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Scanner Reports 5-26-14
updated: May 26, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Monday-Monday, another Monday. Someone suggested I should let go of my past, pains, hurts etc. I wish I could. I've been stuck in Neutral a long time. I need a new transmission. I have never been able to "Let Go" of all that crap but I have been able to accept it as part of who I am and if nothing else maybe I can help others. For a long time my family did not want nothing to do with me. They never wanted me to be a part of what they had because I was not like them. I was angry I was an outcast. Cast Out away from who they were but I was lucky because I found others who had no family, they became my family. Now that I'm Roger my family accepts me, though the past hurts. I'm a forgiving sort there is still anger. Every once in a while I let them know it because I'm also the sort that speaks my mind. I remember quite clearly how I felt inside as a kid with no friends being bullied all the time for many years I felt like a victim. I was made a victim, so I became the victim. I remember being involved in the 12-Steps. One day I had this realization that no one deserved my anger, we're all in this boat together, all of us no matter who we are. Some of us are rich and have had breaks all of our lives and some of us are dirt poor and never had a damn thing, but we're pretty much the same inside and like it or SNOT were all related in one way or the otter. I started to see that there was a reason beyond the obvious those kids beat me up in school when I was young and though I hurt, and had low self-esteem and hated myself for letting it happen I did not have to go out and buy guns and hunt them all down for what they did to me. I did not have to make them pay; I could help others.

Even though I felt like a big piece of Dung most of my life never held on to a job long, a woman, couldn't go back to or stay in school without that old anger creeping up and biting me on the ass, I could be of use to someone else. At that point in my life that was what I did; I searched out the worst of the worst people, I took them in my home which has always been a cottage without heat no furniture I supported them with what little I had. I took them places in my car, I bought them things and they saved my life. Most of those people are gone now. Some are dead, some are in prison, some have disappeared off the face of the earth, but I'm still here; poor as dirt living in a rented cottage with no heat. No money to speak of, no high paying job, no woman, no 50,000 dollar SUV. Just me and my old crippled cat whom I love. All those years of anger and hate, and rage turned to compassion and love. Sometimes the old anger pops up and right outta my mouth it goes like a smelly old fart. But deep down I don't feel the same way I did years ago. I don't feel like "Paying them all back for what they did to me." If anything I feel sorry for some compassion for others.

More than anything I want my cat to be well at this point in my life. That little critter is my best friend and I love him very much. If I sound crazy it's a good kind of crazy. No one deserves my anger. Think about that, it's a good rule to live by I'm not saying don't protect yourself if need be I'm just saying no one deserves my anger. I hear many calls over the scanner involving people who think everyone deserves their anger. Usually the calls involve people who are under the influence of mind altering substances screaming and yelling in the streets and that is as far as it goes, Thank Dog. There are others that threaten and warn to destroy others over and over again for years until they burn their own lives out but once in a while one strikes, like Elliott Rodger did. It seems like every time it happens everyone wonders why? But yet it was right there all along in plain sight.

No one deserves my Anger. We have a responsibility to ourselves to not lose our cool over what we think others are doing to us. If that means we have to search out help then that's what we have to do, I do question the use of medications in this regard though, not all of them are good. What the rage really consists of is the garbage in our heads and all we have to do is take out that garbage but sometimes it's heavy, or there is a lot of it and we need help. Ask for help that is the answer. If one person don't listen ask someone else. Sooner than later someone will care and you will find the help you need. Some people are past the point where they think something is wrong and they refuse to get help and there is not a lot the powers that be can do unless of course they are reported by someone to have their welfare checked whether it be emotional, or physical.

In Santa Barbara and through personal experience with a close friend's Mother who was an elder abuse victim, I have found that there is a lot of passing the buck around here. Not many people care enough to help and then this sort of thing happens. Someone brings it up and they are blasted for speaking their mind. No one wants a solution; they want the fingers that are pointed at them pointed somewhere else. When people don't learn from mistakes they happen again. I hope this never happens again. I'm hurting too but I don't count. Those kids in IV and their families count. People that were there, they count. I have questions about this man's actions having occurred after his own family asked that his welfare be checked and someone comes out of the woodwork and calls me a bad guy. Maybe I am the bad guy but that's neither the point nor the answer to my question. As for my own personal hell I thank the Lord Thy Dog for helping me to take out the garbage.

Here is your Scanner Reports, FRYday:

  • Attempt 459 Burglary to a residence 6700 Block of Sueno.
  • Medical Emergency for a subject with back pain on DLG.
  • Highway 101 NB at SM Way smoke check.
  • 211 Silent alarm (no robbery) At the American Riviera bank on Anacapa.
  • Somewhere in the county it did not sound like here there were two males in front of a police station trying to light a tire on fire.
  • Overdose on Prescott Lane.
  • Unknown if injury traffic accident Mesa Lane at Cliff Drive.
  • Silent panic alarm 900 Block of West Mission.
  • Wires down on a red mini cooper in the 900 Block of East Cota.
  • Threats investigation in the lobby of the police department.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject to the front under a bench in the 2800 Block of DLV.
  • Homeless with open containers harassing passersby 500 Block of Anacapa.
  • Homeless subject refusing to leave and cussing 2830 DLV.
  • M.E. for a code blue in the area of Turnpike and Hollister.
  • Code 40, 2800 Block of DLV.
  • Skateboarder vs pedestrian in front of Joes CafĂ©, hit and run heading North on State Street.
  • Female in a grey Passat passed out in parking lot 7, reported as 23152 Driver last seen South on Anacapa vehicle registered to the 1300
  • Block of East Valley Road.
  • 415 Domestic reported in the 300 Block of East DLG.
  • Elderly dog running in traffic 5100 Block of Cathedral Oaks.
  • Bath and Carrillo 415 Fight between 2 males.
  • Report of man down in the alley behind Guadalupe Community Church.
  • Code 40, Mother in Franciscan Court.
  • 484 Theft of dirt bike 9th and Reynolds.
  • Alcohol overdose 6600 Block of Trigo.
  • Shooting in Isla Vista several victims dead many wounded, suspect shot dead in a several block area of town.

    Scanner Reports, Saturday:

  • SBPD running a vehicle a Honda find it to be stolen out of Simi Valley.
  • Pueblo and Calle Real van with dog inside on fire van put out but never found out if the dog is ok
  • A case of Stalking in the county somewhere.
  • Head Injury Pershing Park.
  • 415 Film crew blocking the sidewalk at Shoreline Park.
  • Baby deer hit by vehicle Casitas Pass at the 150.
  • Overdose at the Casino.
  • Subjects disturbing 900 Block of State Street.
  • Medical Emergency at the rear of the County Jail.
  • News Conference in the front of the County Jail and a medical emergency there for someone with heart problems.
  • Medical Emergency for a bee sting on Seville.
  • 415 At Pershing Park 100 Block of Castillo several units responding.
  • 700 Block of North Hope 8 juveniles on the roof of Monte Vista School trespassing.
  • Medical Emergency 423 Chapala seizures.
  • 415 Homeless fighting one threatening to shoot the others no gun seen.
  • 6700 Block of Abrego possible structure fire for smoke coming out of an oven.
  • Homeless female causing a 415 on the tracks at Amtrak.
  • Medical Emergency for a subject possibly having a stroke Northbound Garden onramp.
  • Medical Emergency mutual assistance with Ventura county for a subject down in a ravine unknown exact location.
  • Possible theft of a wallet and 415 Argument in front of the Palace Grill.
  • 23152 Drunk Driver in a dark Nissan Hollister at Fairview vehicle registered in Stockton.
  • Gas Leak 6700 Block of Sueno.
  • Some type of Assault or Attack in the 300 Block of South Canada, I suspect but don't know if it was something more than an Assault a lot of sirens police, Fire, Medics, and someone was taken into custody in the 1200 Block of Liberty.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Sunday:

  • Premise Check Adams School.
  • Possible stalking investigation in Isla Vista, Stalker taken into custody by SBSO.
  • 10851 Investigation stolen auto 500 Block of Brinkerhoff.
  • Loud Music 700 Block of Cook.
  • 101 NB just north of the Gaviota Tunnel traffic accident involving bicyclist.
  • 23153 Drunk Motorcyclist Westbound on Cabrillo from Ninos wearing a white helmet.
  • 300 Block of 5th Street fall victim.
  • Fall Victim Chapala and Haley.
  • Female yelling obscenities 800 Block of State Street.
  • 20002 Non-injury hit and run investigation in the lobby SBPD.
  • Distraught female in Isla Vista code 2 Fire and Medics responded.
  • On a beach up North in Tajiguas a subject reported that he and 3 friends were camping on the beach when someone came along and tried to choke them. Subject is reporting that he doesn't know where his friends are.
  • 2200 Block of Laguna subject associated with a white 4-Runner yelling that he is going to shoot people.
  • 23152 Subject in a white 4-Runner at Ralphs 2840 DLV.
  • Vandalism at City Lot 11.
  • Premise Check Washington School.

    I'm not blaming anyone for the tragedy that occurred in Isla Vista on Friday night but as more information is revealed I do have questions and I have asked a couple, only to be accused of Verbal Attacking anonymous commenters. That was not nor is it my intention. I just wondered why someone who was so mentally ill and was reported by his own parents to be a possible danger wasn't treated. I know everyone says the ACLU is protecting his rights but that is getting old. I've heard of people getting the 72 Hours for lesser things. Where is the ACLU when they get the 72 hours? I guess there are some things you just don't do in this world and asking questions is one of them. On Sunday I went over to Rite Aid to get something I needed and there in front of the store was a friend of mine. I stopped to say Hello and he went off on me. He went off on me over what happened in Isla Vista Friday night because I was wearing a colorful shirt and looked happy. I know that sounds strange but that's what happened. A lot of people are very upset over what happened; it's a horrible thing. I really hated my birthday yesterday. People are upset and losing their minds. Let's just be here for the victims, their families, and the family of Elliott Rodger; they tried to help. Maybe we could all stop pointing fingers and learn from our mistakes myself included. Have a great Monday and Dog willing we will see you on Wednesday. Later, Roger


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