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What Do Edhatters Do on the Weekends in SB?
updated: May 31, 2014, 8:15 PM

By Edhat Subscriber

What do you do on the weekends in Santa Barbara? We are looking for things other than the usual state street stroll, beach visit, etc. We love to volunteer as well so if you have personal experience with certain orgs here, we would love that was well! Looking for fun & unique adventures for a late 20's couple.

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 COMMENT 524175 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 08:27 PM

Volunteer at ASAP, BUNS, or with the dogs at the county animal shelter. It's the most rewarding way to spend part of your weekend that I've ever found.


 COMMENT 524178P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 08:32 PM

Stay in my yard and house, to avoid the madness. Very peaceful. My boyfriend works all weekend.


 COMMENT 524181P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 08:35 PM

Good coffee, reflection of the week sometimes, "move dirt around" for a couple of hours ( poor cleaning method) and then PLAY ( hike, swim, grunion hunting, yard sailing ) with my honey and see the pals. I put off grocery shopping for as long as possible. Grocery shopping is a miserable endeavor. Love our local thrift shops though. Pay bills, garden, give doggie loads of attention, Read EDhat post of Dog of the Week on Sat., to my doggie, she loves that...Think about how to make next week a good week. BBQ then, Zipline in to bed. Living in SB is pretty damn great.


 COMMENT 524183P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 08:38 PM

Go as a group on a fun daytrip. There are many.


 COMMENT 524184P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 08:39 PM

This IS 181P - sorry, I misread the question.


 COMMENT 524186P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 08:46 PM

181...yours was unusual!!! Your lucky...my mother never let me zip-line in the house!!
I volunteer at SBWCN. All sort of fur and feather to help!! So much fun and rewarding helping the wildlife!


 COMMENT 524187 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 08:53 PM

OP here! I don't care if you misread the question, your weekend sounds great!! Thanks for the responses so far...we tend to be homebodies lately after partying our way through college and early 20's. Now we seem to stay home, watch Netflix and garden! We also travel frequently, but want to enjoy SB.


 COMMENT 524191P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 09:09 PM

There's lots of great hiking. Get a book on the local trails from Chaucers.

Beach volleyball at East Beach.

Kayak or SUP


 COMMENT 524195P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 09:32 PM

Try wine tasting, picnicking relaxing and staying cyber-free for half a day...on an uber-fun short train adventure. We took the central coast flyer in April and loved it. Google it.


 PJG agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 09:40 PM

First United Methodist Church!


 COMMENT 524200 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 09:54 PM

On Saturday I always cruise past the MacKenzie Market at State & Calle Palo Colorado to see if some group is having a benefit car wash. If they are, I drive away in a clean car; if not it stays dirty for another week. Or however long it takes for another benefit car wash to occur. If it gets to the point that I actually can't see out the windshield, I'll break down and go to a "real" carwash, albeit grudgingly.

Then it's off to Costco for the weekly Bacardi run. If I'm feeling particularly festive, I might hit Kmart, to buy socks, shorts, and other non-fun but essential items.

Saturday lunch in Goleta involves Chili's, Cal Taco or Pepe Delgado's. (I really am a cheap date).

On Sunday afternoon I like to listen to Radio Kent on the BBC. There's this programme that's been on Radio Kent forever. It lasts for hours and hours and features an eclectic mix of vintage popular recordings from the 1930s through the '60s. Plus, you get to hear the latest southern England weather, and reports on the traffic conditions on the motorways in Bromley and Lewisham.

Sunday is also usually barbecue day.

Carwashes, Costco, the BBC, barbecues....hey, it doesn't get any better than that.


 FLICKA agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 10:07 PM

You mentioned volunteering; there are over 800 non-profits in SB County (that was years ago, probably more now). I don't know where there is a list, someone here will likely have that information to help get you started. Volunteering can be fun, and a good way to meet new people.


 COMMENT 524208P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-31 10:49 PM

I'd recommend Direct Relief or AHA or CASA (or any other group that helps kids) to volunteer.


 MACPUZL agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 01:39 AM

Second Saturday of each month star party at SBMNH. Third Friday of the month telescope night at Westmont.


 COMMENT 524225P agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 06:24 AM

Hike with the dogs, read, correct papers, garden, listen to KCBX radio ( love it). Then laundry, cooking and maybe a nap!!!


 MACSCIDOR agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 06:28 AM

Do an Edhat search for_ Urban Hike Stacey & Peter _to discover SB neighborhood sites and roads that they explored and posted about on Edhat (with pics) = and set-out to walk some of their detailed Urban Hike routes. Maybe take a trash bag along and pick-up litter, if any, along the way. (Stacey & Peter took a whole gang of Edhat-readers on a Funk Zone tour one year. Lots of fun.)


 COMMENT 524229 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 06:35 AM

What a lovely post. I have four young children and we like to be out exploring. Most times I'll just pack a large picnic and a quilt and tell the young that adventure is calling. We hop in the car and the ideas flow. We end up where we do..."secret" out of the way parks like toro canyon or manning, beaches...gifts from the sea are the best treasures or bring small rakes and draw a design or message in the sand for another to discover, orchards, museum backyard, the end of the breakwater...or up the Indian playgrounds each armed with a camera. A three year olds perspective is so fresh (and low). The possibilities are endless... Life happens...Go where you're called to.


 COMMENT 524238 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 07:16 AM

Go check out Knapps Castle a few times...


 RED CREEK agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 08:13 AM

About one Saturday a month I volunteer to lead groups of adults and families through Arroyo Hondo Preserve. There are opportunities for like minded folks to do this at the Botanic Garden,our many museums, and estates such as Lotus Land.

It's a nice way of giving back to the community, meeting people, learning from them, getting healthy exercise, exploring our amazing resources locally and just having a fun day doing something you like.


 COMMENT 524257 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 08:27 AM

we pack a picnic and go to a different park every weekend, then head to the museum or gallery for art.


 SBSWEETPEA agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 09:10 AM

Grocery shopping, yard work, house work, take the dogs somewhere special, cook for the week and try to get to the movies.


 COMMENT 524270 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 09:13 AM

You can cover a lot of ground in Santa Barbara on a bike, and going out to Carpinteria is a fun and manageable ride.

For a fun volunteer opportunity, you could usher for one of the many performing arts venues in Santa Barbara. You get to support the arts and see (most of) a show.


 BONNER agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 09:15 AM

The real question is which of the many many options offered every weekend can you not get to. There's always 6 -7 things I want to do but can only do 1-2. Just pick up the INdependent and read the myriad events, or simply go outdoors and walk: the foothills, the beaches, the various parks, galleries, museums. Drive out to Goleta Valley Historical Society and walk around Lake Carneros, tour the historic house, visit the miniature railroad station, etc., etc., etc.,


 COMMENT 524300 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 10:35 AM

What do I do on weekends? I WORK, like thousands of others! What's the weekend? Weekends are just like Mondays.

If I had a "normal" relaxed weekend, I couldn't afford the rent and I would join the ranks of the homeless, and have the rightwing edhat readers calling me a bum and a loser.

Can't have that.


 COMMENT 524339 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 12:52 PM

Check the local free newspapers....

Montecito Journal ~~~~

Sentinenal ~~~~

Independent ~~~~~~

Check the venues in town to see what they have to offer... SoHo~~~ Granada~~~ Lobero~~~ UCSB~~~ Arlington~~~ SB Bowl~~~~ Explore the gardens at the Biltmore Hotel and the beaches


 COMMENT 524371 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 03:23 PM



 ROGER DODGER agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 03:46 PM

Stare at the walls.


 COMMENT 524387 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 04:21 PM

342, correct. But I am my own boss.

344: In life, you cannot avoid politics, unless you win the State lottery and buy an island and become a hermit, or live on Mars. And so many local issues are directly affected by decisions made 2700 miles away - in which we get no say, unless you have enough $ and lobbying power to influence lawmakers.


 COMMENT 524392 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-06-01 04:34 PM

When you have an ocean and islands on one side and beautiful mountains on the other, the choices are obvious to us! We love hiking all the front country trails and walking the miles and miles of beaches from Carp to Gaviota. Now to get to the Channel Islands requires FWB's (friends with boats)!

I've been wanting to volunteer for meals on wheels, after reading this post, I think I should!


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