Articles From : 805live Guy

  • Landing Gear Failure

    805LiveGuy reports an airplane was diverted due to a landing gear failure at SBA.

  • Disturbance at Fairview T-Mobile

    805LiveGuy reports a disturbance with a customer throwing items around at the T-Mobile store in Goleta.

  • Possible Gas Leak at Page Youth Center

    805LiveGuy reports a possible gas leak behind the Page Youth Center on Hollister Ave.

  • Transient Raiding Donation Bin

    805LiveGuy reports a "transient" was seen raiding the Goodwill donation bin on Hollister Ave.

  • Armed Carjacking in Santa Maria

    805LiveGuy reports an armed carjacking involving a gun in Santa Maria.

  • Domestic Dispute on Mathilda

    805LiveGuy reports a domestic dispute on Mathilda in Goleta.

  • Possible Shots Fired

    805LiveGuy reports possible shote fire near Arboleda Road in Santa Barbara.

  • Stalker at Subway Calle Real

    805LiveGuy reports a potential stalking situation at the Subway on Calle Real in Goleta.