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City Council to Discuss Tenant Right Ordinances
updated: Mar 19, 2017, 5:00 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

If you are a Renter in Santa Barbara you may want to consider attending Tuesday's City Council Meeting or writing the City Council a letter. The meeting is being held to discuss a Tenant Right Ordinance in response to: - A substantial rise in No Cause Evictions (>200 in 2016), - Multi-year vacancy rate of .5%, - Unlimited rent hikes - Last years reported annual rent increase of 20%, - Tenant displacement during the school year for families in the school district, and - Inadequate or substandard living situations

A Tenant's Rally will begin at 5:30pm at De La Guerra Plaza. Tenants are asked to wear Blue to visually display their numbers and solidarity.

This Special Evening City Council Meeting will be held at City Hall (735 Anacapa St.) beginning at 6PM. It will address: - Banning unjust "no cause" evictions and gentrification with a Just Cause Ordinance, - Slumlords and lack of maintenance through Improved Code Enforcement, - No evictions during the school year, - Health and Safety Inspections - The right to choose a long-term lease - Rent stabilization to stop unlimited rent increase, and - Much more

Send A Letter to the City Council: hschneider@santabarbaraca.gov, ghart@santabarbaraca.gov, hwhite@santabarbaraca.gov, rrowse@santabarbaraca.gov, fhotchkiss@santabarbaraca.gov, cmurillo@santabarbaraca.gov, jdominguez@santabarbaraca.gov

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 COMMENT 764473 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-19 05:36 PM

Renting is a losing proposition. At $1500 a month, a person who rents a one bedroom for 30 years would have paid the same as buying a $200,000 house. The difference is the renter has to keep on paying, while the homeowner's mortgage is paid off. If you rent in Santa Barbara, move to some place where you can afford to buy a house. If you choose to stay, don't ask the taxpayers to subsidize your housing, health care and food when you retire.


 COMMENT 764477 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-19 05:55 PM

It will be raining on Tuesday.


 COMMENT 764478P agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-19 06:08 PM

I rented for years and years, and kept my rents low by being an ideal tenant. I did as much maintenance and upkeep as I could; I contacted the landlord ONLY if I couldn't fix it, if it had to be fixed repeatedly (roots in the sewage outflow), if it was something that I would want to know about if I was the owner. I now own, but am forced to rent my house for months at a time because I have to work elsewhere for part of the year. How many of you 'rent control' proponents try to think like a property owner, and work with them to keep their hard earned property in good shape, to reduce their workload, expenses, and worries? It is a mutually beneficial contract. Do your part to make it good for the owners too, and the owners will be good to you.


 COMMENT 764479 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-19 06:15 PM

478 - congrats for being a model tenant. But such severe increases in rental rates have absolutely NOTHING to do with anything you just talked about. 20% last year alone. I believe the previous year was also 20%. That is just greed.


 COMMENT 764483 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-19 06:43 PM

Where does the 20% increase number come from? Also does anyone know if theres any truth to 17% of rental stock controlled by housing authority/city and section 8?


 COMMENT 764485 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-19 07:29 PM

473-how about you move with reason being we don't need people with your kind of thinking. That's why we're in the conundrum we're in right now regarding rent.

Seriously? You want SB to be all homeowners only or leave town? Jeez. Pahleeze.


 COMMENT 764487 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-19 08:13 PM

The Independent ran an article about the steep 20% increase in rents last year. I'd say 20% is a low number. I know 3 people in the last 3 months that had huge rent increases they were:

$500 increase = 25%
$900 increase = 35% (2nd within a year)
$1300 increase = 57%

Not one had any maintenance done. Each place was decent and well taken care of.

One Owner told a tenant that someone would be by, right after the rent was increased, for an inspection. It wasn't for maintenance, but to appraise the property or rents. Their rent was increased a second time, with no maintenance. - The Owner would not agree to a long term lease.

Another renter had their rent jacked up right after a new Owner took possession. The new Owner has a history of turning apartments into illegal short term rentals. I expect it to be on airbnb soon.

Anyone at the City listening?


 COMMENT 764488 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-19 08:23 PM

My family has been local to SB county since mid 1800s. I finally had to move out of SB about a year ago. It's really a bummer when you work full time making really decent money, have average bills/debt, no kids etc ... and still can't afford your own place in your home town ... but its really not worth it to stay and live beyond your means in a shit studio or apartment in a bad part of town. I think it's disgusting the cost of rent in SB I don't see there being any kind of relief for it though :(


 COMMENT 764492 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-19 08:48 PM

FACTS #1 - The City has not prevented illegal short term rentals from operating. STRs are eating up the available housing. - I'm happy to take the City Council on a Tour of Ground Zero STR HELL in Santa Barbara.

#2 -The Downtown is looking like a ghost town. - Wonder if it could be because the middle class has been run out of town by the high residential rents?

#3 -We have ghost houses. These houses sit empty except for a few weeks a year. How does this help our economy? No one lives here year round. No one spends here...

#4 -The AUD is gentrifying our neighborhoods and driving up rents because there ARE no rental rate limits. Our workers won't return to live in Santa Barbara because of the AUD rates and the fact that everything is rental! We are pushing them out.

#5 -Tourism & Retail represent >32% of our economy. These are the lowest paying sectors. - We need to diversify. Where will our future jobs come from?


 COMMENT 764499 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 06:24 AM

Supply and demand. I wonder if California's uncontrolled population growth has anything to do with rental rates.


 COMMENT 764501 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 06:35 AM

The city government of Santa Barbara would do itself a huge service by looking at other cities and metro areas who've created and implemented smart, long-term effective solutions to similar issues. Attempting to impose laws that interfere directly with the free market will never be effective in the long term. I really feel that our largest problem is transportation: by creating a 21st century transportation system, we solve several problems at once. Look at NY- do you see low wage workers marching on NY City Hall, demanding to live anywhere in Manhattan? NO- instead the govt provided an outstanding transportation system, allowing them to travel to good jobs in Manhattan, from affordable residential areas on the outskirts. We all just need to think bigger-


 COMMENT 764508 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 07:17 AM

@499 Back in the 70s "progressives" were very concerned with overpopulation, even voting in a population cap for Santa Barbara. You might ask today's progressives why they now favor endless population growth. Hint: 98% of California's 350,000/yr growth is due to immigration.


 COMMENT 764509 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 07:22 AM

Be careful what you wish for @473.

It won't be long before service industry pros like the plumber who unclogs your sink and the electrician who fixes your smoke detector are making more than software engineers. Hope you enjoy paying $150/hr for a 45 min service call, or paying $450 and hour for your attorney to sue the guy who comes from Oxnard and does $500 worth of shoddy work on your home.

Not a renter


 COMMENT 764510 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 07:37 AM

New York City's population is 70% renters. Those renters continue paying rent after they retire. NYC is $100 billion in debt, with 40% of its population receiving some kind of government handout/subsidy. NYC is a poor choice for someone wishing to showcase the positive aspects of renting. If you cannot afford to buy a house in Santa Barbara, move. If you don't, you will have nothing when you reach retirement age.


 COMMENT 764512 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 07:58 AM

In response to 508. This is why I left the catholic church when I was 18 because they oppose birth control. The pope needs to have a "divine revelation" that the planet needs to be preserved thus we need to limit not only global warming, but also population growth.

Google population growth rates. This is one of the driving forces behind the migration crises today.


 COMMENT 764516 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 08:26 AM

501- no no no, who are you Helene Schneider? This is NOT I repeat NOT Manhattan. We don't want it to be either. Ask most Santa Barbarans if they want underground and above ground rail systems and long long lines of cabs sitting in traffic and buildings so tall you wonder if the sun is even out. Enough with the we need to think bigger because this town isn't going to get bigger. We need to think smaller, in this case I'm going with the less is more and bigger is not always better.


 CHACHA agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 08:41 AM

492 is live to know where this str hell is.


 COMMENT 764523 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 09:00 AM

Have I missed it, or is there NO discussion about the impact on rental vacancy of SBCC and UCSB growth over the last 20 yrs?? That is the herd of elephants in our living room, Santa Barbara. That, and barbell demographics.

There are no solutions. But there can be thoughtful, considered tradeoffs.

I am a renter now, but 35 yr home owner prior...and I am a landlord, as well, in this community and others.


 COMMENT 764524 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 09:02 AM

The biggest single problem in SB housing is the 18,848 SBCC students. SBCC is too big, it serves too many students from out of town, and the high rents don't bother them, with parents' help and living like college students two per room. What would happen to the rental market here if 5,000 two bedroom units became vacant? In my uninformed opinion, most SBCC students are not serious, they are just here having a good time, and they give Nothing back to this community. Shut it down! Or at least remember this when you vote to support more out of town students with local bond money.


 COMMENT 764526 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 09:12 AM

I'm a renter, have a professional career, am a single parent, do not qualify for any government/state assistance, but have considered needing to move because I can no longer afford to live in this area. Which would require my child staying with the other parent because my kid is not allowed to move out of the county according to the courts. I'm essentially stuck in substandard housing if I want to be able to raise my child.


 COMMENT 764529 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 09:34 AM

Rent control doesnt work. It only creates a select class of people who got lucky while others pay to make up for their fortune. This is the problem with Prop13. People paying a fraction of the costs to support the govt while others make up the massive difference. It kills the promise of the young to have a good future and is totally unfair.

As long as we allow local companies to import their workforce with no added costs, and no burdens, the highways will be clogged and wages will be kept artificially low. The sunshine tax is in full force here.

This is a city of 90k people. Cities, especially ones of our size should not be in the housing business. Why do we have 10k people on the dole in a tourist town that happens to be among the most expensive and desirable places on earth? Makes no sense and is the opposite of fair. Who is going to pay for 30 years of their debt and bad management? Who exactly?


 LILCHICKEN agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 09:57 AM

526 YES! I agree completely!


 COMMENT 764539P agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 10:04 AM

I like 501's comment about improving transportation to outlying areas. Due to the climate and geography, Santa Barbara real estate will always be high-priced. Our country isn't likely to abandon capitalism. There is only so much subsidized housing that can be built right here; making outlying housing more accessible must be a prime component of any plan. (But of course we can also work to minimize illegal evictions, etc.)


 COMMENT 764552 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 10:30 AM

It is past time for the City Council take this issue on.

More than 1/13 of economy that relies on low wage service jobs and we need to develop policies that create housing for everyone, not just the top 20%.

But more importantly, we need to discover ways to increase high wages jobs in an area like Santa Barbara and train the people already here for these jobs.

I support ANY Ordinance that will help renters.


 COMMENT 764557 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 10:50 AM

As a renter, who thought rents were fairly decent for many years, what I have seen in the last few years is nonsustainable. People will not drive here from Oxnard or Lompoc for low paying service jobs. Even people in the middle class cannot afford it here anymore. That is why you see so many empty storefronts and failing businesses. We have noticed a decrease in applicants for entry level office assistant type openings as well - few years back we'd be flooded with resumes now, we are lucky to get 1-2 per week. And as a renter I too am considering moving out of SB. It is not worth it. One can always visit on vacation, but there are lots of other place to do that as well.


 COMMENT 764558 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 11:03 AM

We have a WAGE issue!

If we have a large portion of people with LOW WAGES we will have huge issues with affordable housing.

We have pushed Middle Income earners out. No wonder the Downtown is suffering. Are they asking the right questions for their study? - Probably not. They should be asking what happened to our economy in Santa Barbara. They should ask if a lack of housing and increased rents is contributing to the demise of the downtown. They should ask if their businesses that rely on low wage employees are contributing to the death of of the Downtown.

The root of the issue is WAGES. Santa Barbara must develop strategies that will create jobs with higher wages.

We should create a local tax that makes it less attractive to keep storefronts vacant and to develop more commercial spaces.


 COMMENT 764576 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 11:43 AM

From a landlords perspective, I am barely hanging on to my property since I was laid off my job here in Santa Barbara several years ago after twenty years and am now on a fixed income. I am very fortunate that I have a rental on the same property where I live. Believe me I am very grateful and I try to treat my tenants with respect regarding rent increases and fixing things in a timely manner. The reality is that I still have a mortgage payment, the property taxes don't stop going up, the water/sewer/trash bills (which I pay) increased several times last year and the insurance to protect my property so we have a place to live keeps going up. My tenants have been with me for a long time but I had to raise the rent again this year (less than 10%) so I can continue to pay the bills. Not all landlords are greedy. It's a matter of economics.


 COMMENT 764578 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 11:48 AM

** Rent Stabilization = Ownership Suicide

To all home owners who rent out their houses - sell if this is gonna pass.

It is impossibly easy for tenants to swindle home owners with rent stabilization.

Example - Rent a place, become a "legal" nuisance (loud music, food for rats, clog plumbing etc) and then make money getting kicked out. (moving costs, two months rent etc).

As well, losing control of your property.

Example - Mandatory 12 month leases, you can no longer go away for a month or two and rent your house.

Honestly, SB, capitalism is the system, for better or worse, and in it, supply and demand dictates price.

If you want lower rents, strip mine the mountains, cover the beach with oil, build massive housing complexes, you'll lower the rent.

Rent Stabilization = Ownership Suicide


 COMMENT 764583 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 12:05 PM

I don't think many people are screaming for tight rent control--just some measures that will stop some of the absurdity. My rent was raised 47% in one go last year. I'd like to see a cap on increases--something that allows for quite generous raises, say up to 25% per year, but that prohibits sudden extreme jumps like what I faced.
PS. I moved.
PPS. Yes, I'm thinking of leaving this town.


 COMMENT 764588 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 01:00 PM

576-Then you are part of the problem too, you just basically admitted that you have to keep raising your renters to be able to cover your own house. Like others have mentioned if you cant afford to live here consider your options.

Times your situation by thousands in addition to greedy landlords/slumlords and we have the Santa Barbara rent problem.


 COMMENT 764591 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 01:05 PM

More Government Control.


All so the the government (city council + friends) keep away any sort of control over their own salaries etc.

America, this so called Freedom you cherish, is getting hacked away by so called improvements.

Rent Stabilization is a fancy name for Government Intervention.

Too much already, we don't need even more.

And to those who think this will solve a problem, the gov stopped solving problems long ago.

Like every other government intervention (from invading Iraq to banning religions etc), the only "problem" this will solve (temporarily) is their thirst for money, power, and control.


 COMMENT 764593 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 01:14 PM

What a nightmare! It's tough to figure out a way to stay in this good climate city unless you were lucky enough to buy before the prices went ballistic. I came in 98 when you could still buy a house for $250K. Now a 1-bdr duplex with a minimal yard on a busy street is selling for $753K.

Hard to know what the City can do about it, except continue to get rid of parking spaces and allow people to cram into small rentals to make it less desirable for working people to live here. How's that working for you?


 COMMENT 764597 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 01:28 PM

Maybe we can do like Zihuatanejo or Paris - build high rise workforce housing on the outskirts of town, where gangs and drug dealing is a way of life, and the safest place to dry your laundry is off your little deck. Or, maybe like Waikoloa, HI, where the maids and gardeners take two-hour each way bus rides to work from Hilo. These are the grimmer alternatives to providing reasonable in-place workforce housing. Making it more miserable to be a landlord is probably not a good solution.


 COMMENT 764605 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 01:50 PM

Here's my proposal that would set a 10-yr agenda and prioritize the top 3 or 4 things we need accomplished:

1) Infrastructure improvements - fix the roads, water systems, improve our park & rec area.

2) Affordable & safe housing -Limit STR's, limit student enrollment at SBCC, replace a few city owned parking garages and build low to moderate income apartments, rezone areas for multi-family housing, lower development fees for new residential projects, and fast-track projects through planning department to speed the process along.

3) Improve the retail tax base by closing off lower State St., build apartments or condos above retail and start a new downtown business association that would focus on revitalizing the downtown area.

4) Reduce crime - get tough of gangs and homelessness

The only time government can be part of the solution is when they realize they can't solve everyone's problems.



 COMMENT 764607 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 01:53 PM

558, I disagree. Yes, we need better jobs and higher wage here, of course. But what's happening now is a rent spike, and everyone is trying to cash in. A lot of evictions are happening so the landlord can rent that $1,400 apartment for $2,000 without having to make any repairs. The newly evicted tenant discovers to their horror that $2,000 is pretty much the new floor on all rentals. A hundreds-of-dollars increase per month on rent is a major hit to your monthly finances even if you're making decent money. My crappy previous residence - an old 2 bedroom in a bad neighborhood is a case in point:
2008: $800 (family evicted under new owner)
2009: $1,500 (new tenant = me)
2015: I was evicted so they could get $1,900
2017: listed on Craigslist for $2,500

This is just price-spiking and they're charging it because they can. It's happening all over town.

By comparison, whose wages have escalated as dramatically in that time?


 COMMENT 764623 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 02:51 PM

597-There are no "outskirts" there are the mountains and the ocean or else your now in another city, seriously people,Santa Bubble is tiny. It's just a tiny little inch of earth, that's all.

Rent is mess in this town, I've heard you get what you pay for but most of the apartments in this town are pretty run down, shoddily repaired and not worth the big bucks they go for.


 COMMENT 764626 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 02:57 PM

508, good point about overpopulation and the "progressives". CAUSE is the organization advocating for these measures; CAUSE also is advocating for those here illegally. Approximate 10% of Santa Barbara and LA are here illegally. Cognitive dissonance!

...Many, worried about this new administration, are leaving, more undercover or leaving, with school population declining. It may be that the rental situation will ease even without these measures. ...I doubt it, though, because SB and the CA coast in general remain extremely desirable. It would be interesting to know about the rents in other California small cities; are they comparable or less?


 COMMENT 764631 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 03:19 PM

My landlord informed me that he was selling his home, so I lost mine. After looking for almost 2 months I finally secured a new place to live and just before I moved in my new landlord reneged. - She decided that she had "under-valued" the rental and either wants me to pay another $450-$500 per month or I can keep looking.

I will be homeless in 13 days.

What has happened to our society?


 COMMENT 764635 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 03:51 PM

As a renter, it is horrifying. Just wretched.

Hey homeowners - when did it become the norm for YOU to be entitled to having all of YOUR payments covered? When did it become the responsibility of the RENTER to cover YOUR mortgage and taxes?

How about you go out and get a job to support your own ownership, rather than expecting non-homeowners to SUBSIDIZE YOUR PURCHASE?


 COMMENT 764636 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 04:11 PM


If you're so bent, why didn't you get your stuff together and buy your own home? We do need to pay higher wages to the QUALITY people who work here so they can.



We need to stop the developers and re-adjust so that the cream-of-the-crop who contribute value to our town (across the spectrum) can thrive.


 COMMENT 764637 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 04:15 PM

635- If this were an investigation I would say you just made a major break in the case!!

I agree 1000% this madness needs to end or the city of Santa Barbara can kiss the entire service industry goodbye. Who will serve you when you've forced them all out?


 COMMENT 764639 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 04:30 PM

For years Santa Barbara rents were very low compared to LA, SF, and NYC. You folks had a great deal. Now rents are catching up to big city rents, which makes perfect sense. I always wondering why rents were so affordable here. The market is finally catching up. It always does.

Rent control is a nightmare that would make it even harder for young people to find housing.

Forget about it!


 COMMENT 764640P agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 04:30 PM

If a landlord bought the property several years ago, he might be able to offer reasonable rentals. If he bought it recently, his mortgage and other costs are so high that he has to charge high rents. Housing here just costs way too much, whether you are a buyer or a renter. Renters do need protection from abusive landlords, but we can't expect landlords to be philanthropists.


 COMMENT 764652 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 05:00 PM

639-LA= 400-500 square miles

SF= 232 square miles

NYC=468 square miles

Santa Barbara= 40 square miles!!!!!!!!

Us folks had a great deal? What are you talking about?

How the hell can you even compare 40 sq mi to LA, SF, NYC? We are tiny, NO the market is not "catching up" landlords are greedy. This is the beginning of the downfall of this town, just wait.


 COMMENT 764661 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 05:56 PM

You can thank the Fed for the housing bubble we are in. Artificially low interest rates caused by the historically low yield in government bonds has pushed capitalization rates so low which in turn drives up values on income properties. Also, people with cash looking for a better return than what they get from their bank on CD's and savings, but who don't want the risk of stocks have piled into the single-family housing rental market, again pushing up prices, thus pushing up rental rates.

Socialist Solution - Rent control, and make a new law mandating all single-family homes be owner occupied.

Capitalist Solution - Allow more residential development to increase supply and eventually find balance with demand.

Hey SB, pick your poison!


 COMMENT 764676 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-20 08:41 PM

I have rented my current apartment for 5 years now, paid almost 100k in rent so far. I try to help around the property, landscaped my own yard. Help other tenants with minor issues. And repaired problems in my own unit.

When I write my rent check, and deduct for my time and effort.

My landlord threatens to evict me for not paying the full amount, even though I told him/ discussed making repairs/ improvements.

So no, being a model tenant is not always the answer. An no, there is no "ownership suicide", there is greed though.

Just because I buy a car, paint it, put rims on it. Doesn't mean I can ask as much as a Ferrari costs when I sell it. It's still a 20yr old Toyota. And my apartment is still 60yrs old, with 15 coats of paint sealing the windows shut.


 COMMENT 764725 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-21 10:53 AM

@676, the landlord didn't hire you to do those things, so you don't get to deduct rent for your time and effort. Unless you come to an agreement, being difficult (in your own righteous way) will lead to eviction and perhaps a difficult time for you to find another willing landlord.


 COMMENT 764741 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-21 11:11 AM

Really the only solution here will be when the renters start moving out, which is happening more an dmore. Too bad it will be too late then. These landlords who want others to subsidize their decisions will be in an even worse predicament when they lose tenants or can't find any, then they will realize that they will have to do what they should have done long ago - sell if you can't afford it and move somewhere you can.


 COMMENT 764755 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-21 11:32 AM

Renters will never move out if they are coming here for school, 25,000 for UCSB and another 30,000 for SBCC. And they will live 4 to a bedroom for the few years that they are here. Add to that the loss of housing due to STRs and you have a perfect storm allowing landlords to make a killing. Hopefully they are paying their state taxes on the profits so at least the State is benefiting.

The service industry employees will move to Oxnard and Lompoc and join the army of commuters clogging up the freeway during rush hours. Have you noticed how the traffic improves when it rains? The service people get to take a day off!


 COMMENT 764769 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-21 12:22 PM

I'm all for rent control. I rent a small room in a house because I can't afford to pay rent for a whole apartment. I've been busting my butt for years writing poetry and find it nearly impossible to pay rent that way. You might say I'm unappreciated and undervalued. YES on rent control.


 CHACHA agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-21 02:32 PM

635, I'm sympathetic to you to a point. It's tough, and I mean this sincerely, that costs have gone up so much. Personally, I have put pretty much every dime into my house and rental, I have personally done the work to rebuild/improve a couple of homes over the last three decades--I have done bathrooms, laid tile and wood floors, drywalled, built decks, painted god knows how many times, borrowed money to pay for supplies, and paid a boatload of property tax for a long time all so that I can get to a point where I make money on my rental that adds to my quality of life. I don't jack up the rents on people, only raised rent once in ten years, by ten percent. I had a crazy tenant though, and didn't want to go through THAT again, so I went STR and I make some more money with that, and it's work, because I manage it and clean it and deal with people's requests 24/7--and where I am STRs are legal, so you can cap any comments on that right now. So, I'm not greedy, at least I don't think I am. Maybe you should stop for a minute and think about the kind of work that people have to put into buying a home in this area and not assume that everyone is jacking renters all the time.

If I do end up going LTR again someday, I won't be looking for the highest rent, I will be looking for quality people first and foremost. You can change your life if you want, figure out a communal living situation, find something further out, move, whatever it is, but your attitude is that of a victim. It's all up to you, ultimately.


 COMMENT 764842 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-21 03:54 PM

Chacha- Not providing LTR is considered jacking renters to me because you are taking away a potential home from somebody that works and lives here, this is part of the problem. I understand you have the right to do what you want with your owned home but if you can't see that you are adding to SB rental problem then it's not even worth arguing.

I can't believe some of the comments people make on here :(


 COMMENT 764857 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-21 04:38 PM

To 764769. It seems to me that writing poetry is a hobby not a job. I always made sure that I had a good job, did hobbies on the side. Thus I could afford to live and also contribute to the common good. .

This is an expensive town with public services that are very costly. Property taxes support many of these services and rentals help pay these taxes.

Of course, supply and demand is a big factor --especially in a town impacted by so much housing for out of town students.


 CHACHA agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-22 08:35 AM

842, you are correct that my decision to use my property as I wish, within the law, takes one LTR off the market--though I will say that is not an absolute as I may never return it to the marketplace, but may sell it. I just really don't want to have to deal with a crazy tenant calling me five times between 12-5 am.

Please explain to me why I should sacrifice my family's financial well being for yours.

Please explain to me in what way you sacrifice your financial well being for others.


 COMMENT 765042 agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-22 02:34 PM

Cha Cha- your answer explains just what kind of person you are, I feel sorry for you.


 CHACHA agree helpful negative off topic

2017-03-23 09:19 AM

042, thank you for your sympathy, that's very kind of you. Actually, I've had a tough go of it lately. About six weeks ago I was broadsided by a guy with no insurance. Totaled my car. Stupid insurance company knew they had me over a barrel so they lowballed me bigtime on the replacement cost of my car and I didn't have the time or resources to fight them. I really need to obtain a new car, I can't keep taking the bus to work because the schedule doesn't work for my shifts and I've been late. So, actually, I would really appreciate it if I can come and buy your car. I know that your car is worth about 10k, but I only have 5k, due to these terrible circumstances. But you will sell it to me at 5k and take the loss because I just can't afford to pay you what it's worth, I know you'll do it because you are a good person. I'll be by after work to pick up the car, okay?

See how that works?


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2017-03-23 11:31 AM

Cha cha- it's cool just give it up already. I get your type and don't like em one bit. Keep your Air Bnb or sell it or what ever. Doesn't change the fact that SB has a serious problem that you contribute to,you don't see it one bit and you never will. Your kind only has a few years left anyway and for the record my car is worth 13,000.

Peace. :)


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