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Scanner Reports 5-12-14
updated: May 12, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Monday Again. How's it going everyone? Was kicking back last week when I heard skateboarders taking over the porch next door, doing their thang. It was kinda loud but people can get kinda loud when they are having fun and noise doesn't bother me too much. If it did I sure would not live in the HOOD that I do. I got up after a few moments to get a cup of coffee across the street and saw the kids that were skateboarding were Hispanic in their early 20's. A couple worked at a shop nearby that is not always busy owned by their family they were just doing their thang. A couple days later I went into the shop for water and one of the kids asked me about "The right to refuse service to someone." I told him you have the right to refuse service to anyone you want, I believe but get a little sign from Home Improvement and put it in the window just in case. He told me the other day he and his friends were skateboarding across the way and afterwards a customer from another shop nearby entered his shop and told him off. He told me just about everything she said including racist remarks. "You people are what is killing Milpas Street" she said. Hearing that really pissed me off. She assumed because he's Hispanic that he and his friends were gang members. I have known these people for a long time and they are not gang members. This woman went on and on about how she took a poll from other customers in the shop next door about the noise the kids made "They are too nice to say anything but I'm not!" she yelled at the kid. "I'm going to find out who I can complain too and you're in trouble blah,blah,blah." It's a good thing I wasn't there I don't believe in hitting a woman but I dislike racists especially people who think they are holier than thou. It's one thing to tell someone they are making too much noise but to get racist and threaten. "Get your saintly little butt on down the road." I had acouple run ins with the shop she came from thru the years but it's old stuff and I have pretty much let it go, I think they like me now at least to my face, lol. I like a couple of them also.

People come down here to Milpas Street to do business either they own the business, or they have business but they don't own the residents just because some of us are poor or don't have as much as they do some of them get some idea in their heads that they are our messiahs. That's just not true I prefer living on the East Side of Santa Barbara. When I first got here I lived on the West Side with all my friends, after a relationship break up I lived on the Riviera a couple years as home protection for an elderly woman. A couple years later she did not need me anymore I moved to Voluntario Street and I have loved the East Side ever since. If I had $$$ I'd live here. I would not live anywhere else in town it took a long time to get along with the neighbors but now that I have them trained lol, I'm happy with them. I love the little community I live in; we're like a cult. Pretty soon I'm going to start selling flowers on the sidewalk. Anyway I told the kid they were kinda loud but it did not bother me. Maybe they should try to not make so much noise; he said that they were not going to skateboard like that anymore. It's too bad people can't have a little fun without some people thinking there's gonna be trouble, so they gotta open their traps and make it first making up stories. Maybe what they should do is visit businesses in their own Hood instead of making trouble somewhere else. Rant over.

Here's your Scanner Roni Reports, FRYday:

  • 415 Homeless subject disturbing the Cabrillo Bath House.
  • 415 Subject 5700 Block of Hollister.
  • A case of Fraud in the county.
  • Suspicious Subject going up to people in their cars at Cost Co and asking for money.
  • 242 Assault on Orange Ave in Goleta unruly customer refusing to leave punched restraint manager in the face then took off.
  • 415 At the Rescue Mission 2 subject trying to hold another down maybe they were trying to Rescue him from himself.
  • Theft from Vons Fairview reporting party confronted 4 subjects in a 1990 Buick registered to an address on Magnolia in Goleta and asked them to return the items they took. Before they could SBSO Arrived.
  • 417 Brandishing a weapon did not hear what kind at the Art Museum downtown.
  • Annoying code 40 coming into Sea Landing on a Fishing charter where police and Harbor Patrol will be waiting.
  • Check the Welfare of a dog locked in a vehicle at 5 Points Shopping Center.
  • Gas leak in a vacant residence in the 5100 Block of University. I think there might be one of those in the Milpas Underpants too!
  • Case of Child Abuse at Cottage Hospital.
  • Report of a Homeless subject in an abandoned shopping cart near Circle K 200 South Milpas, I looked but did not see.
  • Fire and Medics for a subject down 26 South Milpas.
  • Possible 459 200 Block of Ladera 2 subjects thru a window.
  • Report of 6 homeless males drinking in Rocky Nook Park.
  • Report of a man spanking a monkey in the first block of East Victoria, I have never heard of a town with so many monkeys in it.
  • Live Wires down 500 Block of North Quarantina.
  • 154 at West Camino Cielo report of a small dog in the road, poor little guy.
  • Check the Welfare of a female in Oak Park with a head laceration.
  • Drunk Driver on the Sidewalk in a Subaru Outback partial 6J766, or something like it. Numerous reporting parties almost hit pedestrians I don't know if they were busted, I hope so.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Saturday:

  • Code 40, DRUNK Refusing to leave the parking lot of the Montecito Country Club one shoe, one sock.
  • Subject passed out in running vehicle in the middle of the street 800 Block of Pedregosa at 6:05 am. Tan Honda.
  • 415 Domestic in the 2500 Block of Treasure Drive.
  • 415 At 7-11 331 West Montecito cashier refused to sell a female beer and she scratched him.
  • Suspicious Subject at the church in the 3800 Block of State Street subject named David wearing a red hat, reading glasses and sunglasses over the reading glasses reporting party feels that this suspicious subject has been on SPEED, for several days.
  • Unwanted subject 3800 Block of Cherry Hill Road.
  • 246 and Central bicyclist down.
  • Haley and Castillo Southeast corner premise check.
  • First block of Highway 246 Subject yelling at himself.
  • 415 Domestic near Lower Milpas 273.5, SBPD caught up with husband and he was arrested.
  • Dog bite investigation Haley at Castillo.
  • Disoriented male walking South from Mission and State Street.
  • 211 Silent alarm Bank of America 800 Block of State Street no robbery.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject passed out on a bench in front of MTD, Fire and Medics responded.
  • 23103 Reckless Bicyclist running stop signs, and stop lights in the 200 Block of West Carrillo 18ish year old male.
  • Skaters Point fight brewing male 40's tats police caught up with him. I was thinking later on that someone must be a few cards short of a deck to pull a knife out on a beautiful sunny day in Santa Barbara near the beach where there might be about 500 witnesses.
  • Medical Emergency broken ankle Elings Park Softball field.
  • 484 Theft money from a tip jar at the New Open Market downtown.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Sunday:

  • Possible 415 Fight 6700 Block of Abrego.
  • Smoke check no fire State and Alamar.
  • Traffic Accident Foothill at Windsor minor injuries.
  • Code 40, female refusing to leave 1100 East Cota.
  • 415 Domestic or follow up 1600 Block of Shoreline.
  • Medical Emergency fall from a tree 1100 Block of Winston Drive.
  • Report of an elderly woman with a walker on highway 101 near Garden unknown circumstances.
  • Report of several subjects with dogs off leash Butterfly Beach.
  • Purse Snatch Haley at Quarantina tall male 35 years old last seen South on Quarantina.
  • 242 Assault on a cab driver 209 State Street.
  • Code 2 medics for suicidal female who took pills in Santa Maria.
  • Area check in the 3900 Block of Neptune.
  • Non-injury traffic accident 3300 Block of State Street.
  • Deer in Northbound lanes Highway 101 Buellton.
  • Vehicle involved in a 459 Burglary in Lompoc Southbound 101 near D.P. Canyon taken was 2 guns, bags of stuff, and bicycles. CHP and SBSO Responded subjects in a black car were detained and that was all I heard.
  • Uncooperative patient at PHF, requesting SBSO to respond to assist patient taking medication.
  • Suspicious Subjects in the 1000 Block of Casitas Pass, 8 Subjects leaving Little Cesar's Pizza with one pizza. Reporting party believes that since the 8 people only bought one pizza they were actually there to buy DRUGS, all 8 subjects left Little Cesar's together after buying the pizza but then split up. 4 Went one way, the other 4 another one group of 4 were carrying tennis rackets, the other 4 had tattoos. I'd really hate to be the police officer responding to that call.
  • 200 Block of Mentor Drive Sunbathing couple committing lewd acts she is dressed in a flesh colored bikini and he grey shorts. I really miss those days.
  • Mother-Son 415 Domestic on Santa Cruz Blvd he's on a bicycle she's in a car. Don't fight with your mom on Mother's Day, you'll be sorry when she's gone.
  • Check the Welfare of a subject passed out on a back patio in the 600 Block of DLV.
  • 415 Domestic Cliff and Meigs push and shove.

    Will that is all outta me for now. As far as the gang injunction goes I live on the East Side and I'm afraid of a lot of things. I really would not want to get stabbed again but there are things about the gang injunction I'm just not sold on so I cannot support it. There are many other things I'm afraid of; Cancer, I'm afraid of Cancer. Can we pass a gang injunction on Cancer? Just about anyone in their chosen field, or occupation can be a gang can we have an injunction for these people? Pro-Lifers, and Pro-Choicers injunction here too! 12-Steppers Injunction! Church goers Double injunction! Fast Food employees, Politicans, panhandlers, nose pickers, Shoplifters, The list goes on and on. Anyway Have a Lovely Monday and Dog Willing We Will See you on Wednesday. Later, Roger


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