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Coal Oil Point Vegetation Fire
updated: Jun 27, 2014, 7:15 AM

Update By Edhat Subscriber:

Here is an image of the fire damage at Coal Oil Point taken this afternoon. Looking Southwest across the reserve. There are still crews out there damping things down.

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Update provided by Santa Barbara County Fire Department
June 27, 2014 2:30am

- Vegetation Fire -
At 9:41pm on June 26, Santa Barbara County Fire Department (SBCFD) responded to a reported vegetation fire, located at Coal Oil Point in Goleta. SBCFD responded seven engines and two water tenders. SBCFD is being assisted by Santa Barbara City FD, Vandenberg FD, UCPD and SB Sheriff.

The fire grew initially from one to ten acres, at a moderate rate of spread. The fire burned near the Venoco storage tanks and buildings. One residence east of the fire was threatened and evacuated due to a sudden wind shift. No structures were lost.

At 1am, the fire was 10% contained and the wind had subsided. The fire is estimated to be at 20 acres. Crews will continue to work throughout the night and morning to contain the fire.

There are reports of either fireworks or a transformer explosion prior to the fire starting. Also, a person of interest was contacted by law enforcement. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Reports from Edhat Subscribers
June 26, 2014 10:15pm

  • Fire near (abandoned?) Veneco tanks on Ellwood Mesa near the Deveraux slough

  • Brush fire in Goleta. Does anyone have details?

  • Those sirens west of Isla Vista are fire trucks heading to a spot fire under power lines at coal oil point. Sounds like they will get it without a lot of trouble. Whew! 70 degrees 12 mph winds. Hmmm. Now an acre and growing (via John Palminteri's Facebook page)

  • June 26, 2014 10:55 pm: Sorry it is so fuzzy, its the orange spot brow the oil rig. 3 county engines responding, City covering for 13.

    Comments in order of when they were received | (reverse order)

     MOUNTAINMAN4865 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-26 10:58 PM

    Don't think so, we are on the mountain and it is quite large from our view, really large, its bigger then the oil rig in the background right now


     YIN YANG agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-26 10:59 PM

    Thread jack:
    meteorite, east to west, (10:41 p.m.) Or else I'm hallucinating for no reason.
    Palm got info?


     MOUNTAINMAN4865 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-26 11:01 PM

    it is growing, quite the orange ball from here, almost half as big as a minute ago,


     MOUNTAINMAN4865 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-26 11:07 PM

    Sorry, I meant 1.5 times as big, we can see the flames from Painted Cave


     COMMENT 531008P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-26 11:08 PM

    Channel 3. live. burtning like heck right now.


     MACPUZL agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-26 11:26 PM

    KEYT is saying police are looking for someone possibly linked to the fire. We were at the bluffs by Bacara and saw a big flash in the area about when the fire began, like a transformer blowout.


     MACPUZL agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-26 11:32 PM

    Yin Yang - There were a couple of nice meteors tonight. Meteorites are the chunks that make it to the ground.


     MOUNTAINMAN4865 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-26 11:35 PM

    Doesn't look like its slowing yet. Hope everyone is paying attention down there


     YIN YANG agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 12:24 AM

    Whew, thanks MacPuzl! I was so embarrassed that I had even posted... I saw it on what is also a flight path, but there were no landing or flight lights, and it did draw my semi-conscious, subconscious or basic brain's attention to the view out the window, whereas planes don't. I was and am ready to say it was a plane, but wow, I've lived here for years and it really caught my attention. Thanks for the correction re: meteor versus meteorite.


     COMMENT 531018P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 01:23 AM

    So, we have drought conditions, dry brush, little humidity, high gusty winds, and now a fire. Who in the pool had the date and time called? Maybe we can narrow it down to just predicting the day. Please people this long time for us is just beginning. Let's all be safe out there for the 4th. Let the professionals out there handle the fireworks. Nothing you can do yourself is not worth the risk of what can happen, and has happened in the past. We all have to bond together to keep everyone safe!


     COMMENT 531020 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 03:01 AM

    Strong smell of smoke in Isla Vista


     COMMENT 531029P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 06:12 AM

    027, Edhat probably lifts the restriction. More to the point, the board goes down.


     COMMENT 531030 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 06:22 AM

    Any updates on this fire?


     YIN YANG agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 06:45 AM

    no updates online. Going to check out tv. KSBY online updated at 1 a.m., said it was 10 acres.


     YIN YANG agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 06:53 AM

    "It's run out of places to go. The Tank fire. Some people were moved out last night."

    That's all I caught. Good news, I'm in the city, but had strong onshore wind yesterday afternoon, then no night wind.
    KEYT will update after broadcast, I guess.


     COMMENT 531042 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 07:14 AM

    have to assume that we would know if the fire was still burning? Guessing it is out? who knows...not the best reporting really..we shoulld all be told if the fire is out...or not!


     COMMENT 531063 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 08:05 AM

    The wind died down around 1am and the fire stopped spreading. Most of the fire equipment was deployed to the north of the fire, near the Venoco access road. The Cliff House at UCSB would have been threatened by flying embers if the wind had stayed strong.


     COMMENT 531074P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 08:40 AM

    Anybody know how close/if this has affected the Ellwood Preserve area?


     COMMENT 531076 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 08:45 AM

    KSBY and Noozhawk are doing a great job with updates.


     COMMENT 531105 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 10:18 AM

    KEYT is reporting 10 acres burned 20% containment as of Friday morning.


     COMMENT 531116 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 10:46 AM

    The Indy has as usual great fire reporting from Ray Ford. Much better info that Key Newsless.


     COMMENT 531130P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 11:31 AM

    Indeed, no one is better than Ray Ford at the Independent.


     YIN YANG agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 01:14 PM

    Ease up, Shakey, please. Granted, this fire wasn't in the front (foothill) or back country, but Ford knows the Santa Barbara area like the back of his hand and has great contacts. Did you read his reports during any of the numerous fires in the past ten years? He's a great fire reporter. Do you think praising him is a slur against Roger? It's not.


     COMMENT 531175 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 01:58 PM

    I posted 116 and my comments regarding KEYT are based on how little they've had accurate updates during this and other much more dangerous fires. The Indy has regular updates while KEYT info is at times 12-24 hours old. That's not helpful when people need to know if they are in harm's way.

    I scarcely watch KEYT, just as I hardly read the News Mess. They've both become just about obsolete.


     COMMENT 531213 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 04:00 PM

    Not much news here about the fire. I was hoping to find some, but instead it's just a bunch of noise about other news sources. Does anyone have any updates about the actual fire?


     COMMENT 531229 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 04:46 PM

    I took some pictures today around noon: [[Edhat won't let me post links, I'd be happy to share if I could]]

    I could see some smoldering, and there were still lots of fire crew still out there but it seems they got it mostly maintained. (unless something else has happened since)

    They're taking out a lot of the eucalyptus between coal oil point and the ellwood beaches, and you can see from the pics that a lot of area in the nature preserve area is totally toasted.

    It's really sad to see. I know a few people who have worked hard the last several years doing native plant restoration out there for years, and I'd imagine their work has been ruined.


     COMMENT 531242P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 05:26 PM

    If it's native vegetation, fire may or should be good for it -- eventually. Of course it must look horrible now, to us. I doubt chaparral develops right on the coast, but I don't know. I hope you know what I'm getting at.
    This will be a years-long model research project for the restorers; a wonderful opportunity now that it's happened.
    The Eucs, exploding in flame and burning brightly, were so visible on last night's news footage.


     COMMENT 531246 agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 06:12 PM

    Responding to you:

    I don't know if it will necessarily help since we were restoring. There were a lot of plants that had just been planted, and a few spots of SB Milkvetch which was a species thought to be extinct.

    If it was a fully functioning environment maybe fire would be good; but since it's an environment with many young, undeveloped, out-competed and recently transplanted plants it won't necessarily help.

    It's just a bummer to see months and years of work nullified.


     COMMENT 531250P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-27 07:22 PM


    - Good to hear about the euc removal.

    - From the photo, it seems as though Snowy Plover sites were untouched. Great news!

    - Sorry to hear about the immature native plants burning.

    - Wish COP all the best for future restoration.


     COMMENT 531406P agree helpful negative off topic

    2014-06-28 05:14 PM

    246, I agree, I'm very sorry for those involved. I've read more about it since I posted, but at least my point was seconded. Fire happens, it's even natural, but it's terrible for humans. Thanks for your work. - 242


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