Aerospace Power and Propulsion Company, LaunchPoint, Announces Commercialization of its 1.5 kW Generator and Electric Motor for Advanced Drones

Aerospace Power and Propulsion Company, LaunchPoint, Announces Commercialization of its 1.5 kW Generator and Electric Motor for Advanced Drones
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GOLETA, California – LaunchPoint Electric Propulsion Solutions, Inc., a fast-growing aerospace and defense solutions company, has announced the commercialization of its next generation 1.5 kW electric generator and controller. Engineered to MIL-STD specification, the DHA050 enables increased onboard electrical power generation for advanced drones.

The 1.5 kW product is LaunchPoint’s most compact generator. It weighs 0.45 kg and has a specific power of 4.4 kW/kg at a continuous speed of 7,000 RPM. Other power-dense options currently in production and available today include 5.5 kW and 40 kW generators for aerospace customers having higher power needs. LaunchPoint’s higher power options have a specific power of 4.3 kW/kg and 6.9 kW/kg at continuous speeds of 6,250 RPM and 6,500 RPM respectively.

LaunchPoint developed its Gen 1 flagship product in 2018. Since then, engineers at the company have demonstrated airborne functionality of the 1.5 kW generator and controller systems. An advanced Gen 1 prototype has been flown together with an engine as a full hybrid electric GenSet as part of research and development efforts for extended-range flight. Following successful flights with Gen 1 and now due to surging market demand, LaunchPoint has finalized the next generation system for commercial use.

Applications for Gen 2 include onboard GenSets, alternators, and starter generators.

“It became obvious from our meetings at AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International) Xponential 2021, that our proprietary electric power generation solution at this 1.5 kW power level will provide a great fit to near-term identified needs and immense value to customers in the defense sectors. Our products will help achieve future capabilities in very sophisticated airborne systems,” said Chris Grieco, LaunchPoint’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales. “When voice of the customer and knowledge of the growing drone market’s needs converge on LaunchPoint’s technology as a very strong fit, we react.”

LaunchPoint is currently working with potential customers to incorporate their product specifications into development. An advanced Gen 2 prototype of the 1.5 kW generator and paired controller is expected to be ready for flight in Q1, 2022.

“We are prioritizing resources and moving full speed ahead to a product release for this capacity of generator,” Grieco said. “It’s a premium, lightweight, efficient and powerful product that will be used by advanced aerospace and defense companies for decades to come.”

LaunchPoint designs, manufactures, and sells high specific power, highly efficient electric generators, motors, full GenSets and controller solutions for the aerospace, defense and Advanced Air Mobility markets. With over a decade of experience in the custom design and engineering of these technologies, the LaunchPoint team is recognized as world experts in electric propulsion and power generation.

--For more information about the LaunchPoint 1.5 kW products, contact Chris Grieco, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales, at 1-805-679-3072 or via email at
--LaunchPoint EPS is located at 5735 Hollister Ave., Suite B, in Goleta. For more information call 805-683-9659 or visit

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