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Gunshots Heard Near Turnpike
updated: Jul 20, 2014, 9:56 AM

Several edhat subscribers reported hearing gunshots near Turnpike on Saturday night.

Reports by edhat subscribers

  • 10:55pm - Did anyone else hear gunshots near Rhoads Ave in Noleta? I thought I heard 6 or more in rapid succession at about 10:45 pm.

  • 11:01pm - Anyone hear gunshots in the turnpike area? Lile near hollister school?

  • 11:20pm - Sounds of gunshot , 4 or 5 near more Mesa about 20 min ago. Anyone hear anything? No sirens so far...

  • 12:54am - Keep hearing gun shot like noses. First it was two then twenty minutes later there were 4... We live off of Bike path by Auhay and Nueces...

    Comments in order of when they were received | (reverse order)

     COMMENT 537260 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 10:08 AM

    'VRC' the rock creek gang might be active around those parts again. those who lived in those neighborhoods for a long time know they were pretty active in the late 90's early 2000's


     COMMENT 537263 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 10:19 AM

    What's VRC.. vatos of rock creek?


     COMMENT 537283 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 11:08 AM

    we live on Auhay near Hollister and sometime after midnight heard a single shot, then 3 shots, and then 3 more shots over a 20 minute period. sounded very close by. no vehicle noise or people noise - just gun shots.


     COMMENT 537290P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 12:06 PM

    My daughter heard them, we live in that area. We would like to know what happened.


     COMMENT 537292 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 12:11 PM

    I smelled a bunch of smoke... thought it was fireworks


     COMMENT 537293 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 12:27 PM

    We called the police after one set of what sounded like 4 gun shots went off directly in front of our house. The police said kids on bikes were lighting fireworks and they had patrol cars in the area. The third set we heard did sound like fireworks, but we were pretty shaken until the police confirmed what was happening.


     COMMENT 537295 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 12:31 PM

    it's always fireworks, right?


     COMMENT 537297 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 12:35 PM

    viva rock creek, vatos of rock creek. who really knows....


     BULLSEYEB agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 12:42 PM

    12:26 I heard three shots.
    12:38 I heard three shots.
    12:42 I heard three shots then a long pause and a fourth shot.

    I live near the Wake Center off Turnpike. Because of the hill right here, sometimes sounds bounce around and it is hard to tell exactly where they came from. I was thinking over on Calle Real near IHOP area, but they could have been on the other side of the freeway which would put it toward the Auhay area.

    If these noises were fireworks, then they were setting off M80s or something bigger like that. These were very deep reverberating sounds. Definitely not a car backfire. It was a bit unsettling to hear.


     ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 12:49 PM

    I hear shots over here too but don't call them in because I think they would tell me it's fireworks. They are only gun shots when the police hear them.


     COMMENT 537326 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 03:14 PM

    I heard from kids in the neighborhood there was someone setting off fireworks. I didn't hear them myself.


     COMMENT 537329P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 03:49 PM

    anyone know how to tell the difference between gun shots and fireworks...Im a gun idiot and have no clue how they should sound...


     COMMENT 537346 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-20 04:26 PM

    I heard it too. Three large bangs back to back, followed a few minutes later by a car screeching down the street near the El Camino School.


     COMMENT 537414 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-21 06:54 AM

    Maybe it was the Hope Ranch kid that got arrested Friday night at Hope Ranch beach. He was getting rid of the rest of the evidence.


     COMMENT 537415 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-21 07:00 AM

    The sounds of certain fireworks are similar to that of some handguns and make more of a popping sound. Big bore rifles have a distinctive loud continuing boom. It is similar to explosives or an m-80 firework, but it has a far more continuing reverberating quality. Shotguns have a loud boom but it is a duller, more muffled sound that does not continue to reverberate like a big bore rifle nor make a short "pop" like many handguns. An experienced ear can often tell the difference between the reports made by these various firearms.


     COMMENT 537431 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-21 08:45 AM

    We live off Walnut and we heard them as well. Sounded like gun but we didn't hear any sirens so we assumed they were fireworks. Dumb kids.


     COMMENT 537525 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-21 11:26 AM

    It was 100% fireworks lit off by kids on bikes. We were home and awake at our house at the very end of Halkirk, facing the bike path directly with the back patio door opened. The first few definitely sounded like gun shots, but we could clearly see small fireworks over the bike path wall and the fourth had that fireworks trickling sound afterwards. We then heard people on the bike path yelling at each other and quickly biking away.


     COMMENT 537530 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-21 11:41 AM

    I heard them at 10:55 and sounded like gunshots to me. There were quite a few in a row and a pause for the last one. I actually called in and they already had a few other calls too. I've heard kids light off fireworks before but these were distinct and different. Our neighbors were outside and they even ran in and shut all the lights off. Cops were around for the next two hours patrolling the streets and shining their lights on everyone's houses. (They don't turn sirens on for these kinds of reports) It would be nice to know if it ever lead to anything.... But I don't know if I would take fireworks for an answer.


     COMMENT 537553 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-07-21 12:26 PM

    the explosions that I heard could not have been firecrackers - they were too regularly spaced while firecrackers are not. Someone was firing a gun


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