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Scanner Reports 7-25-14
updated: Jul 25, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Thank Dog it's FRYday. These shingles are horrible but the more I think about it the more I think I deserve it after all I'm evil. If you don't think so there's proof on Edhat with some of the negative comments about ROGER DODGER. Take responsibility for your own feelings and don't blame others or am I controlling some of you? I've always wanted a pet drone. Someone called in a report of a man driving around in a green Chevy Impala 2 ten year old girls were seen climbing from the back seat to the front it sounded suspicious. I always post Animals at risk, Children at risk, some Adults at risk calls, as well as Fire calls; just my personal policy. I guess there is only one green Chevy Impala in Santa Barbara because I reported what I heard about the car and the girls climbing into the front seat and it went from a suspicious call to me being called a racist. Whatever. I'm not a racist but I must be; there it is in print so it must be true, it's not going to stop me from reporting suspicious calls involving children. The reason why I wanted to put a stop to the thread is because sometimes people with an AX to grind about others call in phony calls to 911 and maybe that is what occurred here. Usually the calls involve the Homeless, people don't like them loitering around town or panhandling so they will call in something phony, usually they leave no contact information or place the call from a cell phone. When the dispatcher calls them back they don't answer. People talk about how some people waste our resources, and the time of our responders but I don't think I have seen any complaints anywhere about these phony phone calls involving the Homeless. I could usually tell the way the call sounds going out over the scanner whether or not it's B.S. but like I wrote before, the call involved children so I posted it.

A dozen years ago when I lost a former girlfriend I loved there were a lot of weird thoughts and feelings going thru my mind on how she might have died. She used to call me on the phone usually in the evening and tell me about abusive boyfriends. I was always telling her to break off with these guys but she was partying and dug the Wild Life. I really went off the deep end after she died. I was thinking of doing some pay backs; I thought someone might have killed her and I was going to make them pay. So I slithered around asking questions of some of her friends. I imagine I probably scared the hell out of some of them. It came down to the fact that she loved to party and as a result of taking a lot of pills, she suffered a medical emergency and passed away. That was no one else's fault. She chose to hang out with those punks because they were "Bad Boys". A lot of women enjoy the company of "Bad Boys". You could lead a Horse to water but you can't make them drink it. It was horrible what happened to her but she wasn't murdered. Her lifestyle might have played a part in her death but she chose to live the way she wanted to no one for me to blame. I had to let it go. I did after a long time. I did not beat the hell outta anyone or make them pay for what I thought they did, I just thought about it. I never made the information public or ruined any reputations. Nowadays, that's what people do, it seems. Get a little resentment towards someone and put it all over the internet with false accusations. Anyway if you feel like I've wronged you in anyway and you want to pay me back why not send me a gift card from a fast food restaurant. The Hamburger Habit has food cards. Just a suggestion.

Anyway here's your Scanner Roni Reports, Wednesday:

  • 1100 Block of Santa Barbara Street wrong way driver turned out to be an International driver that thought they were going the right way.
  • Minor traffic accident 100 Block of APS.
  • 415 Transients in the 1200 Block of State Street.
  • 242 Assault investigation 1000 Block of Cliff Drive.
  • 900 Block of State Street Transient playing a guitar and walking thru the planters.
  • 900 Block of East Yananoli 415 transient.
  • Code 40, Female transient in a driveway having difficulty walking 500 Block of Cornel Place.
  • SBPD Unit needed on Loma Alta to assist Sam Units.
  • Suspicious subjects in a white sedan two HMA's possibly casing the neighborhood on Manitou.
  • Medical Emergency for seizures West Side Community center 400 Block of West Victoria.
  • 700 Block of Chiquita Road on a CSI Call for prior vehicle accident on APS.
  • SBPD Unit needed to assist Animal Control on the 1200 Block of Del Oro.
  • Subject walked away from Cottage Hospital but it sounds like no one wants him anyway.
  • 23103 Reckless Driver older grey haired woman in an older grey car 100 Block of Middle Road then Westbound on Coast Village.
  • SBPD Units to assist Probation on the 1400 Block of Lou Dillon.
  • Fall victim involving MTD Bus 5600 Block of Hollister.
  • Code 40, Drunk female laying in the street on Gutierrez.
  • SBPD on a bicyclist 500 West Anapamu.
  • Reckless driver possibly drunk grey Nissan starting and stopping fast South on Soledad.
  • 23152 in a black Sebring white male adult 100 Block of Anacapa.
  • Male unknown to female in her residence 1000 Block of Garden. SBPD detained the subject when they arrived.
  • Report of 415 Fight at Marina 2.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Thursday:

  • Fire Hydrant sheared Indio Muerto and Milpas the old geyser went about 70 feet in the air for 15 or 20 minutes people played in it cars got washed.
  • A black Crusher cruiser bike was ripped off from Open Air Bicycles in the 1300 Block of State Street that's a black bicycle with big fat tires.
  • Premise Check Los Positas at the tracks.
  • North County Suicide by hanging.
  • Medical Emergency for a subject feeling faint at Montecito and Nopal.
  • Subject with warrants Vera Cruz Park.
  • Subject over at Ralphs requesting an ambulance possibly for back and leg pain.
  • Illegal Camper in the bushes near the RR Tracks at Lookout Park look for the clothes lines.
  • Non-injury Traffic Accident Cabrillo Underpants.
  • Subject drinking First Block of Calle Crespas.
  • Harbor Patrol out with 2 at Marina 3.
  • Possible structure Fire in the 3900 Block of Carpinteria Ave.
  • Audible alarm 800 Block of State Street.
  • 459 Burglary to a vehicle in the 2400 Block of Calle Real.
  • 1144 In a residence that required a Police Supervisor and CSI On the West Side.
  • Man in the area of Garden and Cota walking toward the Alano Club yelling racial slurs.
  • Code 60 in the 1500 Block of West Valerio.
  • Highway 101 Northbound Arrellaga off ramp premise check.
  • Shoplifter 484 In custody at Rite Aid 35 South Milpas.
  • Medical Emergency Motel 6 3505 State Street, unkn0own type.
  • Garden and Haley check the Welfare of a woman vomiting next to a tree.
  • SBPD On a group of transients at Ortega Park.
  • 415 Subject yelling in the middle of the street Salsipuedes and Ortega.
  • 487 Theft Investigation Samy's Camera.
  • 415 Female yelling for someone to stop taking pictures of her car. She got back in her car and left before police could arrive.
  • Medical Emergency for a semi-conscious 63 year old male in the 300 Block of East Alamar.

    Will that's it outta me for now. Been so hot the past couple of days Wednesday Evening I went out to the end of the driveway just to cool off a little. I was observing traffic go by when I saw a young man possibly in his 20's fly by on a mountain bike. I used to have one of those; a blue 18 speed Peugeot. I paid $425 for it from Hazards almost 30 years ago. I kept breaking the frame. They replaced it once then got it welded after that. I loved riding that bicycle; it was so fast and at night when there was hardly any traffic I'd fly on down the road just like the young man I observed flying down South Milpas Wednesday Evening. Cool wind in my hair I really miss those days now I can hardly move. Oh Well Have a Great Weekend and Doggie Willing We Will see you on Monday. Later, Roger


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