Articles From : AuntieA

  • Dentist Who Takes Medi-Cal

    Can edhat readers recommend a local dentist who accepts MediCal?

  • Steamer Rental

    Are there any places in town that rent portable clothing / curtain steamers?

  • Where to Donate Clothes for Women

    Can anyone recommend a local charity that will accept career suits in good condition who donates to women either in recovery or trying to find work?

  • Moving Boxes & Materials Recommendation

    Can Edhatters recommend the best/least expensive place to purchase moving boxes and materials like bubble wrap, etc.

  • Local Ghost Hunters

    Does anyone know if there are any paranormal societies/groups in town or nearby that do ghost hunts/tours/studies of any sort?

  • Injury Traffic Accident on Chapala

    An edhat reader reports a traffic accident on Chapala an Arrellaga that resulted in the injury of an elderly woman