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Scanner Reports 4-9-14
updated: Apr 09, 2014, 7:00 AM

By Roger the Scanner Guy

Wednesday Happy Humpster Day! OMD, Little Cesar's outdid themselves 10 times over on this nice greasy pepperoni pizza. Best I've ever had from them! Yummy Yum,Yum! How could I ever go anywhere else for Pizza when they are putting them out that good? About a week or so ago was watching KCAL News this had this story on about some idiot stealing gasoline from 3 Brothers who owned this Gas Station in Los Angeles but the 3 Brothers were from Chicago. It was a pretty funny story. One of the Brothers ran after the thief who was driving a white pickup truck with some kind of tank in the back which was filled with the stolen gas. The Brother fell down and rolled a little yelling at the guy as the jerk was making his escape. The thief lost control of the truck and hit a light post head on. The Brothers ran up to the truck opened the door and dragged the kicking and screaming man a few feet and kicked the scrap out of him. The police pulled up soon after. It cracked me up watching that news story. The News Lady said something about this being the wrong gas station to rob because it was owned by 3 Brothers from Chicago. Reminded me of when I was a kid and people would ask me where I was from I'd stick out my chest and growl in the roughest voice I could "CHICAGO, I'M FROM CHICAGO." No one knew where the HELL Hammond, Indiana was.

When I told people I was from Chicago they would get a little shook up and not mess with me because they thought the guy from Chicago was going to kick their ars. After all everyone knows people from Chicago are tough just like people from Detroit, Philly, NY City, New Jersey and Boston. There are other places that sound intimidating but I wasn't afraid of guys that would tell me they were from Toledo, Fort Wayne, or Berwyn. No, Chicago had a lot more clout. Until the time I met Barney told him I was from Chicago and he asked me "What street?" Barney he's really from Chicago the city not just the Burbs like me. I felt about 2 inches tall switching my birthplace to Hammond, Indiana. Hammond's a little different today more people know where Hammond, Indiana is today compared to the old days. Funny thing I'm proud to tell people where I'm from today even if they don't know. Sometimes smaller is better. I really enjoyed that story of the 3 Brothers from Chicago that owned the gas station in Los Angeles did anyone else see it? It was like something out of a movie only there were no takes it was real and happening right then.

Here's Thy Blessed Scanner Roni Reports, Monday:

  • Unknown incident at the Post Office 200 Battles road SBSO on scene, I think they requested code 2 medics I seem to remember that but forgot to write it down. If I were a real journalist I would have remembered.
  • Subject shocked by his vehicle which was possibly on fire in the 2300 Block of Lilly.
  • 415 Domestic of sorts woman let male stay at her home, then he quit taking his medication, she wants him gone and he refuses to leave. I went thru something like this once. Never give out your house key to a guest that way if they do a Doctor Jekyll / Mister Hyde on you, you can always lock them out. Otherwise you could end up with an unwanted roommate and play HELL getting rid of them.
  • 20002 Hit and Run on La Marina.
  • 4500 Block of Del Mar possibly North county 459 R. Burglary to a residence.
  • One of my favorite units in the world Zebra 1 on a detail at Amtrak.
  • 2 Vehicles in the NO PARKING ZONE near East Beach on the street.
  • Illegal crappers on the Youth Hostel parking lot 100 Block of Chapala.
  • Medical Emergency at SBCC.
  • Mutual 242 Assault 415 Fight between 2 subjects Vera Cruz Park 130 East Cota.
  • Family 415 Domestic on Foxenwood Drive 200 Block.
  • Probation Jumper ran from officers from the 3600 Block of San Gabriel and went toward the Hitchcock, Whole Foods, YMCA, Creek area A few units responded and the subject got away, they might have him by now not sure but they did not get him at the time and they searched the creeks.
  • Non-injury traffic accident liquid leaking from a vehicle in the 2800 Block of DLV.
  • Seizures at the County Jail.
  • 101 Paseo Nuevo did not get the name of the store but subject got a Prada belt, 2 pairs of jeans, a shirt, and a black messenger bag.
  • Premise check Bonnet Park SBPD on 5 subjects.
  • Thank Dog for coffee.
  • Medical emergency under the wharf possible broken arm.
  • 242 Assault on Ash, Carp.
  • Suspicious subject hanging out 200 Block of West Constance might have committed burglary in the area over the weekend.
  • Shoplifters in K-Mart shoving things in their pockets in the home improvement section.
  • A 12 year old girl ran away from home in Santa Maria, I hope she went home by now the streets are no place for a little kid.
  • Report of subjects drinking alcohol in a vehicle Soledad at Carpinteria Ave.
  • 415 Neighbors fighting over parking 1200 Block of Liberty.
  • 261 Rape Investigation occurred 500 Block of East Yananoli.
  • Possible fight brewing between 5 homeless males 509 State Street.

    Scanner Roni Reports, Tuesday:

  • I left Tuesday morning to go for a walk bought my scanner but no cell phone so I couldn't call in this accident I heard nor could I tell where it occurred sounded like North County somewhere it did not sound like a drill as I heard screaming in the background but heard one black tag which means death, two red tags one of the reds coded and I'm not sure whether or not they made it. I heard Cal Star say they were transporting at least one victim to Cottage. When I got home checked out the internet and found nothing so not sure where it occurred but I heard it over my scanner.
  • Medical Emergency Seizures McDonalds 29 North Milpas.
  • 415 Neighbors 900 Block of East Gutierrez arguing over noise.
  • Medical Emergency seizures Santa Cruz Market parking lot.
  • Medical Emergency female having pregnancy problems at the Biltmore 1260 Channel Drive.
  • Medical Emergency Seizures Garden and Gutierrez.
  • Suspicious Circumstances contact the Amtrak Police 209 State Street regarding an item screwed into the RR Tracks.
  • Northbound lanes North of Fairview vehicle accident.
  • Suicidal code 40, Drunk sitting in his truck on Toyon Drive.
  • Threats investigation first block of Parker Way.
  • Suspicious Circumstances in the 300 Block of West Carrillo.
  • Fall victim 1400 Block of East Valley Road.
  • 415 Drunk Yelling "Call the Police!" Near the Doubletree.
  • Another Drunk Driving in his vehicle and causing problems near the Rose Garden, 2100 Block of Laguna. Fella in a black Toyota I believe that's what it was. SBPD searched area while reporting party helped and the subject was pulled over on APS and arrested. Get these drunk driving cowards off the street. Thanks SBPD.
  • Male in women's restroom at La Playa stadium committing a lewd act by himself.
  • Bicyclist vs green Sentra near the Galleria minor injuries medics not needed.
  • 415 Domestic Orcutt Goodwill female ran into the store saying the Devil was trying to kill her sounds like the Domestic is between two women.
  • 459 Commercial burglary at the Hyatt 1100 Block of East Cabrillo.
  • Suspicious Circumstances at Alpha School 4500 Block of Cathedral Oaks 2 females going thru the donation box.
  • Found Wallet 1100 Block of East Gutierrez.
  • 242 Assault man hit a woman at St. Vincent's and Canon Perdido another coward walking the streets.

    Will that is it outta me for now Have a Lovely Hump Day and Dog Willing we will see you on FRYday. Later, Roger


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