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  • Polar Bear is Back by Popular Demand

    Members Only Barber Shop has decked out their store with holiday cheer, including a polar bear.

  • Everyone Into the Pool

    Chuck shares a photo of local birds enjoying a bath.

  • Orb Weaver Redux

    After nearly walking into this Orb Weaver web last week, Chuck took to observing its industrious inhabitant.

  • Anyone An Expert on Honeybees?

    An Edhat reader asks for information on why a pile of honeybees was on the ground and behaving in a way they had never seen before.

  • Walking Into an Orb Weaver

    Have you ever walked, by accident, into an unnoticed spider web?

  • The Hunter and the Hunted

    This beautiful hawk appears in our yard from time-to-time, sometimes grabbing lunch on the fly in the form of a small bird or lizard and drinking languidly from our bird baths.

  • Perseid Meteor Over Santa Barbara

    An edhat reader captured a photo of the Perseid Meteor Shower.

  • Cooling Dip

    Chuck captures a photo of a Hooded Oriole seeking relief from the heat.

  • Bunny Breakfast

    Chuck captures a photo of a local bunny enjoying breakfast.

  • Baby Birds

    Chuck captured a photo of recently hatched birds in a local nest.

  • Western Bluebird Restaurant

    Chuck shares photos of his caged bluebird feeder which now serves as a local bird restaurant.

  • Vigilant Hawk

    Chuck captures a photo of a local hawk surveying the domain.

  • Western Bluebirds House Hunting

    Chuck documents the house hunting protocol of local Western Bluebirds.

  • Soaring Hawk

    Subscriber Chuck Cagara spied this hawk soaring high overhead.

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