200 years ago.