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Local Stories by Local People
updated: Feb 17, 2009, 12:00 AM

By Citizen Journalist

I was just thinking about things that I used to love in SB that are gone now, like the Carnation at Calle Laureles or JC Penney on State Street. More recently, Firebird on Cota and Casa Blanca on State Street. Anyone else want to share some nostalgic memories?

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 COMMENT 21242 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 12:40 PM

Strange coincidence, I had just thought of how I miss Betty's Fabrics!


 COMMENT 21244 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 01:15 PM

More things than I can list.

Ott's and Hunt's China.

Woolworth's lunch counter.

Lou Rose Joseph Magnum I Magnum

When Robinson's was a good store

Tom's Toy's

Pino's in Goleta


 COMMENT 21245 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 01:26 PM

Char West on upper State. I know there is one on Sterns Wharf, but it never seemed the same.


 COMMENT 21247 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 01:33 PM

Pizza Luau!


 COMMENT 21248 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 01:40 PM

The Santa Barbara News-Press


 COMMENT 21249 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 01:42 PM

I miss the old hoagie / cheese steak stand at Batty's batting cage. They had the best Philly cheese steak I've ever tasted outside of Philadelphia.


 COMMENT 21250 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 01:43 PM

Italian Deli


Golf and Stuff

Bob's Big Boy

Pragmatic government


 COMMENT 21252 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 01:47 PM

P.S. They already did this on Craigslist Rants and Raves a few months ago, if you care to wade through the garbage to find it...


 COMMENT 21253 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 02:00 PM

Talk of the Town
The smell of the chinese stores on State Street
Morning Glory Music
The Gramaphone Shop
Les Belle Miche
ETC Director Robert Grande Weisse
Casa Sevilla Red Room
The El Encanto Hotel
Foreign movies at the Vic
No panhandlers on State Street
Biking safely
5 minutes to get anywhere and always find parking
Rose Cafe open to 4am

But......... there are also a lot of improvement I love like Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens, and Lotusland open to the public and the beautiful new art museum expansion, and the State Street re-landscaping
and Thai food, and Vietnamese food, Northern Italian food, and Indian food, and finally some good Mexican food. I don't mind losing the meat and potatoes town this used to be. And l love getting good fresh bread and good cheese and good imported foods and the Farmers's Markets and Tri-Counties and Magellens.

You can't miss the Italian Greek deli downtown, if you know about the Italian market on the Eastside - Dela Guerra Street. A gem. I support every mom and pop store I can, because those are the hardest to lose.


 COMMENT 21255 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 02:01 PM

The tea room at Robinson's

R.G.'s Giant Burgers

Ruth's gift store

That place where you could dress up in old-fashioned clothes and have your photo taken in Piccadilly Square.

I. Magnin


 COMMENT 21256 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 02:02 PM

The Earthling and feeling welcome there on a rainy day, near the fireplace (was there a fireplace or do I just imagine one, the memory playing tricks?)

and much else, including the old El Encanto, Somerset and Miramar bars, with friends now moved away.


 COMMENT 21257 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 02:10 PM

Rover: Chinese on State reminded me of Kowloons...last good bowl of egg drop soup I've ever had.

Also, if you can remember a time when State wasn't full of "panhandlers", you're a lot older than me...There was a time when it was scary to walk lower State..I guess not everything gets worse over time...


 GOLFERRW agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 02:38 PM

Football at UCSB-Go Gauchos


 COMMENT 21259 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 03:08 PM

The Ice Patch
Sonny's Pizza
Andrea's Seafood
Rocky Galenti's


 COMMENT 21263 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 04:44 PM

I miss Fresh Choice on State Street. Not the most reasonable place, but healthy, comfortable and casual.


 COMMENT 21270 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 05:49 PM

Does anyone remember the name of that teeny, tiny restaurant (didn't have tables; you sat at the counter and ate) on Anapamu? The Blue Bird Cafe came later and was next door to it. It was run by an old Chinese man. I used to go there for breakfast in the early 70's.


 COMMENT 21273 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 06:40 PM

Loop's (lloyd's doesn't count)
California Theater
Wood's Love Pit, I mean Love's Wood Pit
Farmer Boy Rest... Wait!


 COMMENT 21276 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 06:59 PM

Copper Coffee Pot, Newberry's, Harwin Jewelers


 COMMENT 21279 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 07:29 PM

Laguna Park, Fiesta Bowl, San Marcos Lanes, All American Sporting Goods, Blue Onion, H Salt Esq. Routh's Candies


 COMMENT 21280 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 07:44 PM

Charlotte Cafe, Little Audrey's, New York Hero House (in I.V.).


 COMMENT 21281 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 08:01 PM

Head of the Wolf
The Epicurean
Frimples with the wallabies
Copper Coffee Pot
The Woolworth counter
Little Audrey's
The Ice Patch
The Earthling and its fireplace
Aloha burger and its thunderstorm machine and aloha criss-cross fries
The criss cross fries at RG's
Morningglory Music
Picadilly Square
Rocky Galenti's
and a time when lower State Steet didn't look like a ghetto ghost town


 STUCKONBATHST agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 08:26 PM

Woolworth's Lunch counter for grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee

Texas Lunch on lower State



Blue Bird Cafe

the original Joe's

Tobacco World


that club on lower state - Joeseppes - sorry can't remember the spelling


Bay Rex Drug Store


 COMMENT 21283 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 09:59 PM

Undersea Gardens aquarium in the Santa Barbara Harbor


 COMMENT 21285 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-16 10:32 PM

Oh...to add two more:
Bass Ackwards and Peppers

Oh..man...memories of white polyester suits are flooding back.


 COMMENT 21289 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 06:01 AM

Jimmy O's!!!!!!!!!!!


 COMMENT 21292 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 06:54 AM

The Popcorn Man, Everett Nicholin, at the foot of Stearn's Wharf;
The dairy where the Sears is now;
The Blue Onion;
Laguna Park;
The SB Dodgers;
The old bleachers at Pershing Park;
Jumping off the Navy Pier in SB Harbor.


 COMMENT 21296 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 07:08 AM

Betty's Fabrics

Bernardo's ice cream

The sweets counter at Sears


Little Audrey's

Ice Patch and Golf and Stuff

San Marcos Bowl

Goleta drive-in movies at the swap meet

loved the criss-cut fries at RJ's

Can't recall the name, but there was a french-style deli in the Calle Real shopping center during they daytime, at night it was Korean bbq.

JR's BBQ!!!!


 COMMENT 21297 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 07:11 AM

Speaking of the foot of Stearn's Wharf, can anyone recall of the name of the woman in the 70s and 80s who used to roller skate there with disco music? She used to also skate in the summer solstice parade. Pretty much my childhood hero.


 COMMENT 21302 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 07:56 AM

Broom's Burgers on Anapamu where the County office building is now. "Sweep away that hungry feeling". You have to be a real old time local to remember this place.


 COMMENT 21303 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 07:56 AM

Reading thru these I realize how many I've forgotten - especially the good eats - Little Audreys, Epicurean, and the best bargain in town, the Woolworth's counter.

But I really miss the ant on the Granada.


 COMMENT 21304 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 08:07 AM

Bray's 101 Restaurant

All of the Avocado/lemon/Orange/Walnut groves that have been paved over

Mulaney's motocross track

Butch's Bultaco motorcycle shop

Valley Music - Gary Hueur was awesome!

Mac'c Goleta Schwinn/Mac's Cycles - Glenn Hallam/Merlin Humphries/John Zumsteg/John Mooy/Steve Deckater/Jim Miller/Paul LaTour/John Purdie/Bob (?)/

Bicycle motocross/speedway in the empty buildings that are now the fairview Shopping center

Riding our bikes off the high-dive at DP and SM high schools at midnight during Santa Ana winds!

Drag racing on Ward....

Twin Screen drive in craziness

Airport Drive-in craziness!!

4:30am SB New-Press paper route on Sundays

Old San Marcos rd. friday nights

When Sheriff deputies were actually cool and treated people with respect. If they caught you doing something stupid, they'd put you in the car and take you home for your Old Man to deal with!!

When you couldn't do anything stupid because it was still such a small town that by the time you got home your Mom was waiting for you and was pissed!! Some neighbor somewhere saw you doing whatever it was you were doing wrong and called your folks before you even had a chance to tell your friends that you blew up that mailbox......... [ more ]


 COMMENT 21309 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 08:43 AM

Greek Italian Deli subs
Ethnic festivals at Oak Park (only 2 left now)
The old Bowling Alley by the Medical Center
The skate park/miniature golf place where the car dealerships are now.
The really old skating rink on Haley St.
The Ice Patch on the Mesa
Jimmy's Oriental Gardens
Char West on State St.
La Sumida on State St.
Learned Hardware Store
Piccadilly Square - don't really miss this but I do remember it
Andera's - hated having to shop here as a child but it makes the list as a childhood memory.
Betty's Fabrics
Beverly's Fabrics
The old Post Office Plant on Fairview
The stop lights on the Freeway - someone was just telling me how they used to keep them red if someone was running from the law.
Casa Blanca
The old Pepe's on Calle Real in Goleta
Bray's 101
Marianne's Italian Villa


 COMMENT 21311 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 08:54 AM

Newberry's at State and Canon Perdido


 COMMENT 21313 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:13 AM

the pony rides by the beach


 COMMENT 21321 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:25 AM

San Marcos lanes Bowling


 COMMENT 21324 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:33 AM

The Earthling
My 16 year old self


 COMMENT 21325 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:39 AM

Lots of repeats here, including Frimples, Little Audreys, Woolworths, Earthling, Ott's Old Town Mall, Jimmy's Chinese, Nan King Gardens, Bray's 101 (even Good Earth)...but what about the stores and huge restaurant/gift shop out in Gaviota....Sunburst Farms? :)


 COMMENT 21326 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:40 AM

McBurley's (cheese fries).
ROMA in IV with their cranberry scones hot out of the over,and pitchers of microbrew for happy hour.
My Dad.


 COMMENT 21327 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:41 AM

The candy counter at Sears where one could get bulk jelly beans and popcorn. TGY in Loreto Plaza for fabric, candy and other sundries. Calle Laureles and State Steet where Brown's Pharmacy, Jordano's Market and Pertersen's Drive-In were all located.

The roller rink on West Gutierrez, the chili burgers, malts and fries at the San Ysidro Pharmacy coffee shop.

Escargot at the Olive Mill Bistro


 COMMENT 21328 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:42 AM

I miss the 1129 on State, back in the day (late 80's-early 90's) when the restaurant was cooking and the courtyard had live music. Such a beautiful building/courtyard, so many great memories.

I miss the Earthling.

I miss Pure Gold -- great vintage stuff.

I miss Gisella's Trattoria, they made the best penne arrabiata and their pizza was divine.

I also miss the east asian market place (the name, if it had one, escapes me) behind lot 10, though it was short-lived. I got a beautiful 4 panel carved mango wood room divider screen from them, on the cheap! Where did they go??


 COMMENT 21331 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:44 AM

Betty's was the best.


 COMMENT 21332 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:48 AM

Just a few of my former favorite things .... W Tomkins' radio show, "Santa Barbara Yesterdays"; the Laurel of San Marcos (magnificent 90' tall tree which stood in the center of Old San Marcos Rd near #1066; and the cat colony at Hendry's Beach. For dining, remember Cattlemen's Restaurant on Upper State with its long salad bar, J.K. Frimple at Valerio and weekly take-out fish 'n chips from Castognola's, great Mexican food at Montecito's Casa Linda and Miramar dining, then there was the historic Big Yellow House in Summerland. On the Mesa, we miss the handy County Lumber (and, while only gone a few months, Heidi's and the Post Office). In conclusion, shed a nostalgic tear for the bygone days of Thrifty's famous nickel ice cream cones!!


 COMMENT 21334 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:59 AM

Slant parking on State Street and interesting one-of-a-kind shops that weren't owned by millionaires or corporations.


 COMMENT 21335 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 10:00 AM

Oh yeah....Azuma: the Green Roll ruled!

Pavlako's on Milpas. Great eggs. Killer Monte Cristo.

Esau's on State. The new one on Chapala is subpar. Thank gawd for Esau's in Carp.

MOSTLY MISSED: The Footnote*. Hands down the best shoe store SB has ever seen. Saks and Nordy's can't hold a candle.


 COMMENT 21339 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 10:17 AM

Second votes for: The Footnote*, I Magnins, J Magnins, the old Robinson's, Betty's Fabrics

Jr. Shoetown

the Greek deli on lower State Street

old Pier One before they began dying

real toy stores for kids: Kernohan's is great but it was nice to have more choices too: Tom's Toy World, the shop at Santa Claus Lane

the seasonal bargain book store near Michael's Crafts in Goleta


 COMMENT 21342 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 10:31 AM

Jimmy's! And Joe's before Gene got ahold of it. Hunt's China, Pelch and Son's, the popcorn wagon at the foot of the pier, Southwicks, Nanking, and the 2 little old ladies with the dry goods store across from the granada. The fabrics at Kress's basement.


 COMMENT 21343 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 10:32 AM

And Aloha Burger!


 COMMENT 21349 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 11:12 AM

Frank's Rice Bowl on lower State.

Aloha Burger - the best in town!

Earthing Bookstore (the first one on Victoria where you could also get lunch).


 COMMENT 21350 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 11:21 AM

The two-person seats in the Granada balcony.


 COMMENT 21351 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 11:22 AM

The Akron! (as long as we are also discussing Whole Foods on the other thread)


 COMMENT 21352 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 11:27 AM

The strawberry man on the Mesa (whose strawberry fields are now SBCC West Campus).


 COMMENT 21358 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 11:56 AM

Aloha Burger with its Water Fall Wall!


 COMMENT 21359 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 12:08 PM

The Good Earth restaurants


 COMMENT 21360 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 12:14 PM

The kid's wading pool at Oak Park...
The Old-Time dances at Oak Park on Sunday afternoons with the lady that played the drums and saxophone...
Mr. Kindred, the janitor at Garfield Elementary School - Pelch & Sons, The Onion, Cruising State after school - flying home in time for Beanie & Cecil and American Bandstand.
Johnny Rubino, the bus driver on the route from West Beach to Cottage Hospital. The Plunge at West Beach, and Sunseri Brothers across the street, for the best hamburgers in the world for 25cents. The motorcycle racetrack at the lemon house off 101. Watching Sunday races with riders such as Swede Belin, the Harley dealer, Bob Mullaney, the BSA dealer, Tony Rios; Irish Ducker, and Alora and George Walsh.
The Rollercade on W. Gutierrrez with Vivian Smith playing the organ ... the Goodnight Sweetheart last skate.
Fiesta !! Skip Shalhoob on his famous horse Princess Shaminette. Leo Carrillo - the Bride and Groom - the Vegetable Man, the Camarillo Sisters, and of course, the SBHS Marching Band. Football games at Peabody Stadium - dances at the Rec afterwards. Rooting for the Santa Barbara Dodgers and Hollywood Stars at Laguna Park, and going to the Mission Theater to see Cantinflas with my girl friend and her mother, then to the Paloma Cafe on lower State afterwards. Petan's Dairy after school for cokes, and tomato fights at Kelley's Corners on Friday nights. Oh, finally, Revellie with Beverly, and M. Fredricks, M. Fredricks, that wonderful store.....


 COMMENT 21362 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 12:37 PM

The miniature golf place on West Mason Street and Lincoln Elementary School.


 COMMENT 21365 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 01:10 PM

I was just thinking of The Akron. It was definitely before it's time!

London Britches to buy hip huggers and bell bottoms (that was even before Korb's Trading Post)


 COMMENT 21366 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 01:13 PM

Former SBgal - YES! my favorite miniature golf place.

Also, the Kon Tiki miniature golf course that wraooed around the gas station at State and La Cumbre.

And Kelly's Korner Market!


 COMMENT 21367 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 01:14 PM

wraooed = wrapped.

I must have done a Victor Borge on my keyboard.


 COMMENT 21368 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 01:16 PM



 COMMENT 21371 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 01:41 PM

Many great ones mentioned. Tip of the hat to Little Audrey's (our old KIST Hdq.); Somerset and the old El Paseo; Woolworth counter; Greek Deli; Original Joe's; Ott's and Robinson's; Jordano's Markets; Talk of The Town; My old KIST radio gang. Several others come to mind!!


 COMMENT 21373 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 01:47 PM

I regret that the one experience my wife and I had at Talk of the Town, nearly 30 years ago, was pretty awful. We got indifferent service and mediocre food (the worst, driest duck I have ever had). This flies in the face of every review, personal or in print, we have ever heard or read, so I figure it was a fluke. I wish we could have experienced the restaurant so many remember fondly.

My favorite duck? Dutch Gardens in the here and now!!


 COMMENT 21375 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 01:56 PM

Forgot to mention the old Jasper's when it was in the Fairview Shopping Center and a place I worked at as a teen -- T.G. & Y (at the present site of Bed, Bath & Beyond).


 COMMENT 21378 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 02:56 PM

For those of you keeping score, the Earthling Bookstore has been mentioned most (7 times). In second place is the lunch counter at Woolworths (6 times). Here is the list of the top vote getters:

7 - Earthling

6 - Woolworth's Counter.
5 - Little Audrey's

4 - Aloha Burger

4 - Greek Deli

4 - Jimmy's Oriental Gardens

4 - Old Robinson's

4 - San Marcos Lanes

3 - Betty's Fabrics

3 - Bray's 101

3 - I. Magnin
3 - Ice Patch

3 - Laguna Park

3 - Original Joe's

3 - Ott's

3 - Talk Of The Town


 COMMENT 21380 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 03:04 PM

FWIW - Pelch got 3 also...


 EDONE agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 03:29 PM

Edhat, October 2006


 COMMENT 21394 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 04:35 PM

Talk of the Town for escargot and baked alaska! FedMart - where I bought my first LP and stole my first pack of gum. Dime (?) cones at Thriftys on Fairview - easy walk there from GVJHS. Ice Patch on the Mesa. Betty's Fabrics. Was it Penny's where the shoes were in the basement and the saleslady had a super raspy/smoker's voice? Bob's Big Boy. Ballet with the Hamlins in Old Town Goleta, Nutcracker every year. Orchid Bowl, but also bummed about San Marcos Lanes. Both Goleta drive-in movie places. H. Salt Fish. Jasper's in Fairview center. There was a little restaurant next to the Post Office that was behind Thriftys in the University Center my mom would take me to for french fries after getting my braces tightened, she liked the owner lady and would get coffee and chat... Can't remember the name. Candy counter at Sears.

Not really adding anything not mentioned except the Hamlins... What was the name of their school? Travolta practiced a couple of times on the late 70s or early 80s?


 COMMENT 21395 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 04:46 PM

How funny! A few of us old native santabarbrians were just asking ourselves this same question. We miss Petersens Famous Hickory Burger, The Twin Burger on De La Vina and Char West! Does anyone remember Murphy's Pride Bar B Que Sauce? A local family made a fantastic sauce!


 COMMENT 21413 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 05:54 PM

how about Bonanza on upper State where Denny's is now or Pancho Villa or Swanson's Ice Cream (home of the Earthquake sundae!) We can't forget the Jolly Tiger- best restaurant ever! The original tiger striped barrel is still in front of Spudnuts on upper State.
Espresso Roma Cafe, State Arcade/State Theater, Mission Theater, Casablanca Mexican food, the pet store on lower State that had the baboon in the back (scared the crap out of me every time I walked by!)
The Horse and Flower Show at Earl Warren
Dancing to Crucial DBC at Borsodie's in IV on Saturday night The Fromex photo stand where TJ's is on De La Vina


 COMMENT 21414 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 06:03 PM

MOUSSE ODILE, on Cota...and Odile's Quatorze Juillet celebrations

THE TEA HOUSE, on Canon Perdido


AZUMA, on State then Figueroa

THE CHASE (the OLD Chase, on State)


 COMMENT 21416 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 06:17 PM

the Solstice murals that were on the building at Anapamu and State before Copelands moved in...and the photo booth that used to be in front of that storefront, as well...i think that's the old Woolworth's location, right? (across from SBMA)...and the mural of famous authors that was inside when that location was a bookstore


 COMMENT 21417 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 06:24 PM

Road races at the Santa Barbara Airport, the original Borsodi's in IV, the room in the back of the Head Shop in IV, Shady Acres and Kon Tiki miniature golf, and perhaps most of all the small hill that is now a flat parking lot near Los Banos. And, of course, the best hickory burger ever at Petersen's at Calle Laureles and State. I was such a regular that when the cook saw my car pull into the parking lot he put my burger on the grill.


 COMMENT 21420 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 06:43 PM

Lou Rose, Children's Shop, M. Fredericks (ooh, alpaca sweaters!), Fish 'n' Chips across from the plunge), the hamburgers at Hendry's Beach, Vior's Italian bread, the way old Harbor Restaurant with the piano guy (before it burned down), the Green Gables for prom, The Silver Spur Restaurant. Climbing over the fence before the road went down to Ledbetter Beach; taking the "winding road" (Victoria hairpin turn) downtown before Carrillo hill went through; playing hide and seek in the weeds before Shoreline Park was built. . . aaahh, Santa Barbara middle class life!


 EDONE agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 06:45 PM

"the mural of famous authors that was inside when that location was a bookstore"

That mural was moved to the library at Santa Barbara High.


 BECKY agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 07:26 PM

The ice cream shop that was on State St. (near De la Guerra plaza walk-through). I can't remember the name, but the hot fudge sauce was incredible. And Betty's, Ott's, the old funky Chinese restaurants, Azuma, Shoetown, misc toy shops (Mr. Socko!), the Vic & Riviera for cool movies, Colony Prime Rib, El Paseo when it was fancy food, The Flight Line (best drinks in Goleta, where Elephant Bar is now), inexpensive 5&dime stores like FedMart, TG&Y, ...


 COMMENT 21425 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 07:27 PM

This is bringing back such great memories! How about where you can buy a good instrument, Bonnie Langley (where Fresh Choice was), slammers at the Longbar, Shandor motors (next to railroad tracks),Bennett's music, YMCA at corner of Carrillo & Chapala, Jimmy's Oriental Gardens, El Paseo during the fiestas, first movie w/o parents - the California Theater (across from Nordstrom's), seeing the 10 Commandments at the Fox Arlington when it still said Fox on the spire!; I saw my last movie at the State Theater - FIST w/ Sylvester Stallone (before the earthquake) - the theater was across from the Granada. Links, burger joint where Carlito's is. The lunch counter at Thrifty's at Five Points..... ok see how many of you remember some of this!


 COMMENT 21426 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 07:32 PM

Nobody missed Paul Bhalla's (next to the Arlington) or the Bagel Bakery? (across the street from Pep Boys -- oops that's gone too). I worked in both in the 1980s. Also miss the State Street Thrift Shops, J. Michaels, Club Iguana, Cancun Cantina $1 margaritas, Rocky's, and ditto to the Aloha Burger!


 COMMENT 21434 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 09:06 PM

Thought of more...Pelch & Son - tackle shop (where State & A is now), Atkins Hobby Shop on Anapamu, Kelly's Corner, Kress Dept Store...SB Roller Rink (where SB Roasting Coffee is now). Hap Hazard's Bicyle Shop where they fixed a flat tire for free!!


 COMMENT 21444 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 10:53 PM

How about the old clothing stores of the 80's -- Changes I and II, Rumors, Diane's (La Cumbre Plaza where Pottery Barn is now)and Arabesque? Pure Gold and Yellowstone for vintage. Gary Paul. Oh, and Dembemski's out in Isla Vista.

Serranito's flautas in I.V. Mongolian Barbeque near the Arlington. Scandi's All You Can Eat.

What about Teaser's. And the Feedstore. Who remembers FUBAR?


 COMMENT 21451 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-17 11:44 PM

G. Williker (now Karpeles Manuscript)


 COMMENT 21455 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-18 12:29 AM

(Las Positas) Friendship Park

Bikepaths at UCSB

Francisco Torres (esp before keg ban)

Goleta Target


 COMMENT 21479 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-18 08:57 AM

Ice cream shop on state by de la guerra plaza walkway was called Tommys. I would play pinball there.


 COMMENT 21503 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-18 11:40 AM

State Street Arcade.


 COMMENT 21524 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-18 04:18 PM

to KNITALIFE: "Scandi's All You Can Eat.

What about Teaser's. And the Feedstore. Who remembers FUBAR?"

I remember ALL of those! Great list! Also, Borsodi's in I.V. and when Yellowstone and Morninglory were there, Skip's Pizza, Merlin's Bookshop, and the Falafal stand where Freebird's is now. Can't remember the name of the cool little restaurant in I.V. across from where the Greek Church is now.


 COMMENT 21532 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-18 06:34 PM

I really miss Ten-Riki in Montecito and Pasta 101 in IV.

(I never went to FUBAR but, if that was a bar on lower State, it is a great name for one.)


 COMMENT 21553 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-19 07:56 AM

The original library with the cool patio murals of Don Quixote !


 COMMENT 21577 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-19 10:33 AM

Jolly Tiger
Bonanza Pancho Villa
Swanson's Ice Cream (Earthquake Sundae!)

La Cumbre Plaza when they had local stores (Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!)
the Sears candy counter
Howard Johnson's

The pet store on lower State with the baboon in the back

Mom's Italian Restaurant


 COMMENT 21584 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-19 10:55 AM

How about Don Vito's Spaghetti Syndicate (at Fairview and Hollister)?


 COMMENT 21601 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-19 12:55 PM

THANKS for the news about the mural's new home at SBHS, Ed...very cool!


 COMMENT 21615 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-19 11:01 PM

We're missing one of my all time favorites, the Sea Cove restaurant at Leadbetter beach (now Shoreline Cafe) - live jazz every night under the stars and great food at a reasonable price. Agree on the Earthling! Aloha, CharWest on upper State with the fabulous boysenberry milkshakes, 5 cent cones at Thrifty's at Fairview, horse stables and big red barn at Devereaux, the RollerRink on Hollister (and the old rink downtown and the Ice Patch). How about Mesa Lane steps before there were stairs to the beach...


 COMMENT 21616 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-19 11:55 PM

Another vote for Petersons/Carnation on upper state, Bands at La Casa and the Red barn, The Habit when I could get the chiliburger without driving to Goleta. The hay rides the Hope Ranch stables would have and the apple cider they served.
Golf Funs skatepark, Golden Eagle Billiards, and both Brays 101 and the Good Earth as well as the Philadelphia House before the painted cave fire burned it down. Casa Blanca open late on state after the bars.
All of the old Sambos but there is still the one at the beach which is much better now and Farmer Boy is still there where my parents would take us for Sunday Breakfast.
The piano bar at the Miramar (was it Al Green?)
Papagallos at De La Guerra Plazas food and then dancing there during Fiesta.
Hot Spots which is coming back and Rockys (in the '90s which isnt)


 COMMENT 21642 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-20 03:59 PM


Persian Arts, Kong's and PS Ltd...all were in the 1100 block of State

The original location of Jeannine's Bakery, on Carrillo just off of State


 SARAH agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-20 09:33 PM

Bray's 101
I. Magnin.
Picadilly Square
THE MIRAMAR!!!!!!!!!


 SARAH agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-20 09:53 PM

Oh, and I remember Fubar and the wet teeshirt contest.


 COMMENT 21685 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-21 11:25 PM

In Goleta: What about Hobey Bakers?! Pat's Grass Shack, Two Guys

In SB: Pacific Coast Dance Company (PCDC), The Hughes, Lerners, Castagnola's, The Long Bar, Standard Brands, Jordano's, Atkins Crafts, Kaiser's

In IV: Sun and Earth Restaurant, The Bank of America, The Head Shop,


 COMMENT 21704 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-02-22 07:20 PM

Does anyone remember a place called Petersfields (I think that was the name) on De La Vina in the downtown area? I want to say it was near where the Upham is. Also Brandon's Restaurant behind Ott's Mall and there was a pizza place back there too.


 COMMENT 22184 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-03-02 04:39 PM

I'm a little behind, having been out of town, but this list is fantastic. Whenever I thought of something as I was reading, I'd find it in the next entry. I remember everything (as EMASSB asked who would). How about the stationery store on State - was it Bennett's, or was that another store? Blake's. I can't remember. I often want to have a map of State with "what was" in the 60s and every other decade, compared to "what is" now. It's hard to remember it all.


 COMMENT 22345 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-03-05 01:31 PM

Anyone remember Schaefer's Market on W. Micheltorena, near San Andres St.? In 1965 when I was 6 years old, we lived about 3 blocks from this little market. It had a wood framed screen door, green. Loved walking over there because of their candy counter (Pixie Stix!). :)


 COMMENT 22442 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-03-08 09:19 AM

Anyone remember the only-at-fiesta-time enchiladas made by a local family that you would pick up and take home and bake with their secret sauce that was the best you ever had?


 COMMENT 22751 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-03-13 11:34 AM

Two already mentioned that were my fav . . FUBAR in Goleta . . . I practically lived at that place.
Hobey Baker's in Goleta . . . my second home after FUBAR.


 COMMENT 23271 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-03-22 01:39 AM

We were in bands back in late 70's and played Pat's Grass Shack, FUBAR, and on lower State....George's....probably too hardcore for most....We were Slammer and the Flyz.....played with the Rotters, Keene White, the Tan, Kid Bastard, the Dumps


 COMMENT 26248 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-04-30 12:33 PM

The Fiesta Bowl, purple cow on Milpas, The Headband, The Cordels.


 COMMENT 33710 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-08-06 04:22 PM

Oh my Gosh, this site makes me SMILE at the memories!How about Pioneer Chicken, Chicken Delight, The Chili Factory, Kelly's Corner, DJs Burgers on Fairview, Heidi's Pies, Fed Mart and before that Two Guys where you bought your groceries inside and drove around back to pick them up! Pay Less Drugs, Nippers in Montecito, Philadelphia House, Fazios , Sprouce Ritz, The Falls bar on Modoc, Remars in La Cumbra Plaza, Magic Lantern Theater in IV, Surf N Wear Builders Emporium.I remember the monkey in the pet shop on lower state too her name was Cinderella and she was mean as crap.


 COMMENT 38004 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-09-20 07:51 AM

Head of the Wolf
El Presidente
Pelican's Wharf
Olive Mill Bistro
Picadilly Square
Lapis Lazuland
Good Earth downton
Peppers disco
Baba's Falafel Stand
Who remembers where any of these were located? Where was Peppers?


 COMMENT 39472 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-10-01 09:47 PM

Pizza Luau they put sangria in the sauce. Aloha Burger- Gordo Burger with side of fried rice. The place on DeLaVina that made enchiladas during Fiesta only. ElNayarit-best chile rellenos ever. The # 22 at Casa Blanca. Pitcher night at Pat's Grass Shack. The Fubar.


 COMMENT 40570 agree helpful negative off topic

2009-10-11 08:13 PM

San Andres Pharmacy, Foster's Freeze on Micheltorena, Fiesta Pak Gifts. The pet shop on State St next to Little Audrey's


 COMMENT 92870 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-26 05:52 PM

Wow, great thread - really brings back the memories!

Here are some of mine:

Marble Season @ Roosevelt School
Lincoln School
The Mission Jumps
Nomura Racing (on DeLaVina & Alamar)
The BMX track at Stove Grove Park in Goleta
The Star Wars Mural on Mission & Chapala
The Andromeda Book Shop (in DeLaGuerra Plaza)
The State Arcade
The Time & Space Arcade (on Milpas)
Camp Lorr
The Earthling Bookstore
Kayser's (Home of the Hercules Flip)
Walter's Grill (on Anapamu)
Texas Twin Burger (on DeLaVina)
Club Iguana
The Noise Chamber
Giovanni's downtown
Castle Music
Sound Advice
Pure Gold


 COMMENT 92872P agree helpful negative off topic

2010-07-26 05:55 PM

Someone told me the other day that Fresco in Five Points used to be Bernardo's ice cream. Is that true?


 COMMENT 106082 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-09-18 02:23 PM

Santa Barbara Cinnamon Roll on Cabrillo


 COMMENT 125235 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-12-02 08:49 AM

Wow, I had no idea this site existed. As a 1970 graduate from SBHS, I remember the town as it was in those days. The places I miss the most:
W.T. Bennett Music, The Book Den, Westin Camera, Valley Music, Hamburger Habit, Italia Pizzeria, Mom's Italian Village, Castagnolas, Deano's Pizza, Santa Barbara Cyclery (Bought my first Raleigh 10-speed $69!!), The White House, Dunall's - I could go on and on and on.


 COMMENT 125255 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-12-02 09:31 AM

Mousse Odile
Victoria Street Theater
The Bakery (across from the Sunken Gardens)
The Good Earth (downtown one only)
Piccadilly Square
Solstice Mural on the side of Woolworth's
Gervasoni's (beautiful xmas decorations !)
The "original" small Earthling Books w/tea room in back
Crown Books
Flapper Alley (great dance floor)

Very grateful Paradise Cafe is still the same great place :)


 COMMENT 127824 agree helpful negative off topic

2010-12-15 07:06 AM

Left off Earthling and most others already mentioned above

Sparks Skatepark
The Bayou (skate ditch near Calle Real)
Fly Bowl
The Green Room, The Game Room, Video Madness, Magic Lantern Theater, NY Hero House, Pizza Bob’s (IV)
Game O’ Rama, Andromeda Bookshop, Noah’s Arcade (El Mercado)
The Lilly Pad, Jasper’s and Italia Pizzeria (Fairview)
Rockpile Records, Sunburst Farms, The Maya Restaurant, Roland’s Nugget (Goleta)
Music Galaxy, Carl’s Toys, another Maya Restaurant (5 Points)
State Arcade

The orchards that used to be everywhere in Goleta, punk shows at the Red Barn and La Casa de la Raza, the Christmas displays at Gervasoni's My Florist. I remember going in there when I was a kid. It was like stepping into another world.

Thanks for bringing back some memories and happy holidays!


 SBARTS agree helpful negative off topic

2011-03-15 08:31 PM

The Greek Restaurant where we broke dishes in the early 70's, Casey Jones, Scientology on State and De La Guerra and Randy Cooperstones Grill in Montecito.


 FLICKA agree helpful negative off topic

2011-05-09 05:10 PM

292 and 360 are in my league, remember really old things in SB. It was surprising to see Brooms recalled, where they made great grilled cheese sandwiches. Brooms, made into characters, were drawn on the walls. How about Pershing Park Showgrounds, before the new one, Earl Warren. Or the Signal Cafe on the highway, before it became a freeway. Alot has changed, not necessarily for the better.


 COMMENT 171586 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-05-09 06:08 PM

Everything. from the late 40's and 50's.


 COMMENT 171815 agree helpful negative off topic

2011-05-10 11:22 AM

Crusing State Street and missing the grate infront of the News Press. The chili dog stand across from the Fox Arlington. Otts Hardware to list Bridal Registry Items. The California Theatre. JImmy's Oriental Restaurant, the old Joe's. Frank's Rice Bowl.
Dancing on State Street during Fiesta. Crossing 101 Highway at Michletorena with no lights. The Somerset piano bar. Fishing off Sterns wharf. Santa Barbara Catholic HIgh School.


 COMMENT 522405 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-26 08:27 PM

Loved reading these old memories. Glad to know someone remembers Broom Burgers. They had pictures of Gaucho sports on the walls. Loved the burgers and fries. And a real old timer remembered cruising State to De la Guerra Plaza and missing the grate in front of Newspress....oh yeah did that a lot. How about in the 40s jumping on slow moving freight trains as they headed west past Mission St. We would ride for a block or less and jump off.


 COMMENT 539266 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-07-25 07:43 AM

Petersens hickory burger (the BEST! Great onion rings too)
Char West on upper State
The Ice Patch on the Mesa (late night hangout!)
Rocky's ..... San Marcos bowl
Green chip/blue chip stamps redemption center (Las Positas/San Andreas).... Remember saving those stamps from the grocery store? You'd paste them in stamp books and then use those books to buy things from the catalog? It was great for us kids... The Feed Store
Pony rides at the beach
The Copper Coffee Pot
The 101 when it had stop lights and you could walk across the freeway ... Remember all the hitchhikers who used to hitch rides there?
When practically every corner of downtown State had a bank building
When lower State was a bad area that was very sketchy
Bob's Big Boy
Kimo's Polynesian shop on State (loved the "Hawaiian vibe" and especially the gardenia perfume!)
I liked SB when it was a simpler, sleepier place. It's still beautiful but there was a slower pace then.


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