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Inguinal Hernia Surgery
updated: Aug 01, 2011, 5:45 PM

I am new to edhat, and I hope this is an appropriate question, but, I am trying to get feedback on peoples experiences with having inguinal hernia surgery performed by local surgeons. I am trying to find a good doctor for this surgery. Thanks for your help!

Places People Are Talking About:

Dr. Farida BounouaDr. James DunnDr. Rosa Choi
Dr. SuppleDr. ThomanDr. Woodburn

What People Are Saying:

 COMMENT 199032 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-01 05:57 PM

Dr Woodburn in Ventura performed my surgery last November. Pretty uneventful. I had it done the Monday of Thanksgiving week, so I only had to take 3 days off work and then had Thanksgiving to recover. I didn't even have to take any pain medication! Just some advil. Definitely plan to have a week off work though.


 COMMENT 199039 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-01 06:13 PM

My son had this surgery this year for the second time. Dr. Rosa Choi did the surgery both times and was excellent.


 COMMENT 199040 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-01 06:23 PM

Dr. Supple in Thousand Oaks.


 COMMENT 199058 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-01 07:16 PM

My late husband had that surgery, and afterward was never able to achieve an erection. Seriously!


 COMMENT 199085P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-01 08:39 PM

I was keeping an open mind on a sort of personal medical question, then I read #058. That is seriously TMI. Please, general pros or cons, not details about spouses' impotence!


 COMMENT 199105P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-01 10:50 PM

Find out if the anesthesiologist(s) your surgeon chooses to work with take your insurance. Seems like many don't take any insurance... at all... EVER. You might be surprised by a few thousand dollars in fees.


 COMMENT 199109P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-01 11:54 PM

Dr. Farida Bounoua (French lady, lovely, kind) -- http://www.faridabounouamd.com -- did my husband's surgery a few months ago. We were very impressed by her and her staff. They were caring, compassionate, and competent. We had to wait months from when they happened to when they were fixed, so the recovery (at age 60+) is taking longer than hoped, but she has remained in touch and honestly wants to hear if he doesn't begin to feel more "normal" soon. (He had 2 inguinals and one belly button -- all blew out at once from coughing during pneumonia. They were all bigger than expected, and were all patched with mesh.) We interviewed a few other surgeons and were unimpressed by them -- arrogant, dismissive, didn't answer our questions or concerns, didn't seem to really care.

Best of luck to you. Get it fixed sooner, rather than later.


 COMMENT 199118 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-02 06:55 AM

If you want to know who's good and who's not, ask a hospital nurse, preferably O.R. Never pick a doc because he is 'nice'. That means nothing. Just remember to ask a nurse (her/him) away from their workplace. There is a crying need for 'patient advocates'. The comment that said the doc fixed her husband's hernia twice? Not good!
Word of mouth referrals are the best only if the person referring knows what they're talking about. I am a retired O.R. nurse. The stories I could tell....! Also, referral 'services' simply go down a list paid for by the docs on it. No guarantee you'll get a good one.


 COMMENT 199139 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-02 07:38 AM

Best GI surgeon BY FAR is Dr. Thoman in Santa Barbara


 COMMENT 199142 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-02 07:50 AM

Had two herinas repaired by Dr. Rosa Choi. My wife had breast surgery by Dr. Choi. She is a great surgeon and a friendly person. I would go with her for surgery.


 COMMENT 199171 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-02 08:54 AM

A second vote for Dr. David Thoman. He is excellent!


 COMMENT 199177P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-02 09:00 AM

I don't find 058s post too informative, but surely a doc would warn you about the possible downsides...


 COMMENT 199194P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-02 09:25 AM

I'm 109P, but I agree with 118 -- ask a surgical nurse if you can. They do have the best info. Dr. Thoman is the dismissive surgeon who told me to quit reading the internet when I asked about mesh versus non-mesh pros and cons. He may be a good surgeon, but I'm a good researcher and analyst, and telling me not to think, do research, or ask questions makes him a jerk.


 COMMENT 199229 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-02 10:23 AM

I had double inguinal hernias repaired laparoscopically and then when it recurred on one side (it happens!) we went in again and fixed them - both, just to be sure - but this time used old school open surgery.
Recovery time and pain is definitely less with the laparoscopic procedure; total healing time about the same: about 3- 4 weeks before you should do anything particularly strenuous. After laparoscopy you could possibly return to a desk job after as little as a week. After open surgery you are a lot more, shall we say, tender, and should allow two weeks. Obviously the open incisions will take much longer to heal than the tiny openings left by the less invasive procedure, but some say this is still the best way to fix it.
Both surgeries were done at Sansum outpatient surgery center by Marc Zerrey. I believe that recurrences do happen, rarely, and that it is not a reflection on the surgeon's skill. The staff at the surgery center is very good. Shout out to recovery nurse Carol who just had surgery to fix her busted ankle: Get well soon and get back on the bike!


 COMMENT 199356 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-02 01:57 PM

I recommend going to Dr. James Dunn at Sansum for a second opinion. I was sure I needed surgery, but he convinced me I should keep my weight down and keep doing abdominal exercises to strengthen the area first.

As mentioned by others hernia surgery outcome can be unpredictable. I have spent hours searching the web for the best answers. To check the reputation of physicians, A website I like that you may not find on your Google search is RateMds. "Yelp" may offer some help too.

How to get your own hernia?
1. Four years ago I went to my popular neighborhood family Md for a standard preventative checkup and came home with an inguinal hernia. (I found out the hard way that some in the medical field are over-confident, but under-skilled.)
2. In the mid 80s I was overly optimistic about the amount I could leg press on a prehistoric Piece of gym equipment and my foot buckled causing a tear. 3. My late father got his learning to square dance.


 COMMENT 199418 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-02 03:42 PM

I too am a retired OR RN. Best person to ask is your trusted Internist. Ask him or her her who they would send their loved one to. Reocurrances DO occur, even when done by a very able Surg.


 COMMENT 199552 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-03 06:48 AM

194p- don't cut off your nose to spite your hernia. Thoman is an absolute wizard of laptascopic surgery, especially hernias. I know this from two of the best docs in town.

And, I hate to say it but Thoman was right- you are spinning your wheels online and haven't the slightest idea of what you are talking about. To go from a top surgeon to then asking edhat commenters makes no sense.

I had shoulder surgery a few months back by Dr Ryu, a doc that many people warned was "arrogant" etc. He did a fabous job and no, he didn't take me to the movies or hold my hand at night- he just did a perfect job, explained what went on and was on to the next case.

It's your body.


 COMMENT 203278 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-08-12 11:43 AM

I have an a scheduled appointemnt to have Dr. James Dunn(with Sansum) to repair my Inguinal Hernia next week. He came indirectly reccomended to me by Dr. Chris Lambert who was my friends neurosurgeon. It was a tossup between Dr. Dunn & Donald Talbot Rink. I'm still not sure if I made the right decision but...I'm in pain and need this thing taken care of asap. Can anyone give more advise that would be helpful to me?


 COMMENT 216968 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-09-24 12:10 PM

As an OR nurse I have to comment. The comments about Thoman are hilarious. He is easily the best surgeon in town, his laparoscopic skills are incredible. Surgeons fly in from around the country to watch him do single incision surgery, which is a fancy way of doing laparoscopy without leaving scars. But I can definitely see him being arrogant and dismissive. He knows how good he is and doesn't suffer fools. He operates on all the nurses and docs if that tells you anything. As for research, you should do it but know there's also a lot of nonsense on the internet.


 COMMENT 234140 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-11-18 04:16 PM

Can you give an update on the doctor you chose and your recovery? I'm finding myself in the same boat, ugh!



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