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Skunk Relocation Advice
updated: Jul 19, 2011, 9:49 AM

By Edhat Subscriber

My beagle has been skunked in our own tiny fenced-in Westside backyard three times this month. She is typically outside to relieve herself when when the altercation takes place. Does anyone know how we might relocate Pepé Le Pew to a more suitable location for everyone?

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 COMMENT 194167P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 09:54 AM

I would love to tell you how we deskunked our yard but it's very much frowned upon. Very much.


 COMMENT 194169 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 09:57 AM

You live in natural surrounds. You might want to consider putting a leash on the beagle when letting the little one outside, then when the coast is clear let 'em off leash. It's not about relocating the doggie or the skunk - it's about figuring out a way to cohabitate our beautiful earth together.


 COMMENT 194171 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 10:00 AM

Oooo...no advice but I'm sorry for your beagle!


 COMMENT 194176 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 10:08 AM

Walking the dog on a leash in our own fenced in yard is not something I will consider. Suggestions about relocating the skunk humanely to a less stressful environment for both him and the beagle are appreciated.


 COMMENT 194177 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 10:10 AM

Probably not legally able to relocate, but how about making your yard skunkproof? I blocked (with posthole cement and some bricks, all I had available, a gate that one dug under) - haven't smelled any since. I just checked on google and found this; you might want to google skunkproof yard, and other search phrases and search the perimeter of your fence and block where they might be entering.


 COMMENT 194182P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 10:19 AM

Don't bother calling animal control. I trapped a skunk, called them, and they simply released it back onto my driveway, from whence it sleepily walked home. They're all over the Mesa, like poorly trained pets.
The A.C. guys used to dispatch them with an anesthesia overdose shot. Now: animals rule in this town. Watch your dog! Some of them are too dumb to learn and get shot in the snout again.


 COMMENT 194193 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 10:42 AM

I'm having the same problem and I am sorry but cohabitate with skunks just doesn't work! I found a few gaps in my fence between the dirt and the fence and I have put some bricks around that area and that has helped quite a bit. It's difficult though, we have been in our backyard and have had them running through and its not a good feeling when you don't know if they are going to run or spray!


 COMMENT 194196 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 10:43 AM

Remove that skunk and another will replace it in no time. Hate to break it to ya, but regulating Snoopy's visits to the yard is what you have to do. Dawn and dusk are the usual foraging times for our striped friends, but beware any time, especially after dark.


 COMMENT 194210 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 11:09 AM

Skunks crawl under your fence in a very small space. If you can't figure out where to repair you can sprinkle flour around the edges. Try to pick a non foggy or wet night, then you can see his footprints and seal your yard. We haven't been visited in years since we sealed the bottoms of the fence. Lawn edging works well.


 COMMENT 194220 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 11:38 AM

Oh boy, sorry about your beagle.

Not sure which is more annoying, skunks or "helpful" souls like 169!

sealing up your yards entry points should work. It might seem like an endless task, maybe hire a pest control company to help.


 COMMENT 194229 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 11:52 AM

Two years ago I was in EXACTLY your situation. I have said it here before, but I called Wildlife Eradicators and got an earful from Steve, the guy who came out and saved us. He said that the best thing to do was to get them to relocate. If you kill/remove them, they believe that they are being extinguished (which they are) and replace and reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate. He checked out the property and figured out where they were living. He then strategically placed these coyote pee bag thingies around and through the property. Presto! No more skunks! We always watch our dog and are extra careful about letting him out at dusk, but he has not been skunked in a couple of years and not due to his lack of trying! He HATES those little critters!


 COMMENT 194232 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 11:52 AM

following 196, I have a friend who has become obsessed with skunk relocation from their yard - To date he has relocated over 50 skunks... moral of the story: the skunks will win because they're so numerous.


 COMMENT 194243 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 12:13 PM

I'd also suggest the skunk-proofing (or the coyote pee story - that sounds like it'd work pretty well! I was going to suggest finding a natural predator, but I doubt you want to replace a skunk with a coyote... Pee bags are a better option). I know a family who's pup enjoys chasing skunks - she now is let out after twilight on a lead, after opening the door & making sure no skunks are lurking nearby. It's honestly not a big deal. I understand your 'I shouldn't have to' POV, but unless this is happened in broad daylight, it's not a huge issue. It's an inconvenience, but not a big one. Let the pup have yard playtime when it's light, and just take him/her on a leash out or use a lead after twilight. Of course, if the skunk-proofing works, there is no need. :)


 COMMENT 194324P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 03:02 PM

196 is right. Removing skunks is like digging a hole in the sand at the edge of the water.

You rarely have to worry during the daytime. What I did with my dog was to walk outside with him after dusk for a few seconds to scare away the critters. This won't work in a huge backyard but you say you have a tiny one.

Believe me, the minor inconvenience of having to step outside for a few seconds is NOTHING compared with having to clean your skunked dog.


 COMMENT 194337 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 03:32 PM

My Jack Russell was skunked in our backyard. I found out that skunks cant climb. So that means they come in thru holes that they can find. So I suggest making sure you have no open areas around your yard for them to enter. p.s. My dog has never been skunked again since I've covered any openings I had in our fence. Hope this helps.


 COMMENT 194371 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 05:03 PM



 SHARON93111 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-19 07:24 PM

get a bunch of bricks. line the bottom of the fence where there is any daylight coming through. They don't need much space. Check it every day or so to make sure they aren't pushing the bricks aside.


 PAPA agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 07:14 AM

Where do you get coyote pee bags?


 DULCE agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 07:50 AM

The surefire method of reducing night visitors [racoons & skunks], is to have a human male mark the outskirts of the yard every night. After a while, it might not be necessary every night and is a much easier solution than coyote pee bags. Some have success with amonia or bleach if a human male is unavailable.


 COMMENT 194496 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 08:06 AM

Live trap.


 COMMENT 194515 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 08:45 AM

I had problems with skunks digging up my newly planted seedlings in my organic vegetable garden. Did some research and found the most organic way to deter them was male human urine as Dulce mentioned. Only necessary to re-apply after getting wet. Had my nearest male pee in a jar and strategically applied. No more skunks! Urine is sterile, you just have to get over the yuck-factor.


 COMMENT 194524 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 08:59 AM

I like the urine idea (human or coyote). I'll have to try that. After my dog was skunked several times, I developed a method that has worked so far: Before letting my dog out after dusk, I flash the outside lights off and on a few times and then yell out the door "RUN SKUNKS!" And they do.


 COMMENT 194533 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 09:08 AM

Here's what I did. Got a "have a heart trap", baited it with cat food. When skunk was inside. I made myself a cute outfit of big black trash bags, shower cap and goggles. Got a big plastic tarp and approached and clapped the tarp over the cage. The skunk let loose but the spray is inside the tarp, although you can smell it. Pick up the tarp and trap and drive the skunk far away. Hope you have a pick-up truck. If not cover seat with plastic. Odor washed off the big tarp very well.


 COMMENT 194538 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 09:16 AM

Local wildcare folks will probably trap and relocate Pepe for you, but, another skunk will just move in to the vacated territory. Better idea is to try to remove the attractions from the yard (i.e., any food sources such as downed fruit, or dog food left outdoors) and try to block any entrances into your yard.


 COMMENT 194544 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 09:27 AM

Our skunks (and raccoons) come every night to eat the cat food. They don't scare off easily. It's as if they look at us and say, "So, whatya want? I'm busy eating!" They seem to get along fine with the cats. I've never (knock on wood) had an incident . . . But they are so BOLD!


 COMMENT 194558 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 09:52 AM

Make noise before you let your dog out. turn on lights, bang the door, let the dog bark (on a leash). Then give the skunk time to get out of the yard. (Works for our obsessive border collies here on the Mesa.) The skunk will learn to depart, fast. BTW, skunks don't necessarily live on your property. The have up to nine temporary dens which they visit on a regular basis.


 COMMENT 194576 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 10:24 AM

I LIKE skunks. I live in Valerio Canyon and they are our totem animals, and even my notoriously bumbling Irish Wolfhounds have figured out that they are friendly. So we watch fascinated as they slip into the kitchen through the cat door and hoover around the floor looking for a nibble of kibble that might have been dropped. My vet said there is scant chance that they will carry rabies or hurt my dogs or Manx, but that if you try to pet them and get scratched the authorities will have to trap and kill them to test their brains for rabies. So I keep my distance, they visit and leave, and I am charmed by them.


 COMMENT 194848P agree helpful negative off topic

2011-07-20 11:39 PM

You relocate one skunk, another one fills the niche. Deter them, don't try to eliminate them. Motion sensor lights, sprinklers with motion detector, and a flashlight and hitting a pan with a spoon. Really, you just can't send a beagle out in the dark and not expect occasional wildlife encounters. Take him out WITH a leash, then unhook it when the area is indeed clear.


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