Articles From : Big Wave Dave

  • Bottle Caps on the Street: A Blend of Art and Litter

    David shares his collection of worldy bottle caps that brings him joy.

  • Holidays in a Small Town

    David shares what he loves about living in Carpinteria during the holidays.

  • Footsteps in the Sand

    David muses on imagery and meaning of footsteps in the sand.

  • The Best Surfer in the Water is the One Having the Most Fun

    David Powdrell shares photos of Rincon's "best surfers."

  • The Power of the Arts

    David shares the power of the arts while working with the Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center.

  • Rincon Classic 2019

    If you dabble on social media, you know that the 2019 Rincon Classic was among the best of the best.

  • Surf Fashion at Rincon

    David shares photos of our local surf fashion during the Rincon Classic.

  • A Very Festive Holiday Parade in Carpinteria

    The number of people marching in the annual Carpinteria Holiday Parade nearly match the number of people on the sidewalk watching.

  • Rincon Mornings

    David shares daybreak photos of surfers at Rincon Point.

  • Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp

    David Powdrell volunteered at the annual Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp at UC Santa Barbara this past week.

  • Summer Solstice Through the Eyes of Children

    David Powdrell shares the view of Santa Barbara's Summer Solstice Parade through the eyes of children.

  • Faria Ranch Palm Tree Farm

    David Powdrell finds beauty in the ashes of the Faria Ranch Palm Tree Farm. 

  • Signs of Life

    David Powdrell notices signs of life after the Thomas Fire.