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Scanner Reports 8-8-14
updated: Aug 08, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Thank the Good Dog it's FRYday. I'd say Happy FRYday, but I think KEYT is gonna say that. I started my walking but did way too much the first day. It's scary how quick this arthritis came on. I can't help to think the bug bites had something to do with it also. I haven't seen the specialist yet, haven't heard back from the clinic. Heard on the news West Nile has killed 2 people in Northern California. Time to check your properties for standing water. That is what helps mosquitos become infected with disease. Avon used to put out a skin crème that was good for keeping the bugs away. Does anyone know if it's still on the market? It did not smell like repellent either. I just remember hearing about it years ago.

I had a test yesterday on the walking away from a potential fight. I was walking toward this guy on the way home and he was yelling at me; passive/aggressive type, the kinda person you know but wish you didn't. Macho in your face screaming like his manhood depended on making you look like his prey. As I walked toward him my legs felt like two ton weights so I doubt I'd be able to use my feet to trip him defensively if I had to. I've had to stand up to this guy several times before. He has one of those hot tempers where if you don't have the right look on your face he thinks you're hostile toward him and he goes for the kill. I think the answer is to walk around with a huge smile on your face all the time no matter how bad you feel so not to offend anyone. Of course then you have to worry about those people who think you're laughing at them. Maybe I should get my brows done so I look pissed off all the time. It was like always, he greeted me from far away but the closer he got the meaner he became till we were almost toe to toe. He had a black eye and the left side of his head swollen a bit. Suddenly he pointed at the injury and yelled so people on State Street could hear, "I'm a miracle! yeaaaaa Frac-tured Skull and I'm still here, How do you like me now?!" I must have not been smiling exactly the right way because he said it again and got closer. I thought I might have to do something and stepped back looking toward Milpas. I noticed a SBPD car slowly cruising by, "Oh what timing you have" I thought, turning back to the screamer. "Yea how do you like me now!" As if I was the one who punched him. Believe me I was kinda thinking about it, but instead I said "That's very Nice." Smiled like I didn't understand English and walked away. He was yelling as I walked away but it was ok I kept walking. I don't think it helps him much that he kinda resembles an angry Red Buttons; it's kinda hard not to laugh. I passed the test walking away, my test anyway.

Another test dieting somewhat. I eat a lot always have but now I'm eating a lot of good food when I went to Trader Joes this month I bought 20 firm tofus, organic wheat pasta, skinless chicken breasts, and chicken sausages. I got other things too. Oh yea 26 bags of frozen veggies. My doctor told me I got 6 weeks to lose weight or he's going to call the police on me and they will make me take the meds.? I didn't think they cared. Kinda scary when you think about it. I hate taking pills when I was a kid I was forced to take them, The Good Stuff; Thorazine, Mellaril, other Anti psycho meds. I was not psycho I was just Angry. Who wouldn't be physical and sexual abuse? Lots of children were misdiagnosed way back then in the 60's-70's I believe. Parents who shouldn't have been parents dumped their children into psyche wards by the thousands and many were so affected they never came back. I think many of our Homeless were once children that experienced this way of life. Now they live Lost and homeless on the streets addicted to lobotomy pills. That's my opinion anyway.

Here is your Scanner Roni Reports, Wednesday:

  • Early in the morning SBPD was on a group near the RR Tracks and Anapamu.
  • Fire call assist Elderly Garden Court 1116 DLV.
  • Tan RV & Marooned vehicle smoking marijuana in the 1200 Block of Cliff Drive also illegally camping.
  • Assault 100 Block of Powers.
  • Smoke odor inside a structure 2600 Block of DLV.
  • 415 Jerk 800 Block of State Street going in and out of a store bugging customers and employees.
  • Tour Bus blocking Solvang post office.
  • Possible hiker in distress El Capitan Beach Trail.
  • Medical emergency fall victim 1500 Shoreline.
  • Shots heard near D.P.H.S. Turned out to be SBSO SWAT Training.
  • 6600 Block of Del Playa loud music.
  • Assault on Bauer Avenue.
  • Hollister and Storke car crash elderly driver drove away failure to yield few moments probably did not know they were involved.
  • Subject punching street signs and screaming sounded like that was on Firestone.
  • 415 Family Domestic 300 Block of Ellwood Beach son flipping out.
  • 20002 Non-injury hit and run 500 Block of Cornel.
  • Subject jumping in front of cars quick way to turn a buck on Foxen Canyon check his Welfare.
  • 1144 Female found dead in a garage appeared suspicious on Alisos, East Side.
  • 242 Investigation at the station occurred in the 900 Block of State Street.
  • Head Injury 131 Castillo Subject possibly hit with a bottle.
  • 6600 Block of Del Playa Vandalism.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Thursday:

  • Suspicious Package at the Biltmore 2 packages one is in the first parking lot to the right.
  • Micheltorena and Alta Vista motorhome parked illegally.
  • Reckless White BMW westbound ON Carrillo California plate similar to NE1469.
  • 20001 Investigation victim is home now on West Junipero.
  • 1800 Block of Garden Hot Prowl in a residence.
  • Suicidal subject on Banner.
  • Code 40 down near the rescue mission.
  • Tree down in the bike lane 800 Block of Garden.
  • Motorized bike on fire Anapamu and Garden.
  • Theft of an I-Phone at Starbucks 1000 Block of Coast Village Road.
  • 459 to a vehicle with a slim Jim in Goleta .
  • Woman pounding on a wall for 2 hours First block of East Victoria.
  • Someone pulled the fire alarms at Sansum.
  • Reckless driver in red sedan with black roof rack State and Los Positas.
  • 415 Domestic male vs female male is 220 pounds female 100 pounds and on the ground 5300 Block of Foothill.
  • Suspicious Circumstances subjects with a pineapple and a knife selling pineapples Fairview and Hollister, 2 HMAs.
  • Non-injury traffic accident Gutierrez and Milpas.
  • Loud Music 4500 Block of Auhay.
  • SBPD Officers contacting a subject on the beach.
  • On Stubbs Lane Seizures.
  • 5150 Calling for himself in the 300 Block of East Carrillo be a drag if he's having a real medical emergency and they just assume he's being nuts.
  • I like this one Drunk or DUI Driver 6th and Elm in a black truck he threw a beer bottle out of his truck and broke his own windshield...DUH! How does someone do something like that? I guess you gotta be drunk.

    Will that's it outta me for now Have a Lovely Weekend and Dog Willing We will see you on Monday. Later, Roger


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