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  • Cat of the Week: Vesper

    Meet Vesper, a cutie whose ears go every which way.

  • Cats of the Week: Hurricane, Klondike, Rainier, and Grace

    Meet Hurricane, Klondike, Rainier, and Grace, four kittens who are up for adoption.

  • Cats of the Week: Bic and Sharpie

    Meet Bic and Sharpie, two bonded kittens who are looking for a home.

  • Cat of the Week: Adrian

    Meet Adrian, one of the shelter's longest residents who is waiting for his perfect home.

  • Cat of the Week: Daisy

    Meet Daisy, a special cat who is ready to find a home of her own.

  • ASAP Needs Heroes As Soon As Possible

    ASAP Needs Heroes As Soon As Possible

    If you or anyone you know are looking for a new pet, ASAP Cats (ASAP) is in need of a hero. The organization recently had an unprecedented number of kittens enter the shelter, totaling over 130 in ASAP’s care. While familiar with large influxes, ASAP is prioritizing the placement of these kittens as quickly as possible.

  • Cat of the Week: India

    Meet India, a kitty who's come a long way from a harrowing journey.

  • Cat of the Week: Batty

    Meet Batty, a kitty who would love a home.

  • Cat of the Week: Bolt

    Meet Bolt, a Siamese kitty full of personality.

  • Cat of the Week: Minky

    Meet Minky, a saucy 2-year-old gal filled with tortie-tude!

  • Cat of the Week: Andrew Barton

    Meet Andrew Barton, a sweet, lovable, purring, playful, energetic boy.

  • Cat of the Week: Batty

    Meet Batty, a happy and loving kitten in need of a home.

  • Cats of the Week: Pippa and Middleton

    Meet Pippa and Middleton, two proper felines in seek of a proper home.

  • Cat of the Week: Yum Yum

    Meet Yum Yum, a lovely kitty full of affection. 

  • ASAP Cats Shelter Receives Influx of Cats

    Summer is here once again, and with the warm weather ASAP Cats is brimming with cats and kittens. 

  • Cat of the Week: Lolly

    Meet Lolly, a good batter of feather wands who loves a lap.

  • Cat of the Week: Zelda

    Meet Zelda, a sassy kitty ready for a home.

  • Cat of the Week: Jack

    Meet Jack, a handsome young adult cat.

  • Cat of the Week: Rags

    Meet Rags, a cat who loves to be brushed.

  • Cat of the Week: Cider

    Meet Cider, a chatty cat looking for a loving home.

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