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Motorcycle Safety Course
updated: May 14, 2014, 2:54 PM

I'm looking for a local motorcycle safety course. In searching online, I only see one in Santa Maria. Does anyone have experience with or know of a class closest to the Goleta area?

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2014-05-14 03:03 PM

My husband took the http://www.ca-msp.org/ course in Camarillo.


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2014-05-14 03:26 PM

When you find one, make sure to tell them to clarify appropriate parking locations. Recently, I approached someone who parked their motorcycle in the blue stripes next to a handicap parking space. She said she parked there because that was what they taught her in motorcycle school. I assume there are white striped areas that are appropriate to park in - but the blue stripes are for ADA use only.


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2014-05-14 03:26 PM

Have you checked with the CHP?


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2014-05-14 03:30 PM

the only reason to take the course is to avoid the DMV test as far as I can tell. if you are trying to learn how to drive a motorcycle safely, don't waste your time with the class. my wife took it and it was a waste of time. the DMV test is a piece of cake anyhow. if you want to learn to really ride a motorcycle well got to superbike school..it's not just for racers.


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2014-05-14 03:34 PM

The riding part of the CMSP (California Motorcycle Safety Course) is only available in Camarillo. You however can take the written part of the course at the Goleta DMV.

I took the motorcycle written test at the SB DMV, which gives you a permit to drive your motorcycle during the day only, no passengers, and no freeway driving. I then would come to the DMV after hours and practice their driving course, which they have outside. I passed it my first time. Just practice.

Hope this helps


 COMMENT 518925 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-14 03:54 PM

OP here. My wife, son, and a couple of friends are interested in taking this course. I'm afraid I have to disagree with 916. I took the test years ago (out of state) and thought it was great. I consider myself to be a pretty competent driver, but I think I learned a lot about 'sharing the road' with 2 wheelers. True, you need practice and common sense to become skilled, but I found the class to be very educational and a great foundation to work from.
I just wish they currently have a class that was much closer.


 COMMENT 518926 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-14 03:56 PM

I don't know of any on street MC education in Goleta. If you sign up for the one in Camarillo they have classroom lectures in Goleta prior to the pavement instruction.

I don't agree with the post above. I taught myself how to ride as a teenager and rode for 20 years in a state that had easier DMV requirements. Once I moved here, I took the class and I learned a lot, certainly ~300$ worth given that a simple mishap can lead to a quick loss of a leg.

Also, the DMV test is pretty easy - IF - you have a nimble bike, much like what they have at the camarillo instruction center. If you have an old, huge, and heavy bike like mine, it would be hard. I ride 10,000 miles a year and it would be hard for me to do the DMV test on my bike.


 COMMENT 518931 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-14 04:03 PM

a follow up....my wife actually got kicked out of the class because she couldn't keep up with the pace of the class in learning to ride a motorcycle for the first time. they were rude as all getout. she had never ridden a motorcycle, but they sold the class as ok for first timers. She would have liked to learn, but now won't even get on a motorcycle. as i said before, spend you money on track time and learn to handle the bike so that you can avoid accidents.


 COMMENT 518956 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-14 04:33 PM

as others stated the classroom portion can be performed in goleta and the range days are in camarillo. sounds like 931 has personal gripes against the instructors, there was a girl who was removed from the range class i attended because she was incapable of controlling her bike. riding just isn't for everyone. slow, look, press, roll!


 COMMENT 518960 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-14 04:50 PM

I have to say Motorcycle Safety School is well worth it. I went to the classes and the range riding in Santa Maria. One evening and two whole days riding. And if you are only planning of riding Scooters or Vespas, ask if any of these are available to reserve for your riding class.


 COMMENT 518963 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-14 04:55 PM

My niece took the class in Santa Maria last Summer and it was very valuable to her. Definitely worth the $250 we paid for her to go. Unfortunately, it is either Santa Maria or Camarillo. There is nothing closer.


 COMMENT 519026 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-14 07:31 PM

Sorry, there may be nothing closer than Camarillo or Santa Maria. I highly recommend the MSF class. I took it in Santa Maria with my husband. He had ridden before, I had not. The class was incredibly helpful, fun, well paced, and useful for gaining skills and confidence at low speeds. They only teach good habits...not the bad ones you might get if you try to teach yourself. One downside is that they cannot address real-life street riding/traffic/going faster than 20 mph (can't really ride along with you!). That said, if you are confident at low speed maneuvering, you can easily get better in faster, real-world situations. Definitely worth the cost of the class.


 COMMENT 519070 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-15 06:57 AM

I have been riding for 50 years and am on a motorcycle every day. Over the years I have taken many different courses, some on racetracks, others in parking lots. It is fairly easy to ride fast, it can be quite difficult to ride slow and maneuver at the same time. More important than skill, is judgement. Basic courses correctly stress judgement as well as developing skills. Many experienced riders have learned a lot by "going back" and taking a MSF or other basic riding course - none I know have regretted it.


 COMMENT 519108 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-15 09:50 AM

916 (and 931) obviously has an issue with the class which affected him personally and feels the need to trash the course as a waste of time. Sending a beginner to superbike school is absolutely absurd and that poster knows it.

I personally have taken the Beginner Rider Course (as has my wife) and the Advanced course as well. The courses are the best readily available beginner motorcycle instruction course available and I send everyone who mentions interest there for instruction. There is a reason the DMV allows completion of the course to replace the skills riding test and insurance companies give discounts for completion of the course; the reason is, they teach you right.

Absolutely correct 070! (though I'm only 30 years on the street - daily)


 COMMENT 519112 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-15 10:00 AM

If you did not get on an old heavy street bike and ride up and down the streets, with your boyfriend on the back when your were sixteen, then women should just enjoy the ride on the back. Motorcycles are in the blood. You either have it, or you don't.


 COMMENT 519130 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-15 10:53 AM

@112, very Flintstonian of you. Yabba Dabba Do!


 COMMENT 519173 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-15 12:51 PM

I took the Camarillo class and learned to ride a motorcycle even though I only have a scooter. They were very good with me and told me I could take the class as many times as I wanted at no extra charge. I did go a second time. This ole gal lives to ride another day!


 COMMENT 519243 agree helpful negative off topic

2014-05-15 03:28 PM

I took the "Learn to Ride" class in Camarillo after 8+ years of riding a scooter because I wanted to learn how to ride a "real" motorcycle. I would say that about half the class were experienced riders and half were beginners. All were treated respectfully by the riding coaches. I know I learned quite a bit despite having a bit of experience, and I know I developed some safer habits as a result. Definitely worth the time and $250. Like 173, this old lady rides on!



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