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Scanner Reports 6-18-14
updated: Jun 18, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Wednesday, Hump Day. Just another day in Paradise, watch your step don't want to step on a... I could not believe what I heard the other night on the Scanner. This Medic trying to get these agencies to respond to a woman making Homicidal threats; from what I could tell listening over the Scanner he would not leave her. She was refusing medical treatment but making these threats and he seemed like he was almost desperate to get her the help she needed. A dedicated Medic someone who really cares Boy! That's something that's really hard to find in this life. No sooner had I posted the information on Edhat that all transmissions concerning this situation were hushed over the company cell phones.

A business of Quacks, Phony's that don't care about the Well Being of People only their pocketbooks, their money, their life savings. "Here is a Happy Pill for you" This will make you happy! I mentioned the Medic number on the comments but I bet if he likes his job the way everyone else does he may just keep his mouth shut. Just keep your mouth shut and you'll never have to worry about being unemployed unless of course you should have a nervous breakdown then we'll give you a little pill. Isn't life Wonderful? Oh Well Just another Day in Paradise Look at all the Beautiful things we have around us The Mountains, and the Sea, the Wildlife fruits and trees, the Birds and the Bees, just watch your step don't want to step on a Turd. Thy Holy Business of Psychology is giving Ducks a bad name in Santa Barbara County, Quack! Quack! Quack! Not all Head Shrinkers are bad, just the ones that care more about money than their patients. Ironic word there "Care".

I saw a gal here in Santa Barbara many years ago, her name was Sara, she was dedicated to her work and not a Quack, like many others who act like they Care. But she's gone now, lives somewhere else. Still a good friend of mine though. Good people do exist few and far between. Everyone sticks together to protect their own it's pretty much always been that way. Keep your mouth shut don't want to make waves where has all of that got us? Look at our World today, our Country, ourselves, a lot of good all that did for our environment. Maybe us Crazy people ought to stick together, form a union like everyone else. Of course most of us don't keep our mouths shut. We open them far and wide and scream of injustices we observe and society calls us crazy. I guess that's easier than working to help someone get well just pop a little pill in their mouths and shove them in a corner. Some require Strait Jackets, the Elderly Poseys, some restraints until the lobotomy pill takes effect. Then everyone's happy again for a while, smiling.

Of course not everyone gets well. We can't always tell what's on the inside of someone's thoughts until it's too late. If no one wants that to happen anymore maybe when someone is saying that they are Homicidal or Suicidal they should be taken seriously instead of given a pill and shoved in a corner. If you're going to run a business that helps mentally ill people you should be there for them when they need you not just expect them to need you between 9-5 Bankers hours.

That's my Rant and here's Thy Holy Scanner Roni Reports, Monday:

  • 101 Garden onramp Rollover accident a van.
  • City Dispatch reporting a citizen continually calling 911 concerning the Leadbetter Bathrooms being closed. I wonder if they are saying, "I gotta code 100, I gotta code 100!"
  • Medical Emergency for someone bleeding from an old wound at the Old Mission 2200 Block of Laguna.
  • Suspicious subject looking into vehicles in the parking lot 1108 Cacique.
  • Illegal Camper in a trailer 1200 Block of Del Mar.
  • Stolen Lap top 6700 Block of Sabado Tarde.
  • 245 Assault with a deadly weapon involving a Domestic situation sounds like the ex-husband clocked a boyfriend with something. I don't know exactly but they said 245 possibly occurred in the Bath and Pueblo area or on East Montecito.
  • Stolen auto recovery 2000 Block of Oak.
  • Check the Welfare of a woman down near the library on Anapamu.
  • Medical Emergency for a fall victim with a head injury S.B. Public library 40 East Anapamu.
  • Reporting Party from the 484 of beer the otter day in the 2700 Block of DLV is reporting that the thief is across the street near the 76 Station as it turns out that thief just ripped off a bottle of wine from Trader Joes in the 3000 Block of DLV. He should be moving to another HOOD soon.
  • Illegal campers Arrellaga on ramp behind the 1500 Block of Castillo.
  • Overdose on Hummel Drive.
  • Probation in the 1600 Block of DLV.
  • 600 Block of Anacapa city lot 10 Elevator rescue.
  • First South Alisos 415 Domestic. Los Positas West of the Tracks SBSO checking out a subject.
  • 415 Landlord Tenant 300 Block of Oliver Road.- Attempt 459 Burglary to a residence in the 300 Block of East Canon Perdido.
  • Brothers fighting in the 3900 Block of Via Diego one is drunk.
  • Lompoc two agencies refusing to respond to help a medic with a patient making Homicidal threats, before I posted this on a Code Red one agency decided to respond the other, "Cares" still refused.
  • Heard something on Calle Megara about a DUI involving a motorcyclist.
  • Report of a group of juveniles with baseball bats smashing a TV Set in Isla Vista. Boy when I was a kid and it was hot outside we had Edison Pool and every day that pool was packed the kids here have the Pacific Ocean and the beach but here they are smashing things with baseball bats in IV.
  • 524 State Street in the breezeway a group of Drunks drinking and raising HELL. Another group of Drunks in front of the Art Museum up the street.

    Scanner Roni Reports Tuesday:

  • First Thing Tuesday Morning a 5150 call on Scenic Drive a 74 Year old man with Parkinson's disease will not come out of his room because he's afraid of the reporting party he's being delusional so he's 5150. But he has a medical problem which has made him that way, sad.
  • Skateboarder kicks vehicle in the 2600 Block of DLV.
  • Food on the stove, Structure Fire response 2700 Block of Miradero Drive.
  • Medical emergency 300 Block of Storke road abdominal pain.
  • Homeless terrorist threatening to beat up employees at Ralphs 100 Block of West Carrillo police caught up with him down the street.
  • 20002 Hit and Run 3400 Block of Calle Real old white Honda registered in Ventura hit 2 cars they got the address.
  • Report of subjects smoking Marijuana an 80 year old man and 50 year old woman in the 100 Block of Los Aquaries.
  • SBSO on a homeless camp 100 Yards West of Olive Mill on the tracks, used to have two good friends that camped over there Sheri and Rambo both dead now, Rambo was a hard honest worker.
  • Sexual Battery Reported Upper Mid Town Westside, Santa Barbara.
  • Santa Cruz Market Panhandler refusing to leave 324 West Montecito, I love their avocados!
  • 415 Patient becoming violent after learning of a 5150 Hold on them at PHF SBSO Responding to assist, at least the Sheriff's Department will respond.
  • AMR Transport Cottage Hospital to Vista Del Mar.
  • I heard a stake out sounded like it was near a Homeless camp and they was looking for prostitution activity I did not hear the location but heard 2 subjects went into separate porta potties. I guess the police was expecting they was gonna do it in a porta pottie. SNOT ME BABY ICKYWICKY! Last thing I heard about this call is that they wanted to get the camp cleaned out.
  • Code 40,DRUNK Down 500 Block of Anacapa.
  • Unknown if injury traffic accident 100 West Carrillo, it's non-injury.
  • Medical Emergency at the County Jail.
  • 20002 Hit and Run Charcoal colored VW Bug partial plate 822 L?T. Last seen Eastbound on Haley.
  • Medical Emergency at the Super 8 Motel on Hollister unknown type medical Emergency.
  • Medical Emergency on the Bus in the back lot of the Kidney Center 1704 State Street, Fall Victim.
  • 415 Threats 4600 Block of Carp Ave in Carp over Money, Big Surprise.
  • 415 Domestic 300 Block of East DLG Ex-husband threatens to throw ex-wife's cat in the trash. That's no way to get her back! Geez Louise!

    Anyway that's enough out of me for now. I found a great Veterinarian for Pooh Bear on Edhat. He loves them and they love him. I could not be happier. They are called The Cat Doctors and are at 1333 De La Vina. Recently the business was sold but both of the original Cat Doctors are going to still work there. They are Dr. Leslie Siemon and Dr. Janice Garrett, and are being joined by the new owner, Dr. Gina Sullos. On June the 28th of this month they are going to have an Open House from 2 to 5PM, Where people can get a behind the scenes tour of the hospital. There will be snacks and beverages and an opportunity to win some raffle prizes. Go check them out and if you're looking for a veterinarian for your kitty, these Gals are the best. Have a great Wednesday, Hump Day and Dog willing we will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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