Articles From : 915films

  • Tree ID

    Can edhat readers identify this pretty tree?

  • Mint Mobile Experience?

    A reader is wondering if anyone has experience with Mint Mobile and the local coverage.

  • Loud Noises at 5 Points?

    A reader wonders if anyone knows what the explosion sounds are near the 5 Points Shopping Center.

  • Oak Moth or Not?

    An edhat reader assessed what they thought of swarming oak moths.

  • New Lights on W. Carrillo Street?

    An edhat reader notices new lights posted near W. Carrillo Street, does anyone know what they're for?

  • Police Response at San Pascual

    Does anyone know why numerous police vehicles were on San Pascual Saturday night?

  • Tree and Plant ID's

    Edhat readers are asking for help identifying a plant and tree found around town.

  • Gunshots and Fireworks?

    Edhat readers report sounds of gunshots, fireworks, or both throughout town.

  • Fungi ID

    Can edhat readers identify this creepy looking fungus?

  • Explosive Sound on the Westside?

    Did anyone else hear a small explosive sound on the Westside Friday evening?

  • Plant ID

    An edhat reader is wondering if anyone could help identify this plant that grows in a hedge formation.

  • Direction of Delta Launch?

    Does an edhat reader know which direction Tuesday's launch of the Delta IV rocket will be?