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Lower Riviera Urban Hike
updated: Aug 06, 2011, 9:30 AM

By Stacey Wright & Peter Hartmann

This week we continued our quest to walk all 256 miles of public streets within the city limits of Santa Barbara. It was a pleasant little hike that took us past historic streets, beautiful homes, stunning views and a few other cool things.

During this hike we covered the following streets: We started at De La Guerra Street and De La Guerra Road, and wandered up De La Guerra Rd (covering all the side streets) until we came to Alameda Padre Serra (APS). At APS, we turned right and headed west toward Garcia. We must note that despite the beauty, APS is NOT a "walker-friendly" street and can be downright dangerous. Next, we headed down Garcia Road, turning at Ferrelo Rd, covering Rubio, Paseo Ferrelo, Medio, and East. Then we headed down E. Canon Perdido, turning right at N. Alisos, and then headed back up E. De La Guerra Street. Lastly, we walked down Chiquita Road and over to Diana Road. This made a loop of sorts...not a perfect loop, but a loop nonetheless.

# # # #

Our starting point - De la Guerra squared

# # # #

An ingenious mailbox, like several we passed in the neighborhood

# # # #

A million dollar view from De La Guerra Terrace

# # # #

We love this nostalgic sandstone column.

# # # #

This peace-out mailbox was so "right on". Does anyone know where we could get these cinderblocks? We mean it.

# # # #

We went to school with the guy who lived in this super cool mid-century marvel. We dig it.

# # # #

So...are we in Pueblos Blancos, or are we still in Santa Barbara?

# # # #

We don't know the Williams, but we like their address sign post.

# # # #

It was a warm Saturday morning…the other side of this instrument told us the time - it was just after 8:00.

# # # #

This is just about the coolest entrance we have seen on any of our hikes…and we loved the guard Chihuahuas with fur standing up on their backs. They had us on the run for sure…

# # # #

# # # #

This Ferrelo homeowner's threat to the neighbors looks pretty serious

# # # #

It got us to wondering how in the world he/she would be able to "deliver" on the threat…and then we saw the numerous surveillance cameras…this persons is not "messing" around!

# # # #

This little sanctuary is most idyllic - we think it is Simply Santa Barbara.

# # # #

And then there are these two abodes worth mentioning for their unique beauty…They are on E. Canon Perdido Street.

# # # #

# # # #

While we're on the home tour, we thought we'd show you a view home whose owner has a great sense of humor. The first pic shows the house…we had to severely edit the picture by completely overexposing it, but we did so in order to let you read the interior sign, which is visible from the street. There must be kids or grandkids involved in this homeowner's life…

# # # #

# # # #

Here's the outside of the house …

# # # #

This is the view looking west from the top of De La Guerra Street at APS.

# # # #

It's not a gorilla, but it is a dragon…and we think it's a pretty unique motif for a rain gutter.

# # # #

This is the street sign for a little known street that is both bucolic and out-of-the-way. It made us think of local Josh Brolin's beautiful wife…but then again her name is Diane, and not Diana. Does anybody know some interesting history about this road?

# # # #

For anyone wanting to take a quick and scenic urban hike, this one is really sweet…

And now we diverge for a moment….Regarding the reader response to last week's article about sidewalk marks and stamps: We really appreciated your comments and suggestions and will definitely do a follow-up piece in the near future. It will feature several additional rare and wonderful sidewalk marks and stamps…we're just thrilled that you like this stuff as much as we do. And if anyone wants to catalog the stamps in our town (historians, walkers, scouts looking to earn badges, "stamp collectors" or anyone else looking for a new project) let us know and we will be happy to help in any way we can. We loved the suggestion of making a catalog similar to the one the City of Portland has put together…

As always we encourage you to go on foot and explore our wonderful community, to discover new and different things and above all, to keep your eyes, ears and minds open in your travels.

Comments in order of when they were received | (reverse order)

 AUNTIE S. agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-06 11:56 AM

Thank you for yet another nostalgic, beautiful tour. I believe Diana Lane is named for D'Alfonso's daughter. He developed several houses here as well as others in the APS/Lasuen corridor. Years later, we lived next door to Diana, whose married name was Acevedo (sp?) on East Mission Street. They had a daughter and three sons who were playmates of my kids. Sometime I'll tell you about our son and one of theirs trying to set our back yard on fire.


 COMMENT 201021P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-06 12:28 PM

Absolutely the best post on Edhat in weeks. Seriously, keep this up. It's fantastic to see a post like this and really inspiring. Thank you so much!


 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-06 01:50 PM

I used to live on Chiquita road rented a studio from alittle old lady that had been attacked in her home. No body bothered her while I was living there. Tanks for the memories.


 COMMENT 201080 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-06 03:31 PM

I agree - that modern house is the bomb...james bomb...and the mailbox is really fun too. Thank you for another week's worth of local sights.


 COMMENT 201107 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-06 05:11 PM

I had friends who lived on Diana Lane & they told me Diana was the developer's daughter. Another wonderful & beautiful report!!


 COMMENT 201174P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-07 08:11 AM

Loved this tour photo tour and commentary. Very very fun. Will you be exploring the upper Riv too?


 SBALAX agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-07 09:28 AM

I love your reports! And you're getting closer to my neighborhood so I'll be looking for you. I walk APS most mornings and you are quite right that parts of it are not "walker friendly". I stick to the part that has sidewalks -- the Old Mission to about Arguello.

When you get to Sierra St. don't forget the wonderful steps that lead up to APS. You'll find a very large contractor stamp in the concrete ramp.


 REDTOP agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-07 10:26 AM



 COMMENT 201273 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-07 11:48 AM

Our home, just a block further down Garcia from where you stopped, is a D'Alfonso, and we were told he built it for his daughter (Diana?) as a wedding gift in '48. In the backyard is an olive tree, planted as a good luck talisman for the young couple.

It was fun to see "our" regular walk documented by you guys .. including some of the identical comments we make every time! Thanks for the great post.


 COMMENT 201318 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-07 01:30 PM

thanks for another wonderful urban hike report! hope you publish these as a book someday.


 K8 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-07 02:19 PM

Great post! Even with the overexposure, I couldn't make out the phrase....what did it say?


 SBALAX agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-07 02:48 PM

Loan Department. :)


 COMMENT 201406 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-07 06:13 PM

I was thinking of you when I went on my own urban hike in the suburbs of Dublin Ireland a week ago. I would have written up a report if I had brought a camera with me but we found a vacant lot with delicious blackberries, a statue of a rhino in the Dodder (a creek), a pint of Guinness in a pub along the way, a set of stairs between homes leading us to the creek, a nice modernist dwelling with an architect's office etc. Urban hikes are fun wherever you go.


 COMMENT 201598 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-08 09:44 AM

Thank you for another lovely addition of urban hikers!! I grew up on Diana Road (around the corner of Diana Lane) and my wonderful mother still lives there. Auntie S. has it correct, Diana Rd/Ln was named after D'Alfonso's daughter. In college (approx. 1986), I briefly worked with Danny Acevedo at Baskin Robbins on upper State and he told me that my street was named after his mother. Also, down the street where E. Ortega and N. Milpas meet, stands a corner building with Spanish architecture.That was D'Alfonso's office/building used during the construction of his homes. My mom's home on Diana Road was built in 1948.


 COMMENT 203611 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-13 10:56 AM

From these journeys to the sidewalk stamps, you guys are my favorite reads. Keep up the good work!


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