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Viva La Ken!
updated: Aug 04, 2005, 12:00 AM

August 4, 2005 - Viva La Ken!

The word of the day is Ken. That was the word in the picture in yesterday’s Wednesday Where Is It (WWII). “Well,” you asked yourself, “are there any famous Kens in Santa Barbara?” Ken Bortolazzo was an Edhat Person of the Week. He creates cool abstract sculptures, but they are made from aluminum, not rock and cement, as shown in the picture. Ken Myers won the 2004 6th grade Math Super Bowl, but that happened much too recently for him to have his name etched in stone. Kenny Loggins lives in Santa Barbara. Maybe that picture was taken of his house at Pooh Corner, but probably not.

Then maybe the word Ken is part of a bigger word like KENnEDy, MiliKEN, SunKEN garden, or KENtucky.
El Norte
A couple of subscribers in yesterday’s contest actually guessed the Sunken Garden. We give them a point for trying. But the real winners of the contest were the ones who saw the power of KEN in the big picture of Fiesta - as the middle letters in the words MacKENzie Park, home of El Mercado Del Norte. El Mercado opened yesterday, and is always one of first signs of Fiesta. MacKenzie Park is on the corner of Las Positas and State.

Applying rash generalizations, El Mercado De La Guerra, located in De La Guerra Plaza, appeals more to the single, rock and roll crowd, while El Mercado Del Norte is popular with families. In addition to the normal beer garden, corn, Mexican food shacks, and churro stands, Del Norte has lots of rides and jumping toys. This year, there’s even a Ferris wheel.

Yesterday’s picture was taken at the foot of the path the leads from the lower parking lot into the park. Across the path it says, “MacKenzie Ln.”

The dedicated staff of edhat.com went to El Mercado Del Norte to take some pictures and pick up the confetti eggs for today’s contest.
It seems that every year, El Mercado there gets bigger and bigger, with more rides, and more resemblance to the Fair, than to any Spanish/Mexican themed festival. We didn’t see any people wearing sombreros there, either. Earlier in the day we did see a whole bunch of festive sombrero wearers at Bank of the West’s upper State St. branch. When we asked, the manager told us she got them at Pacific Co (the whoopee cushion/backscratcher store next to Gelson’s). She also mentioned Chevy’s.

There were plenty of places to eat and sit at 5:00PM yesterday. There were also no lines for the food. We’re sure all that will change later in the evening, and will remain so for the weekend ahead.

Ed returned from the Bay Area yesterday in time for the dancing at the Mission. On his way down the 101,
he claims he saw many Santa Barbarans heading the other direction, to get out of town for the weekend. But he was happy to be back in time for the horse count, pancake breakfast, and other festivities. Although he didn’t say so, the dedicated staff is thinking that he is hoping to run into the Cuervo Girls again, too.

We thought we might fool everyone showing just the Ken in MacKenzie, but five contestants, janie_lee, lbusse, lemony, lostgirla, and madrona drive, supplied us with the correct answer. Here doggie, doggie! Five biscuits were balanced on her head, each a different shape and color. On command, the dog shook the biscuits loose and began consuming them. Lbusse’s biscuit was the first to go. Lbusse wins an Edhat t-shirt.

Want to get instant fame and cool prizes? ... enter today’s contest

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