Anacapa School Reopens with Optimism

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Anacapa School has made an astonishing comeback. Recent financial challenges led to a decision to close Anacapa School until an anonymous, unsolicited $1M cash donation from a source outside of the school’s donor community provided a vital financial lifeline. “Anacapa School has served Santa Barbara and the outlying communities through the years, and now we have been given the opportunity to continue our mission through this extraordinarily generous and much appreciated donation”, said Headmaster Gordon Sichi.

With its financial issues resolved, the school’s administration and staff are now focused on the coming school year.  Headmaster Sichi continued, “We’ve always felt proud that our school provides a fantastic educational environment and experience for our students and their families.  This has been the key to our longevity since 1981.  Now we are actively engaged in ensuring that Anacapa will continue to be an option for future generations of students to experience as well.”

Anacapa School has developed a large following of supporters due to its positive culture and high success rate for preparing students for college and beyond.  Personalized education centered on the development of critical thinking skills with a high emphasis on self-awareness and world citizenship provide each student with unique opportunities for both educational and personal growth.  The school is dedicated to continuing its popular programs such as the daily Breakfast Club, annual Synthesis Unit, and student internship placement program. 

Classes start September 6th followed by the Beginning-of-the-Year-Trip to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park, where the entire student body and faculty will hike to the summit of Cloud’s Rest (9,926’). 

For more information call (805) 965-0228 or visit the school website.

The Anacapa School is a fully accredited, 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational institution located at 814 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. 

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