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  • Cat of the Week: Sofia

    Meet Sofia, a voluptuous 9-year-old who hails all the way from New Jersey.

  • Cat of the Week: Butters

    Meet Butters, a snuggly senior in need of a home.

  • Cat of the Week: Kobu

    Meet Kobu, a handsome gentleman in need of a home.

  • Cat of the Week: Onyx

    Meet Onyx, quiet 1-year-old house panther who would love to find an equally quiet home of his own. 

  • Cat of the Week: Ella

    Meet Ella, a pretty kitty whose favorite song is "Umbrella"... ella... ella.

  • Cat of the Week: Adam

    Meet Adam, a social and friendly kitty who is in need of a new home.

  • Cat of the Week: Munchkin

    Meet Munchkin, a social and affectionate kitty who needs a good home.

  • Cat of the Week: Gregory

    Meet Gregory, a former working cat who decided humans are ok after all.

  • ASAP Cats: Basil's Big Virtual Bash

    ASAP Cats: Basil's Big Virtual Bash

    While we are eager to bring Basil's Big Bash back to its full glory, the 2021 Bash will be a virtual event in a safe, online space. Join us and tune in on Saturday, June 5th, 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. This fun-filled hour will be full of the same things we all enjoy at every Bash!

    The 2021 Bash features an online silent auction, live auction, a special beverage, and goodies. We've got a fantastic collection of items this year that you will not want to miss.


  • Cats of the Week: Moe and Seamus

    Meet Moe and Seamus, two brothers who are available for adoption.

  • Cat of the Week: Captain Butterscotch

    Meet Captain Butterscotch, a freewheeling beach bum who is ready to be a domesticated kitty.

  • Cat of the Week: Socks

    Socks is a super handsome 2-year-old tabby fellow who has lived his early years as a community cat.

  • Cat of the Week: Socks

    Meet Socks, a handsome cat who is ready to get to know you, on his terms of course.

  • ASAP Welcomes Alana Yañez as our new Executive Director

    ASAP Welcomes Alana Yañez as our new Executive Director

    After an extensive nationwide search, ASAP Cats (Animal Shelter Assistance Program) is pleased to announce that Alana Yañez has been hired as the organization’s new Executive Director.
  • ASAP Cats: Kitten Shower & Yard Sale!

    ASAP Cats: Kitten Shower & Yard Sale!

  • Cat of the Week: Dorian

    Meet Dorian, a kitty who's just as cool as he is handsome.

  • Cat of the Week: Harley

    Meet Harley, similar to Harley Quinn, this adoptable kitty is sweet and charming while also wild and fierce.

  • Cat of the Week: Mickey and Minnie

    Meet Mickey and Minnie, an adorable pair of kittens (not mice) who are looking for a home.

  • Promotional image for Pet Food Drive

    ASAP & C.A.R.E4Paws Pet Food Drive

    Many of our community members are facing hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but let’s make sure that one of them isn’t not being able to feed their beloved cat (or dog). C.A.R.E.4Paws is currently delivering an unprecedented THREE TONS of pet food per week to the owners of cats and dogs in need and we know that everyone in our ASAP family will want to help.

  • Drive-Thru Foster Pickup for ASAP Cats

    ASAP Cats is looking for foster parents to take adoptable cats home during the shelter in place order and is offering a drive-thru pick up on Friday.

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