Articles From : Daniel Swain

  • Weather West: Monsoonal Moisture to Bring Widespread Thunderstorms

    Major monsoonal moisture surge to bring fairly widespread California thunderstorms (wetter south, drier north), with NorCal fire weather concerns.

  • Weather West: Dry Lightning Possible Across California

    A dry lightning event is possible across areas of California on Sunday and Monday, while significant fire weather is of concern across the interior.

  • Weather West: Coast Spared Again from Heatwave

    There's yet another major heatwave for the California interior, though the coast will be spared again.

  • Weather West: California Dodges Worst of Historic Pacific Northwest Heatwave

    California dodged the worst of the historic Pacific Northwest heatwave the past few weeks, but a long-duration heatwave is still likely inland, plus a significant monsoonal surge next week?

  • Weather West: Severe Heatwave Across California

    The North Coast of California just saw some rain, but...get ready for what's coming.

  • Weather West: Major Heatwave Across interior NorCal, Extreme Drought Continues

    The last couple of weeks have featured rather comfortable conditions across much of California, with near-average temperatures along the immediate coast due to chilly near-shore ocean temperatures and a robust marine layer. 

  • Weather West: Drought Continues to Intensify, Marine Layer Offers Temporary Relief

    California is descending deeper into drought with a "Drought Emergency" declared in NorCal with cooler temperatures and a robust marine layer offering temporary relief.

  • Weather West: Modest April Showers, But Worsening Drought Continues

    This weekend calls for some modest April showers, but the overall trajectory toward worsening drought continues.

  • Weather West: Unusually Dry Conditions Persist Into March

    Despite cool and occasionally unsettled conditions in NorCal, unusually dry conditions persist into March.