Articles From : Brigette Ginter

  • Opening Night: Call-To-Action Film Festival

    On Friday night the SBIFF launched its Call-To-Action Film Festival with the documentary Crime+Punishment that follows 12 minority NYPD officers.

  • Film Review: RBG

    In a political climate that can be very depressing at times, RBG brings hope, heart, and a large dose of level-headedness.

  • Reel Loud Film Festival Displays Unique Films

    The 27th annual Reel Loud Film & Arts Festival took place at UC Santa Barbara on Friday.

  • Film Review: Belle du Jour

    Belle de Jour is back in theaters after being re-released for its 50th anniversary, restored and retouched to high definition. 

  • Film Review: Oh Lucy!

    Oh Lucy! tells the story of Setsuko, a middle-aged Japanese admin worker stuck in the daily grind of Tokyo life.

  • Film Review: the public

    The Santa Barbara International Film Festival opened Wednesday evening with Emilio Estevez's film The Public.

  • Film Review: Happy End

    Happy End tells the story of a wealthy French family with dark and disturbing secrets.  From the outside, the Laurent family looks wealthy, polished, and accomplished, from the inside we see a lot of problems.

  • Film Review: Call Me By Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name is an artsy, beautifully shot film that slowly builds in intrigue until it completely draws you in.

  • Film Review: Lady Bird

    Lady Bird is a beautiful film that tells the story of how heart-wrenching, painful, and complicated growing up is.

  • Film Review: Chavela

    Chavela is a documentary that tells the story of Chavela Vargas, a musical trailblazer who became the first successful female ranchera singer, eventually recording over 80 albums.