Articles From : Cat LaVarre

  • Saving Birds with Elaine Ibarra

    Oil spills are an unfortunately consistent occurrence along the California coastline, but how do we respond when they happen?

  • Treasure Troves Right Next Door

    Not all treasure is silver and gold, some are made of china and glass and hiding in local antique stores.

  • Süp & Jüs: Combining Restaurant and Market

    The family behind Kyle's Kitch launches the soup and sandwich shop Süp & Jüs in Goleta.

  • Isla Vista: California's Hub for Millennials

    According to a recent report, Isla Vista is home to the most millennials in California, and it still has its charm.

  • Women Share Film Experience During Festvial

    Women spoke about their experiences in the film industry and beyond during SBIFF's "Women's Panel."

  • Film Review: Winter Flies (Všechno bude)

    Winter Flies is a film from the Czech Republic that dives into impulsive and innocent youth with a road trip in this coming of age story.

  • Santa Barbara Symphony Combines Music, Animation & Film

    The Santa Barbara Symphony's Symphonic Amalgamation brought technology and multimedia together for a one of a kind performance.