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  • Weather West: Pre-Monsoonal Moisture Surge to Bring Scattered Thunderstorms

    Daniel reports a pre-monsoonal moisture surge will bring scattered thunderstorms to southern and central California with a dry lightning threat in some areas.

  • Weather West: Brief But Intense Inland Heatwave

    Daniel Swain reports a relatively brief but intense inland heatwave will happen this week, then fairly quiescent conditions for 1-2 weeks thereafter.

  • Weather West: Much Warmer and Drier Second Half of May

    Daniel Swain reports the second half of May should expect much warmer and drier conditions, and shares thoughts on the summer to come.

  • Weather West: A Taste of April Amelioration?

    Recurving West Pacific typhoon may help direct some substantial late-season precip to parts of NorCal, though SoCal remains dry.

  • Weather West: Modest Storm Early Next Week, Re-Strengthening Drought Continues

    Much of California, as well as adjacent states, are on track for the driest Jan-Mar period on record, despite a small impending storm.

  • Weather West: Light NorCal Showers Ahead, but No Miracle March

    Driest Jan-Feb period on record for most of California I don't think it's any surprise to anyone the past couple of months has been astonishingly dry across nearly all of California. 

  • Weather West: Record Dry January, No Rain for February

    It was a record dry January in some spots with precipitation currently on the horizon for the first half of February. 

  • Weather West: As Persistent West Coast Ridge Builds, CA Warms Up

    For the Water Year to date, most of California is in pretty good shape when it comes to precipitation.

  • Weather West: Active Weather Pattern Through End of Year

    After a lull, an active weather pattern (gradually) picks up steam again this week with heavy mountain snowfall and low elevation snow possible.

  • Weather West: Significant Pattern Change Underway

    Extremely wet October in NorCal, then an extremely dry November...and a severe Western "snow drought" It has been a pretty interesting autumn, weather-wise, across much of North America.

  • Weather West: Drier and Warmer Weather Persists

    Following record-wet October in NorCal, much drier and warmer conditions to persist for the foreseeable future.

  • Strong Atmospheric River Brings High Risk of Flooding

    A strong atmospheric river to bring fire season-ending and drought-mitigating heavy rain to NorCal, but also a high risk of burn area flooding/debris flows.

  • Substantial, fire season-mitigating late-October precipitation in NorCal? Plus: present drought breaks new records in CA

    Offshore winds and high wildfire risk in recent days, but also some mountain snow.

  • Weather West: North Coast Rain and Wind-Related Fire Concerns

    There's some beneficial North Coast rain this weekend, though wind-related fire weather concerns elsewhere, plus thoughts about the rainy season to come.

  • Weather West: Heat and Dry Lightning to Bring NorCal into Autumn

    A summer of unrelenting heat (if you're inland or at elevation) or of...quite mild conditions, if you're along the coast It was a Tale of Two Summers this year in California.

  • Weather West: Another West Coast Heatwave and Fire Danger

    Another major heatwave is heading for the Pacific Northwest and interior Northern California with rising fire weather concerns due to heat, then possible lightning and wind.

  • Weather West: Monsoonal Moisture to Bring Widespread Thunderstorms

    Major monsoonal moisture surge to bring fairly widespread California thunderstorms (wetter south, drier north), with NorCal fire weather concerns.

  • Weather West: Dry Lightning Possible Across California

    A dry lightning event is possible across areas of California on Sunday and Monday, while significant fire weather is of concern across the interior.

  • Weather West: Coast Spared Again from Heatwave

    There's yet another major heatwave for the California interior, though the coast will be spared again.

  • Weather West: California Dodges Worst of Historic Pacific Northwest Heatwave

    California dodged the worst of the historic Pacific Northwest heatwave the past few weeks, but a long-duration heatwave is still likely inland, plus a significant monsoonal surge next week?

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