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Riviera Residents Leave Parking Messages
updated: Apr 14, 2014, 8:47 PM

By Larry Itliong

Today this notice was placed on cars in the neighborhood.

Full Size Image

It really bothers me that you feel that you have a entitlement to public streets. It really show the separation from the working class from the rich. I am a Santa Barbara native longer then some of you have been fortunate to own your home. You seem to target the wrong people, the working people who are just trying to make a honest living, some of those people you see working El Encanto are working two jobs as well as their spouse working as well, just to make it to live here in Santa Barbara. Some rarely have a day off to enjoy their family. I mean really, some of you may not know this but at least 3 employees have had their car vandalize, one almost total $4000,(Coincidence?? or maybe one of the trust fund teenagers acting out) a wife was cussed out by one of the employees in The Riviera offices just for dropping someone off, (what if it was your wife? What would you do?) People are almost hit a few times by your rolling stops on the the corner of El Encanto, though you see them crossing and you want to call it harmonious???

The El Encanto has provided over 200 jobs that was not there and provided a chance for families to have insurance and 401k, there is only a few place here in Santa Barbara that provide that opportunity and you want to hinder that? You could have easily been a Miramar neighbor with a dilapidated property that is beyond repair and is just a eyesore and will probably never be to the beautiful state (it was because it would cost millions), I remember because I am a native and been there and knew people that work there. The Orient Express, though some of you may or may not agree, put a lot money into that property, more then what it worth and it is being used you the 70+ Rivera Residients should be grateful. You need to stop being stubborn and embrace the place and compromise. Santa Barbara is a hospitality city we have the Film Festival and world wide events, (unless you want to stop those) we need fine places for these people to stay. I have a idea why is it that the neighbor hood require a permit to park or maybe a 70 min limit like the common folk below the hill. I am sure the city could use the revenue from the residential permits or the tickets for parking over 7o mins,for activities for the kids that parents are working two jobs, or street or park improvement (like the park in your neighborhood) remember the trouble you went through to improve that bus stop?

The first day Santa Barbara implemented the residential permits it was over $32,000 dollars in fines. Thats a fine number. Now I pay taxes so these are my streets as well as yours. These people are trying to make a honest living and you are just making it harder. Now a common ground needs to be found because to be honest in my eyes the Riviera Residents seem to think that they are separate from common people, and you are not. When you go out to dinner it is the common folks that serve you, when you go downtown to the show or anywhere you go to expect to be served, or even when you have a private event in your home it is us the Hospitality workers you call to make you look good. I think someone should look into the Residential Permits and your problem will be solved and it will help the city with extra revenue, unless you know someone one the board, city council or whatever.



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