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Scanner reports 7-23-14
updated: Jul 23, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Wednesday Humpy Day. I've been eating Habit Burgers for 2 Days. I can't stop I don't know why I feel as though there's some type of addiction kinda like Jays Potato Chips. A kind subscriber sent me a gift card from the Habit and I cannot stop eating there. I guess when the credit runs out Rabo Bank is right around the corner. I like how everything is in the HOOD Nice and cozy like.

I had the weirdest nightmare the other night I guess maybe because I was thinking of getting one of those mobility scooters. I can't afford one right now. A few years ago my doctor prescribed me a wheelchair because I have a lot of pain sometimes and cannot always walk very well. It had a hard time with my weight so I hardly ever used it just when I had to. I had this nightmare that my wheelchair was a motorized wheelchair without an engine or anything; it was real fast. In the nightmare it was raining really hard and I was riding my wheelchair along the bike lanes. It started speeding up and I couldn't slow it down. People were jumping outta my way I was rounding bends going 40-60mph the nightmare was very vivid. Finally I was on San Ysidro Road heading toward the freeway it was just starting to get dark, raining very hard and there were pot holes full of water. I was doing 60 or more heading toward oncoming traffic vehicles had their lights on I was going to crash I just had this feeling and I knew I had to jump so I did. My high speed wheelchair did a header into what I think was a Bentley. The vehicle tore the chair to shreds. There was a scratch or two on the vehicle. I walked up to the crash scene the man who had been driving the car standing there looking at the crumbled wheelchair. I said "Sorry man it wouldn't stop I had no control." The man kinda looked like Jeff Bridges from the movie Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. He just kinda stood there smiling not saying a word, smiling. Suddenly all these brown spots began to appear on his face and his head took on a different shape he turned into the Creature from the Black Lagoon, bit my head off and ate it. I woke up after that scared the HELL outta me that nightmare it was so real. And this was before I ate 7 hamburgers from the Habit. Kinda sounds biblical huh?

Monday Evening I heard a Domestic Violence call at Cacique and Milpas. I walked down the driveway and took a look around the corner SBPD had an RV stopped over at Circle K. I heard over the Scanner that there was PC for 273.5 and the victim was there with the police officer. After a time the abuser was led out of the RV to the back of it where police handcuffed and arrested him was placed in the back of a police car which then pulled out of the parking lot onto Milpas and was heading toward the other entrance so to avoid all of the vehicles parked into the gas station. Out of nowhere came a bicyclist riding the wrong way on the sidewalk weaving obviously UI on something right in front of the police vehicle. The Officer hit the brakes to avoid an accident, stops and opens the passenger window to communicate to the idiot. I thought I heard him yell something like "I was on the sidewalk." I didn't hear what else he said but it kinda sounded like he was telling her off. She sat there for a second then took off having a prisoner to transport. That bicyclist was a real idiot. Bicyclists like that make things rough for the rest of them.

Here's your Scanner Roni Reports, Monday:

  • De La Guerra and APS injury traffic accident two in juries possible DUI Related.
  • 20002 Non-injury hit and run.
  • Check the Welfare of the subject laying on the sidewalk 610 State Street.
  • Sheared fire Hydrant 6000 Block of Berkley in Goleta.
  • Elks Lodge 150 Kellogg Audible Alarm.
  • 2 Trucks parked blocking 600 Block of San Ysidro.
  • 154 at 246 Auto Accident.
  • Hazard Investigation malfunctioning propane tank 800 Block of Windsor Way.
  • 273.5 Investigation at the Police Station Domestic Violence.
  • 484 Shoplifter in custody 800 Block of State Street.
  • Foxenwood and West Foster vehicle vs Pedestrian.
  • SBPD seeking 273.5 Domestic violence suspect 2600 Block of State Street.
  • SBPD on a subject Quarantina at Nopalitos.
  • Suicidal subject at the Library 40 East Anapamu.
  • Suspicious circumstances 3 males carrying a Flat screen TV.
  • 242 Assault contact subject West Side possibly 900 Block of San Pasqual.
  • 242 Assault investigation on Cliff Drive.
  • 415 Domestic 5700 Block of Alondra.
  • Milpas at Yananoli Code 40, Tourist BINGO for the Sober Center.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Tuesday:

  • Fall victim on Terrace 1000 Block.
  • SBPD DUI Arrest missed location.
  • 415 Subject at Saks refusing to leave in the parking lot.
  • Medical at First Block of West Canon Perdido, at Tuesday Morning for a foot laceration.
  • 20002 Hit and Run non-injury 200 South Milpas.
  • 4:14am on Grove Lane First block one shot heard.
  • 459 Burglary to a vehicle on MacMurray.
  • 600 Block of Garden in the City of S.B. Employee parking lot 4 people smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol from open containers refusing to leave.
  • 415 Homeless subject throwing food into the street in front of the Starbucks 539 State Street.
  • Subject in reporting party's back yard Orella Del Mar trespassing while his RV is parked on Por La Mar. Wondering what he's doing in someone's back yard straining perhaps.
  • Report of smoke in a house 2200 Fallen Leaf Drive.
  • Call for code 3 Medics 900 Block of Laguna did not hear why.
  • Naked man sunbathing near the Los Banos Kiddy pool 401 Shoreline.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject at PUFF.
  • Smoke investigation 1500 Block of Las Tunas Road it was a BBQ.
  • Found Property in the 3900 Block of State Street.
  • 415 Verbal argument over a non-injury traffic accident 300 Block of North Milpas.
  • Red and Black Guitar harassing females in the restroom, all I caught.
  • 459 Burglary to a residence 1100 Block of Waldron.
  • A woman in her 60's was observed walking on West Figueroa Street, and heard yelling that she was going to kill everyone, including the police if they showed up. Then she disappeared into the Sportsman never to be seen or heard from again.
  • 900 Block of State Street someone reporting that they hear running on their roof.
  • 242 2 Subjects Assaulted someone then threw him in a vehicle and drove off 100 Block of West Arrellaga, blue Ford Taurus getaway vehicle.
  • 415 Homeless subject blocking stairwell at Ralphs 100 West Carrillo.
  • 415 Subject was raising HELL at the Library 40 East Anapamu police caught up to him heading toward State Street.
  • 415 Threats 700 Block of Garden Street subject left North on Garden in a white Dodge.

    Will that's all outta me for now Have a Great Hump Day and Dog willing we will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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