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Scanner Reports 4-23-14
updated: Apr 23, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Edhat Subscriber

Hump Day Wednesday. Why does Cox Cable play the same movies over and over and over again? Why must we have these movies programed into our heads? I don't watch TV that much by the time I do late in the Evening there is really not a lot on that I like to watch. I like movies but I've seen many of the movies on Cox cable hundreds of times some of these include: The Shawshank Redemption, Twister, Jaws One, Two, and Three, The Green Mile, Men in Black, Christine, When Harry met Sally, From Dusk till Dawn, One, two, and three, The Dead Zone, and Good Will Hunting which I get mixed up with its porno version Good Will Humping. It has got to the point that when I turn on the Idiot Box and these movies are on I automatically watch them, they have become my comfort movies because I already know what the HELL is going to happen. There's no surprise nothing different like looking at a piece of cardboard. When my cable goes out which it does sometimes it's like my life line has been cut off. Have I been Brain Washed? I know there's other places I could subscribe to that have different movies but I've seen a lot of those movies also. Comcast another cable company that I think is connected to Cox has a lot of the same movies around the same times in different parts of the country. I would quit watching T.V. and Get a Life, but now that I'm Older, Broker, and don't move so well anymore, WHY? Besides I did that when I was younger. I don't want to do that anymore. I'm tired I want to watch a movie I haven't seen a couple dozen times.

Here is your Scanner Reports Monday:

  • I don't always hear addresses you don't want to know where these people live anyway 415 Domestic. She says he hit her, but he's Bi Polar there are guns in the house but he hasn't taken any out yet. It's that yet I'm wondering about? I never heard no more.
  • 242 Assault, 594 Vandalism suspect with police 100 Block of East Carrillo 2 victims.
  • 459 Burglary on Bella Vista tools taken.
  • Possible Structure Fire 3400 Block of Orcutt electrical burning odor.
  • SBPD on a group in the 800 Block of East Cabrillo.
  • 5150 Kicked out of the Casino Gee I guess I won't go there either.
  • 273 Investigation at the Station.
  • Seizures 1700 Block of State Street.
  • 23103 Sleeping driver in a Cadillac West Bound Cabrillo from Highway 101 Driver appeared to be falling asleep.
  • 594 Vandalism 600 Block West Cota.
  • 459 Burglary on Chapala.
  • Homeless subject disturbing, 415 at Amtrak.
  • 1100 Block of State other Homeless subjects disturbing.
  • Suspicious subject in a black sedan in the 700 Block of Spring Street several hours.
  • Butterfly at Channel Drive unknown type 459 Burglary.
  • 4100 Block of Wood glen alcohol poisoning medical emergency.
  • Medical Emergency for an ill student with difficulty breathing at McKinley School.
  • Loose Horses on California, North County.
  • Illegal Camper in alleyway in the 3500 Block of State Street.
  • Bicyclist Down near Storke Tower UCSB.
  • 100 Block of Holly 415 Fight 2 on 1, Code 2 medics responded also.
  • Medical Emergency at the Thunderdome UCSB Bird Dog in a red polo for subject with a broken ankle.
  • 1100 Block of East Gutierrez report of Juveniles smoking the weed.
  • 900 Block of Linden 415 Fight.
  • 23152 DRUNK DRIVER in a Red Saturn last 3 on plate 009 caught I believe in the 300 Block of Ellwood Beach Drive.
  • Someone called in a smoke investigation on TV Hill smoke and odor of burning Fire department searched area found only Fog, lots of Fog no odor of burning.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Tuesday:

  • Deer hit and killed on highway 246, another deer hit but unknown if injured at Cathedral Oaks and 192. There was a report of a Pelican on the off ramp at Santa Claus exit with a broken wing.
  • Drinkers a male and a female First block of North Milpas. If they start selling alcohol in powdered form they will be saying Snorters First block of North Milpas.
  • 20002 Hit and Run on the 101 non-injury between a semi and a Prius. Amazing.
  • Reckless Driver in a silver Volvo with Hawaii plates Westbound Calle Real from Wye almost took out a pedestrian.
  • SBPD seeking subject in the 1200 Block of Mercedes.
  • Road Rage 300 West Quinto one subject there the other at 2500 Block of Bath.
  • Suspicious circumstances at Cottage security detaining subject for some type of possible forgery.
  • Found 2 year old male juvenile running in the street in front of Brownies market in diapers. Sometimes I run out in front of my house wearing my diapers nothing wrong with that good exercise.
  • On the Mesa a woman with a hip injury who took a fall sometime on Monday possibly meaning to commit suicide possibly from a cliff called in on
  • Tuesday Fire, Medics, SBPD Responded.
  • Keys locked in vehicle 1200 Block of State Street Thomas Towing responded.
  • 2000 Block of Modoc on a probation search.
  • Crash at Broadway and Carmen in Santa Maria.
  • In front of Banana Republic a homeless female threatened to kick a reporting party I think they were reporting the threat of the kick.
  • SBPD on a subject 1000 Bath Street.
  • Loud Noise Complaint for an RV Running a loud generator in a parking lot at Broadmoor and Richland.
  • 415 Brother on Lakeview threatened to kill his sister and then spit on her. I don't think I ever did anything like that to my sisters I shoved one of their husbands off a balcony once after he hit her that's about it.
  • Sounded like they said a group but it was probably two homeless males that 242ed another homeless male in a wheelchair in front of McDonalds 29 North Milpas. I got a friend who was assaulted by a guy in a wheelchair in front of Crown Liquor once. She wanted to kick his butt but walked away instead. From what I hear out on the street some of those folks are not all that innocent or crippled for that matter some can walk. I don't know if this was the case in front of McDonalds Tuesday sounds like this fella really couldn't walk.
  • 5150 AMR Transport to Vista Del Mar.
  • AMR Transport from County Jail to the hospital I did not hear which one.
  • Medical Emergency 35 East Haley, Seizures.
  • 415 Domestic Family 600 Block of Dyer Street.

    Will that's enough outta me for now. I was checking out the selection for tonight's movies not bad I think I have only seen The Perfect Storm 4 times this year, and US Marshalls 3, Code of Silence; I haven't seen for about a year but I've seen it around 20 times. I wonder if it will end the same way as it did last time? River Wild, haven't seen that for a couple weeks. Wednesday night isn't so bad. Have a great Hump Day and Dog willing we will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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