An Hour Can Make All The Difference

An Hour Can Make All The Difference
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Source: California Counseling Clinics

Can You Solve Your Problems in a Single Session of Therapy? The simple and short answer is: yes, sometimes you can. However, Single Session Therapy has not been the approach to most counseling that has been offered in the United States, although Canada and Australia have been using and refining this technique for many years with tremendous success. “The Single Session model is very straightforward: you arrive, you talk, you listen, you learn, and you leave—and for many, there is no need for any further counseling.”
So, how does it work? Single Session Therapy is different from traditional therapy sessions because the focus is action oriented. In this unique approach to therapy, both the therapist and the client approach their session as if it may be their last. The therapist, working with a team of mental health specialists, helps you identify and practice solutions that you can implement right away to help you solve the problem. We think outside the box to help you find solutions, and we recognize that you may not need continued therapy. Rather than focusing on your negative thoughts and feelings that may be symptoms of an issue, we focus on the solutions that could resolve the issue.
We All Get Stuck Sometimes and Need a Quick Tune-Up The most successful people in any field usually have a coach of some kind. Athletes, actors, musicians, business executives, just to name a few professionals, all use coaches. But, what about the rest of us? Although most of us may not need a coach, from time to time we could all use a tune-up. We just get stuck or get in an unhelpful emotional state and need to get re-focused and pointed in the right direction.
As wonderful as life is, it certainly can have its ups and downs. At some point, we all face some kind of new challenge, which can range from relationship issues, major life changes, obstacles in your career, anxiety, depression, academic troubles, loss of self-esteem, trauma, abuse, addictions, eating disorders, grief, and physical problems, to name just a few of our afflictions. “Just as a car needs a tune-up from time to time, so do we.”
For some, a good massage is all they need, but for the vast majority, we need something a little more powerful and mind-focused, but we don’t always need weeks and months of therapy. And that is where the Single Session approach comes to the rescue. The idea that you can start solving a problem right here, right now, can be all-empowering.

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