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  • Best Bran Muffins?

    Where can an edhat reader find the best bran muffins in town?

  • Starlink Satellites Overhead

    Chuck captured a photo of the recently launched Starlink Satellites floating through the skies.

  • Sunspot Activity Finally Perking Up

    An edhat reader documents the next Solar Cycle for sunspots that are expected to peak in 2025.

  • Cutting in the Vaccine Line?

    A reader wonders what edhatters think about politicians getting the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of frontline workers.

  • Perseid Meteors and More?

    An edhat reader shares their viewing of the Perseid Meteor Shower and an unusual aircraft pattern.

  • Jupiter and Four Moons

    An edhat reader shares an astronomical report from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

  • More Backyard Visitors

    Chuck shares photos of more friendly creatures in his backyard.

  • Backyard Nature Identification

    Subscriber Chuck shares a photo identifying a hummingbird visitor in the backyard.

  • Backyard Nature Photography

    Edhat reader Chuck Cagara shares photos of backyard nature while working from home.

  • La Quinta Dig

    Subscriber Chuck walked past the La Quinta Inn renovation at 1601 State Street yesterday and observed the progress.

  • Postcard from Yosemite

    Chuck shares photos of the Sierra Nevadas during a recent trip to Yosemite.

  • Foxy Lady

    Chuck shares a photo of a Gray Fox roaming around while traveling through Yosemite.

  • The Elusive Western Tanager

    An edhat reader shares a photo of a colorful bird that's rarely seen.

  • Starbucks Calle Real & Turnpike Update

    Chuck shares photos of the new Starbucks construction off Turnpike Road.

  • Titmouse Hatchlings Update

    Chuck shares an update on the Oak Titmouse hatchlings in his backyard.

  • Backyard Creatures

    Chuck shares photos of the variety of creatures found in his backyard.

  • Titmice Hatchlings

    Chuck discovered a nest for Titmouse hatchlings in their backyard nest box. 

  • Honey Bee Meet and Greet

    An edhat reader shares photos of a meet and greet between two local honey bees.

  • Cedar Waxwings

    An edhat reader shares photos of some hungry Cedar Waxwings.

  • Starbucks Dig Underway

    An edhat reader reports a new Starbucks will be built at the corner of Calle Real and Turnpike.

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