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Bike riders get 59 citations in police crack down.

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 COMMENT 319641 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-13 08:32 PM

Sounds like some of Santa Barbara's finest will be buying new jet skis and RVs soon.


 COMMENT 319642 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-13 08:32 PM

This is a good thing. It is time for the State of California to consider a ban on bikes using motor vehicle traffic lanes. A person traveling on a bike is 10 times more likely to be killed or injured than traveling the same distance by automobile. Bike travel accounts for less than 1% of total vehicle miles traveled. it is a unnecessary mode of transportation that can be eliminated with no impact on society.


 COMMENT 319646 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-13 08:39 PM

Meanwhile gang members are running around wreaking havoc. But cool, we got some vicious cyclers ticketed.


 COMMENT 319650 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-13 08:47 PM

You know edhat has a lot of the accidents on here that happen every day. I figure that bringing attention to these issues makes these issues bigger than they are. The same things were happening before the internet, it just wasn't known to all of us edhatters. I think we all need to take a step back and find real issues with real problems. Keyt gets there news from here and so does other agencies. Do we want to waste police presents on bikes? This is just getting out of hand with nanny policing.


 BECKY helpful negative off topic

2012-09-13 11:12 PM

IF everyone would pay attention and obey the rules, riding your bike would not be so unsafe. 642, you really need to think about the environment and health and local transport a bit more. You're clueless. I'm delighted that police resources were expended this way. Obey the rules for everyone's safety. I biked everywhere for most of a decade. The rude bike riders and oblivious car drivers who don't obey the rules make it less safe for everyone. I don't want to kill some idiot who runs a red light. I don't want to be killed by some idiot driving their car, who doesn't get it that a car is a 3,000 pound projectile (and they ought to be paying attention!), and (b) that bikes and pedestrians share the public roadways too.


 COMMENT 319668P helpful negative off topic

2012-09-13 11:26 PM

Geat post 642 - banning and eliminating bikes. LOL! HAHAHAHA! for a second there I thought you were serious!


 COMMENT 319671 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 06:30 AM

Awesome, that's a start! I will say that today when I walked home from work from my job downtown I did not have one single close call with a bike on the sidewalk and that was refreshing. Nope, my close call was on the twirly part of the foot bridge on Anapamu street when someone came flying down it. Fortunately I watch & listen so was able to avoid him.

I'm a walker and the bikes are more careless than the drivers. Cars stop for me all the time at intersections but the bikes see them stopped and keep going. I have more close calls with bikes than cars any day.


 COMMENT 319672 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 06:39 AM

You have to ride (offensive) in this town to be safe. They ticketed somebody for riding on the sidewalk of anacapa? I thought u weren't supposed to ride on state street sidewalks? Now I guess I will walk my bike when I'm downtown. Cam Sanchez is a joke and as a 3rd generation local I will tell him that next time I see him!


 COMMENT 319676 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 06:52 AM

We want our town to use more gasoline. SBPD


 COMMENT 319683P helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 07:08 AM

A wonderful Dr. drove his bike into a SLO intersection earlier this week without stopping, and was struck andkilled by a semi-truck who was complying with traffic laws and unable to avoid hitting the bicyclist. So yes i am glad SBPD is taking the cycling violations seriously. All parties need to be accountable but mainly lets avoid tragedies like this.


 COMMENT 319686 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 07:12 AM

672 - you can't ride a bike on a sidewalk anywhere.


 COMMENT 319692 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 07:23 AM

Is it true that the fine for blowing through a stop sign on a bike is the same as if you were driving a car?


 COMMENT 319694 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 07:28 AM

About time! These bicyclists have been running us off the roads. Thank you SBPD.


 COMMENT 319642 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 07:33 AM

Not too many spandex commandos spewing their typical BS about having unlimited rights to ride a bike in any manner they wish. Seems like handing out tickets has shut them up to a given extent. It's amazing that all the stories about idiot bike riders getting splattered by trucks and cars does not faze the spandex crowd but a story about pedel pushers getting busted by the PD sends then sulking off into a corner.


 COMMENT 319703 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 07:38 AM

I'm a bike rider but I'm amazed at how aggressive bikers have got. Pedestrians and cars stop at red lights and give right of way, but it seems most bike riders don't anymore. They blast right through crosswalks with Pedestrians and red lights and stop signs. When you call them on it they do the road rage thing. And its getting worse.


 COMMENT 319704 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 07:38 AM

Zero tolerance for bike riders and skateboarders on downtown sidewalks.


 COMMENT 319705 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 07:40 AM

I just wish the PD would expend their resources ticketing Motor Vehicles violating the same laws they are ticketing bikers for. (I'm not a Spandex Commando)


 COMMENT 319718 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 07:57 AM

There is a distinction between safe behavior and breaking the law. The laws are made by the enforcers (yes they lobby) so that their job is easier, making everything black and white. If I hit an intersection and there is no one there, I'll ride through. No harm, no foul. I know I am at risk from a lurking cop. Thanks EdHat for the heads up.
Those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for safety deserve neither.
That said, if I do something unsafe, sure, I deserve a ticket.
I just resent campaigns; hammers looking for nails.


 COMMENT 319719 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 07:58 AM

I wish they'd sweep the sidewalks on State street for loiterers every couple of hours instead, it would make walking downtown much more enjoyable. Please???


 COMMENT 319723 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 08:08 AM

The only time I ride on the sidewalk is when the street is too dangerous. Would I prefer to ride in a nice safe bike lane, where I was not in constant danger of getting side swiped, rear-ended, having a door opened into me? You bet! All of you drivers who are complaining about cyclists, please imagine yourself on a bike next time you are hurtling down the street well in excess of the posted speed while on your cell phone, and see you if would feel safe. Nothing like being on a bike to realize how large and fast cars are.


 COMMENT 319730 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 08:20 AM

I’ve lived three blocks from downtown State Street for ten years, use a bicycle exclusively for transportation every day downtown, and follow the rules of the road 100%.

I’m sick of these jerks who not only endanger law-abiding bicyclists as well as pedestrians, but also make us look bad by association, and I fully support ticketing all bicycle infractions.

718, I support your sentiment, particularly in regard to the State Street mid-block lights; it should be legal for bicyclists to treat these lights as stop signs. It can feel silly waiting at these when no pedestrians are in the crosswalk, so I consider it a public service, perhaps discouraging some idiot bicyclist behind me from blasting through at high speed and with insufficient visibility to prevent hitting a pedestrian, which I witness several times weekly.


 COMMENT 319733 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 08:22 AM

Since when did skateboarding become a crime? It's not clear how you make it illegal for them to ride on the street, do they not fit the definition of a vehicle in ways that a bike does? That sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

A bike is considered a vehicle so any code infraction has the same penalties as if you were in a car. Points on your license, higher insurance, traffic school. I found that out when I ran a stop sign many years ago. I didn't have a car at the time so didn't suffer too badly from it.

A DUI on a bike is the same as in a car too.


 COMMENT 319646 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 08:27 AM

These helicopters buzzing around cottage hospital are drving me nuts. Could care less about bikes and jaywalkers.


 COMMENT 319741 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 08:36 AM


100% agree, ride every day as well, and grow tired of anyone giving us a bad name.

I really don't understand this guilt by association brigade trying to blame anyone who they deem a menace to society. If I haven't specifically broken the law, don't group me into the jerks who have.

Saying the "lycra crowd" is the problem only creates animosity that shouldn't be there in the first place. Extend the courtesy to me and I'll do the same to you.


 COMMENT 319642 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 08:50 AM

Glad to see so many people who agree that bike riders for the most part are rude and, in many cases, violent. These fools have brought the wrath of the people upon themselves. Running through red lights, cursing motorists and kicking the doors of people who get angry at stupid bicyclist behavior brings contempt, not respect. Bike riding does nothing for the environment. Less than 1% of all travel miles are by bike. Yet bike riders slow traffic, causing increased emissions from motor vehicles. It's time to remove bikes from motor vehicle traffic lanes. Most motorists would support such a move.


 COMMENT 319646 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 09:10 AM

Bike riders have no regards for basic traffic laws. A pretty rude bunch too. Just reckless regard for safety - and just zero regard for basic things like stop signs.


 COMMENT 319775 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 09:15 AM

Thank you SBPD. I have had too many incidents of bicyclists breaking the law and nearly hitting them while I was following the law.

Face it people, your life will change dramatically if you hit a bicyclist who decided to act like an idiot.


 COMMENT 319780 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 09:18 AM

703 - exactly! I see this every day I drive to and from work. Bikers blasting along the sidewalk and through the crosswalk right in front of me when the big red hand is up. Bikers excessively speeding through parking lots right behind cars who are backing up. Bikers riding side-by-side in the bike lane on narrow streets where you can't get past without endangering them. I would extend these problems to pedestrians as well. Running across busy streets outside of the crosswalk, cars zooming by. For those who are complaining about police involvement - I think it is sad that we endanger ourselves and others enough to need the nannying. Weren't we all taught to respect these simple rules when we were five years old?


 COMMENT 319781 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 09:18 AM

Hey, I rode up and down State Street yesterday, saw many getting tickets, and yet I was not in the least perturbed. Why? Because I ride safely, lawfully, and politely. Many of us do, so please don't lump all bike riders with the rude and dangerous. Same roads, same rules, same rights.


 COMMENT 319792 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 09:26 AM

Gotta pay for those high powered rifles somehow.


 COMMENT 319798 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 09:38 AM

It's about time the local cops enforced the petty inconvenient laws that keep people from being unsafe to others. That we are in the top 3 of highest rates of bicycle collisions is testament to SBPD's neglect of the issue until now. Too bad they only enforce in waves or stings. Better than nothing I suppose.

Personally I feel that the alleged jet skis and RVs are a good testament to the consequences paid by those too reckless or immature to think for themselves or even of their immunity to said consequences.


 COMMENT 319841 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 10:22 AM



 COMMENT 319855 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 10:43 AM

I suggest implementing an aggressive ticket-writing task force on bicylists aprticipating in these "tours" through town which disrupt traffic and create havoc on the roadways.


 COMMENT 319917 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 12:06 PM

Good news! I wonder how many bikers think they have the right of way while riding thru a crosswalk? You are not a pedestrian so you do not have the right of way. Had a lady yell at me for not stopping and heard her husband say see it's agains the law. hehehe.


 COMMENT 319920 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 12:08 PM

EdHat fosters hostility toward bicyclists.


 COMMENT 319959 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 12:58 PM

YEAH !!! As a rider and a driver I am appalled at the idiots I see on bikes running lights, jumping curbs, breaking lanes etc.... it's about time. (by the way - I was ticketed on my bike on state street in the early morning about 10 years ago).


 COMMENT 319960P helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 12:58 PM

How many car drivers got tickets for endangering bicyclists? Probably none, unfortunately.

Some Montecito B-level producer is probably already shopping around his new TV series "Lycra Wars". Thanks folks.


 COMMENT 319989 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 01:44 PM

I am not against bicyclists. I ride a bike occasionally. When I see a bicyclist I give them plenty of room because of their unpredictability. Most of the time the bicyclists ignore stop signs and about 50% of the time I see them ignore red lights. Its frustrating that they blatantly break the rules we are all supposed to follow!


 COMMENT 319642 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 02:27 PM

I bet the nut cases at the Bicycle Coalition have their spandex panties in a wad over PD's belated crackdown on the jerk bicyclists we have to put up with.


 COMMENT 320018 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 02:32 PM

How about the cops roust the countless drivers EVERYDAY that stop in the no stopping anytime on Hollister in front of San Marcos High. I bet they could hand out at least 20-30 tickets every morning. If you want bikers to follow the rules, cars had better be doing the same.


 COMMENT 319676 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-14 05:05 PM

I'm fat and lazy I hate bicycles!


 COMMENT 320467 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-15 01:13 PM

These comments are disgusting. Shame onEdhat.


 COMMENT 320650 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-16 07:52 AM

@319646, 319705, 319798, and 319960

Really? Go sit in traffic court one day just to see the types of citations issued daily. Go for a ride-along. Just because this is all you saw on the news, doesn't mean that's all that happened in the life of SBPD that day. Do you REALLY think that they pick Tuesday as Bike Ticket Day, Wednesday as Jaywalker Day, Thursday as Gang Member Day, Friday as DUI Day...? AND exclusive of all else when they conduct crackdowns? It would be more productive to think of a crackdown as public education. The officers are also responding to calls for service and violations they witness. And no, they don't see everything (duh)!


 COMMENT 321033 helpful negative off topic

2012-09-17 10:03 AM

The animosity towards cyclists is absolutely appalling! There are jerks in every walk of life or activity, plenty of whom are driving cars.

I obey traffic rules when I'm on my bike. I've had countless instances of being cut off, nearly doored, stopped in front of (slammed my face into someone's trunk because he swerved into the bike lane and stopped abruptly), and so on. I've been yelled at and had bottles thrown at me, all while riding single file in the bike lane, doing nothing wrong.

Live and let live. Be respectful and expect the same in return. These recent threads about cyclists have me really disappointed with the local community.


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