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Scanner Reports 6-6-14
updated: Jun 06, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Well it's FRYday. We made it hair again. Seems to me from what I have been hearing lately over the scanner that the coppers are not putting up with too much scrap anymore. They did not Before IV but they really don't now. It seems if you're in your house or apartment and they come looking for you for whatever reason don't hold them up by saying you're not coming out. Any hold out at all can bring the troops in and the more troops the more time you can get say you got a warrant just open the door give up make it easier on everyone especially me, Roger, because I'm starting to hear so many of these calls it's crazy. I was listening the other day there was the guy on the roof with the drill. Then the Suspicious package in Goleta, then the drug standoff in Noleta. Then I heard something else about another suicidal subject. Suicidal and Check the Welfares are almost constant.

There are always AMR transports. It's like Tic-tac-toe. AMR transport to PHF from Cottage, Vista Del Mar from GVCH, Marian transport to Cottage, everyone transports to PHF and Vista Del Mar. Sometimes I hear PHF to Cottage, some of the time I hear County Jail to Cottage; it goes on and on. It shocks me, a 5150, that there are so many potential 5150's in this area, especially Santa Barbara. More people should get out Go to a Movie, go to the beach, go out for a pizza. Let me stay at home stare at the walls, pick my nose, and sing Iron Man by Black Sabbath into the fan. Leave being 5150 to the experts. Why are so many people coming apart at the seams? I would really like to know because I probably hear at least a dozen of these calls per day in the County, sometimes more. It's way outta control. Something has to be done it's only going to get worse. You don't need a $500,000 consultant to tell you that, especially when a hundred dollar scanner will. They have to be doing something with all these people that need help. Where do they go when there's no more room at the Inn? There's the 5150's and then there's everyone else out there all mixed up one community inside another community in just about every city and town across America. I'm not really ranting I'm wondering what the HELL'S Going on? The Homeless, the Recession just seems to be getting worse.

I think a good cure for Homelessness is jobs. 7 Bucks an hour ain't going to get it. There are probably a lot of people out there used to living on the streets. It is much cheaper. It's not only the Homeless that fill up the psych wards there are a lot of people with roofs over their heads having problems too. I think there are a lot of suicides in our County too. Someone said approx. 39 in the county a couple years back; the whole County. Now I'd say between a hundred and 150, maybe more. I hate hearing them. I hate hearing people crying or in distress. I really feel for people out there having a hard time. If I could do something I would. I've been there a couple times long, long ago. There were not that many of us then, I thought I was the only one. Now there are so many more Lost Souls out there. Poor Lost Souls just like I was there are a couple Folks that read Edhat that have known me for many years and they know how lost I was. Kinda gives me a good feeling that they are still my friends, my family, whether they like it or not.

Here is thy blessed Scanner Roni Reports, Wednesday:

  • Check the welfare of a code40, Drunk male in his 50's near Crown Liquor on Milpas.
  • Check the welfare of a code 40, Drunk behind the Canary Hotel unable to stand up. This fella had kidney problems also besides being code 40 so he went to the hospital.
  • There was a request for engine one to wash down a bus bench in front of the Westside clinic, not sure why.
  • Traffic Accident vehicle vs pedestrian Turnpike and Hollister.
  • Someone who was cleared by the hospital and ready to go to County Jail walked away from the hospital not sure if the police ever caught that one. I think they did he was last seen wearing flip flops and he had a bloody face. I mean how far can he get?
  • A 70 year old male fell from a tree on Furlio Road Fire and Medics were responding I hope he is ok.
  • Suspicious man with a drill on the roof of Roosevelt School.
  • Shoplifter in Carp. at CVS Pharmacy not listening to the security guard.
  • Cottage AMR Transport to PHF.
  • Unresponsive female in the bathroom at Nordstrom, medical emergency.
  • Man passed out behind the wheel of a truck with the engine running on Eucalyptus Avenue.
  • 415 Argument at City Lot 10.
  • Coppers over at Circle K, a couple people detained RV Parked nearby and I don't know why.
  • Suspicious Package in Goleta I heard the Airport and I heard near the tracks, so I guess they had the planes, and trains covered.
  • Code 40, Drunk at Cottage hospital.
  • First Block of North Quarantina subject out of his wheelchair.
  • 100 Block of East Carrillo cops possibly on wanted subjects.
  • Heart Breaking Check the Welfare of an elderly homeless woman who can no longer care for herself Anapamu and State Street, that really makes me sad.
  • Possible Structure Fire in the 600 Block of South Oakley.
  • Then there was this drunken idiot in IV Yelling profanities and yelling that he was going to kill a bunch of people, some people should be allowed to drink near the cliffs.
  • Illegal Dumping RV with "Cruisin' America" on the side dumping between Castillo and Pedregosa, I wonder what they were dumping.
  • Over on Oceano there was a code 40, Drunk female down in the driveway.
  • Report of a fight Haley and Chapala possibly gang related.
  • Then there was a loud explosion reported by some medics at Cottage hospital nothing was found.
  • Then I heard a Medic radio in that they were responding code 3 to the Bowl for the medical call siren blaring in the background. The dispatcher says there was no medical call at the Bowl? Sounds like someone wanted to sweet James Taylor.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Thursday:

  • Some kind of a search going on at Upper OSO Don't know what kind just heard it.
  • Roommates mixing it up in the 500 Block of Olive.
  • SBPD were looking to check the welfare of a woman who walked away from Mental Health, or a clinic of some sort at CVS 2900 Block of State Street.
  • 415 Homeless subject disturbing at McDonalds in the 1200 Block of State Street.
  • Refusing to leave an address on South Fairview possibly a civil issue.
  • One in custody 31 West Carrillo possibly the subject from McDonalds.
  • Medical, female feeling faint 1800 Block of East Cabrillo this not too far from the Bird Refuge.
  • Weed smokers in a silver Pathfinder in an alley between Broadmor and Richland.
  • Fall victim at the High Rise in the 100 Block of Broadway.
  • SBPD Traffic stop 500 East Anapamu driver stopped was having difficulty breathing.
  • Fire and Medics along with SBPD responded to the report of a code 40 sitting in a chair in front of Smart and Final, possible alcohol overdose.
  • Woman fainted State and Ortega.
  • Traffic Accident involving a tow truck driver somehow impaired after leaving a doctor's office on West Mission.
  • 415 Verbal in a parking lot at Lake View Junior High over an auto vandalism.
  • Possible drug sales at Skaters Point.
  • Suspicious subject for the last week subject outside of Harding School watching the children from a red pathfinder. This is the first I ever heard of it.
  • Elderly fall on the East Side.

    Will that's all outta me for now have a great Weekend and Dog Willing we will see you on Monday. Later, Roger


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